How Entrepreneurs Can Spark Innovation And Digital Literacy

By Zandre Campos, Chairman and CEO of ABO Capital. He is dedicated to bettering his country of Angola as well as other African nations.

The economic and social impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic have hindered opportunities for countless individuals across the globe. The current state of the global economy suggests that today is not the time nor place to start a business or to pursue an entrepreneurial ambition. However, a group of young and innovative would-be entrepreneurs have found new opportunities to redefine success. Using the power of digitization and digital literacy, these new entrepreneurs are participating in the recovery of the global economy.

From losing their sources of income to not being able to leave their homes, these people have found themselves with an excess of time and a shortage of work. With fewer jobs available and more and more people competing for these jobs, there is

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Do you have a beauty business? L’Oreal and Facebook will give free workshops for entrepreneurs in Mexico

They will create multiple workshops for beauty entrepreneurs, dermatologists, stylists and makeup artists, to increase the digital reach of their businesses.

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  • The alliance seeks to generate a positive social and economic impact in small and medium personal care companies in our country.
  • Both brands will create workshops for beauty entrepreneurs, dermatologists, stylists and makeup artists to increase the digital reach of their businesses.

L’Oréal and Facebook announced an alliance to give free workshops and train a thousand small and medium-sized companies ( MSMEs ) linked to professionals in dermatology, styling or hairdressing and makeup. The objective of this initiative is to increase the digital reach of these companies and generate a positive

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What gives you hope? Inspiration from scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators on eve of historic election

Well, here we are: rattled, unsettled and full of anxiety.

Less than 24 hours before a historic U.S. election, we are perched on the edge of a precarious precipice. And we are not alone. A recent SWNS OnePoll just arrived in our inbox showing that 67 percent of Americans want 2020 to be over as soon as possible and that more than half of respondents anticipate election day being the most stressful day of their lives.

There’s no eliminating the anxiety. And there are plenty of excellent tips and coping mechanisms — from The New York Times story “Don’t give into ‘Election Stress Disorder” to Psychology Today’s piece on “How to cope with election stress.”

Here at GeekWire we’ve found another way to deal with what certainly could be several days, or weeks, of negativity. Over the course of the past three weeks at the 2020 GeekWire Summit, we asked

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Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Launches The Giustra Foundation Bursary Fund for Women Entrepreneurs to Support Women Business Owners Across Canada

Today, the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE), in partnership with The Giustra Foundation, announced the creation of a bursary fund, easing access to game-changing mentorship and education for women entrepreneurs across the country who need it most.

The new fund, which will launch with $150,000 over three years through a major donation from The Giustra Foundation, will provide much-needed tuition bursaries for women entrepreneurs to take FWE’s programs. With the goal of ensuring that impactful programming reaches those women entrepreneurs who need it most, the bursary will support women who – due to financial difficulties or belonging to a marginalized group – would otherwise not be able to access FWE’s programs.

These programs include a 4-week Money Moves Program that educates women on the funding landscape; a Mentor Program that connects women with business experts for 12 months of 1:1 mentorship; its foundational E-Series Program that provides deep learning

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Developing A Business Plan? 11 Common Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Research has shown that the businesses that survive the longest are those that have a solid business plan. New entrepreneurs hear this information, but it gets lost in a sea of contradicting tips and tricks. The result is that these entrepreneurs either fail to create a thorough business plan or try to make it do too much.

Many things set good business plans apart from bad ones. The one overarching idea is that the business plan should describe what the business does, how it does it and how it can keep on doing it at a larger scale. Below, 11 members of Forbes Business Development Council delve into the most common mistakes that new entrepreneurs fall prey to when developing their business plan and offer advice on what they should be doing instead.

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Israeli delegation of hi-tech entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs visit UAE

A delegation of Israeli high-tech entrepreneurs, led by venture capitalist Erel Margalit and the Jerusalem Venture Partners group, took off for the United Arab Emirates on Sunday to attend high-level meetings with UAE officials.The visit will look foster technology collaboration between Israel and the UAE following the Knesset approval of the US-brokered Abraham Accords – the normalization deal between Israel and its newfound Gulf counterpart.The Israeli delegation features 13 CEOs currently heading leading domestic companies with international portfolios in the fields of cyber, finance, insurance and food technology. Other members of the delegation include a former senior Mossad official and Israeli investors from JVP.The UAE – which is also internationally renowned in the fields of technology and innovation – personally extended the delegation an olive branch to meet with its senior ministers so as to bolster this important sector within both countries, and across the Middle East, through cooperation and
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Propel Dayton: UD’s new program for entrepreneurs designed to move start-ups forward : University of Dayton, Ohio

With a generous gift from an anonymous donor, the University of Dayton Office of Technology and Entrepreneurial Partnerships has launched Propel Dayton, a program designed to support prospective entrepreneurs in starting a new business around a technology developed at UD.

Propel Dayton was created in response to UD President Eric F. Spina’s inaugural speech calling for the creation of “innovative policies, practices and incentives” to advance entrepreneurship within the University. While the program was created primarily to support UD faculty and staff in commercializing their technologies, Propel Dayton also will work with promising entrepreneurs in the Dayton region interested in bringing technologies developed by the University to market.

“Innovative tech start-ups are important to economic development,” said Mathew Willenbrink, director of technology and entrepreneurial partnerships at UD. “Much of Dayton’s economy was based on entrepreneurship historically, and our goal is to provide opportunities and resources for local entrepreneurs to build

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