Bay Area families furious as Good Eggs fails to deliver Thanksgiving meals

A system failure left some Bay Area customers of the San Francisco grocery delivery startup Good Eggs incensed that no one told them their Thanksgiving deliveries weren’t coming.

In a long Twitter thread, Good Eggs CEO Bentley Hall explained that early Wednesday morning, the company “experienced a multi-hour warehouse system outage.”

“On Tuesday, we fell behind on picking orders. This resulted in delivery delays early in the day, and a driver shortage later. To address this, we pushed some deliveries to early Wednesday morning,” Hall explained in a statement. “Early Wednesday morning, on our biggest batch of the year, we experienced a warehouse system outage for several hours. This created a cascading set of more material challenges during the day. We were unable to recover fully from them.

“I made some poor decisions earlier in the day that led to a lack of timely, clear communication. We left many

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Research, Spawns, Eggs, Raids, Candy And What You Need To Know

Long ago, when naught but Kanto critters roamed these streets, Pokémon GO was a much different game and Halloween was its first event. The game launched in July and had a whole lot of attrition in those early months, but Halloween was a punctuation mark, the first genuinely new thing to happen in the game and many people’s first chance to get some elusive Ghost Pokémon. Now that the game runs events on a more or less continuous basis, Halloween isn’t quite so game-changing, but the candy-centric holiday remains one of the biggest events the game has to offer. It started at the spooky time of 6:00 PM Pacific last night, so let’s get into what it’s offering.

Start/End Times: We’ve got over a week to work with here. When the event ends, we’ll be in the first moments of watching the US Presidential Election actually

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