uCloudlink and NTT Support Japan’s Digitalization Efforts With Cloud SIM Mobile Broadband Technology

HONG KONG, Dec.1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (“uCloudlink”) (NASDAQ: UCL), the world’s first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, and NTT Media Supply, a subsidiary of Japan’s NTT Group are paving the way for digitalization in Japan with “DoRACOON”, a stable mobile broadband access environment powered by innovative Cloud SIM technology and architecture. The mobile broadband trial comes following the COVID-19 pandemic, which has accelerated the need to promote digitalization in both Japan’s public and private sectors.

The pandemic has exposed Japan’s fragility in the digital realm, leading to delays in the handout of subsidies to firms as part of the government’s rescue plan and hindering efforts to push telemedicine and remote work. Earlier this November, a government report highlighted that promoting digitalization of society is essential to boost productivity for future economic growth in the “new normal”. With the launch of the “DoRACOON” mobile broadband

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Chinese New Energy Vehicle Companies Begin to Step up Efforts to Occupy the Fuel Market Share

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GUANGZHOU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 27, 2020 / In recent years, the new energy vehicle sector has been developing at a fast clip worldwide. Except for the Nordic countries and the U.S. that took the lead in proposing de-fueling, there is no denying that China is playing an indispensable role in such a trend and has become the focus. As the result of the policy support from the Chinese government, new energy vehicles see a momentum of rapid growth in China, and has triggered the country to become the world’s largest market. Many Chinese local companies are ambitiously planning to tap the enormous “gold mine”.

Interestingly, as technology advances and costs fall, Chinese carmakers seem to adopt creative market expansion strategies: they not only focus on the competition in new

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More efforts needed for forest protection: expert

Vietnam has abundant forest resources, but there are many ongoing problems relating to forest protection. Trieu Van Hung, Chairman of the Vietnam Forest Science Technology Association, talks to Viettimes about the issue.

Rao Trang 3 hydropower plant got hit by a landslide on October 12. VNA/VNS Photo

Given the flooding in the central region recently, it could be said that one of the reasons is the development of hydroelectricity as hydropower seems to be the cause of the decreasing forest area. What do you think?

Hydropower development is an environmental trade-off for economic development. For many years, we have often heard leaders talking about not exchanging the environment for economic development, but in fact, there is a trade-off because otherwise economic development cannot be performed. However, we cannot make any trade-offs at any cost. A trade-off with a too high price is not advisable because when it comes to the

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Amazon hires Pinkerton spies to monitor unionization efforts: report

  • Amazon has hired detectives with the infamous Pinkerton spy agency to monitor European workers’ labor union organizing efforts, per a Motherboard report.
  • The outlet obtained leaked documents from Amazon’s Global Security Operations Center, where data analysts can easily track workers’ union organizing activities down to the date, time, and location.
  • Pinkerton spies have a history of busting up unions: Their involvement in a steelworker strike in 1892 eventually led to states prohibiting the use of third-party security in labor disputes.
  • The Motherboard report highlights Amazon’s latest efforts to prevent its workers from unionizing — it has a long track record of being staunchly opposed to labor unions.
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Amazon is hiring detectives from the notorious Pinkerton agency to spy on warehouse workers and monitor them for labor unionization efforts, according to a Monday Motherboard report.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to the outlet that Amazon

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Genetic study of the live vaccine could help efforts toward eradication. — ScienceDaily

While the world reels from the spread of SARS-CoV2, the new coronavirus behind COVID-19, a much older and previously feared scourge — poliovirus — is close to being completely eradicated. The polio vaccines, developed by Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin in the mid-1950s, heralded the elimination of polio from the U.S., saving countless children from sudden paralysis and death. In the developing world, however, outbreaks of poliovirus still occur sporadically, an ironic consequence of the polio vaccine itself.

The polio vaccine comes in two types: the Salk vaccine, made with a killed virus and the Sabin vaccine, made with a live but weakened, or attenuated, virus. The Sabin vaccine has several advantages for use in the developing world, including the fact that it does not need to be kept cold, and as an oral vaccine, it does not require needles. However, because it contains a live, albeit weakened polio virus,

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Technology boosts care delivery, population health efforts amid Covid-19 pandemic

Though the U.S. healthcare system is straining under the burden of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been acceleration in one area of the industry: innovation and IT efforts. Organizations are crediting technology with helping them stay connected with their patients and advancing their population health efforts, despite the growing healthcare access challenges brought on by the pandemic.

At Ochsner Health System in New Orleans, the Covid-19 pandemic has, in many ways, been a transformative event, Dr. Phil Oravetz, chief population health officer of the system, said in a panel at MedCity INVEST Population Health.

“Covid has really unleashed a wave of innovation at Ochsner,” he said. “I would describe, in the area of telehealth, we’ve moved forward by three years in the matter of three weeks…Covid has been a catalyst that will change the face of healthcare at Ochsner pretty much forever.”

Prior to the pandemic, telehealth was relegated to

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Combined efforts of experiment and simulation pave the way to new applications — ScienceDaily

Materials consisting of inorganic and organic components can combine the best of two worlds: under certain circumstances, the so-called MOFs — short for metal-organic frameworks — are structured in the same order as crystals and are at the same time porous and deformable. This opens up the prospect of intelligent materials for energy-saving technical applications. However, so far only a few flexible MOFs have been identified.

A research team from Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) and Technical University of Munich (TUM) has used experiments and simulations to find out by what means MOFs can be rendered flexible and why: they tricked the system by using clever chemical manipulations to enable a variety of energetically similar arrangements in the crystalline order.

The application potential of MOFs was first discovered around 20 years ago, and almost 100,000 such hybrid porous materials have since been identified. There are great hopes for technical applications, especially for

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Continental Continues Efforts to Make Cities Safer Through Intelligent Infrastructure Technology

AUBURN HILLS, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Technology company Continental continues to make strides in creating safer, smarter cities, an important component to the company’s Vision Zero mission: eliminate traffic fatalities, injuries and crashes. The company has added its second Smart City Mobility and Transportation Hub in a city dedicated to leading the way in mobility innovation: Columbus, Ohio. Currently in its first phase of development, Continental’s Columbus Hub is comprised of two busy intersections with high vehicle and pedestrian traffic made intelligent by integrating Continental sensors, connectivity and intelligent software into the infrastructure.

“As a long-time expert in automotive safety and connectivity, Continental continues to find new ways to deploy that expertise and technology to help make roads safer and mobility smarter for all traffic participants,” explained Tamara Snow, head of Research and Advanced Engineering, Continental North America. “Continental’s intelligent intersection solution gives cities greater visibility into traffic patterns, with future

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Millions spent on efforts to curb illegal activity not effective — ScienceDaily

Cities across the country have sought ways to improve neighborhood safety and in recent years have pointed to demolishing abandoned housing as a way to achieve the goal. While millions of dollars have been spent on the efforts, a recent University of Kansas study found a program demolishing more than 500 abandoned residential properties in Kansas City, Missouri, did not significantly reduce nearby violent or property crime.

Since the housing foreclosure crisis of 2007-08, the number of abandoned homes across the country has rapidly increased, drawing attention to dilapidated and abandoned residential properties and their effect on neighborhoods, including elevated crime rates. Hye-Sung Han, assistant professor of public affairs & administration at KU, conducted a study in which she examined 559 abandoned properties in Kansas City, Missouri, and nearby crime rates in the surrounding area. She found the demolition did not lead to a reduction in nearby crime and that

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Officials stress security of election systems after U.S. reveals new Iranian and Russian efforts

State and local officials hastened to reassure Americans this week that the nation’s election systems are secure after the country’s top intelligence official accused Iran of sending threatening emails to voters in several states and the United States said Russia obtained voter information from at least one county.

a person standing in front of a building: Deputy clerk Rachel Quayle tests a voter assist terminal device at a polling station inside Marquette City Hall in Michigan on Tuesday.

© Salwan Georges/The Washington Post
Deputy clerk Rachel Quayle tests a voter assist terminal device at a polling station inside Marquette City Hall in Michigan on Tuesday.

U.S. officials and cybersecurity experts said the activity did not appear to include penetration of voting systems or access to voter registration databases, or the hacking of equipment that could be tampered with to alter election results.

“Arizona’s voter registration database remains secure,” said C. Murphy Hebert, a spokeswoman for the secretary of state’s office in Arizona, one of the states where Democratic voters reported receiving the threatening emails. “Some information in the voter

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