Tech giants face fines or even break-up if they breach new rules: EU’s Breton

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Tech giants that break new EU rules aimed at curbing their powers could face fines, be ordered to change their practices or even be forced to break up their European businesses, the bloc’s digital chief Thierry Breton said on Wednesday.

Breton’s comments come two weeks before he is due to present draft rules known as the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA), which are likely to affect big U.S. players Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.

The DSA will force tech companies to explain how their algorithms work, open up their advertising archives to regulators and researchers, and do more to tackle hate speech, harmful content and counterfeit products on their platforms.

The DMA takes aim at online gatekeepers with a list of requirements, such as sharing certain kinds of data with rivals and regulators; and outlawed practices, such as favouring their own services.

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Internet Can’t Be Wild West, EU’s Breton Tells Google CEO Pichai | Technology News

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Europe’s industry chief Thierry Breton has warned Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai that he plans to rein in U.S. tech giants via a raft of new rules to curb the excesses of a “Wild West” internet.

Breton issued the warning in a video-conference call with Pichai late on Thursday, according to a statement from the European Commision.

The comments came after a Google internal document outlined a 60-day strategy to counter the European Union’s push for tough new tech rules by getting U.S. allies to push back against Breton.

The call was initiated by Google before the document was leaked.

Breton will announce new draft rules known as the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act together with European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager on Dec. 2.

The rules will set out a list of do’s and don’ts for gatekeepers – online companies with market power – forcing

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Tougher new rules for tech giants, more power to enforcers: EU’s Vestager

FILE PHOTO: Margrethe Vestager addresses the media at the German Economy Ministry in Berlin, Germany

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Tech giants will have to do more to weed out illegal and harmful content while online gatekeepers will be bound by a list of dos and don’ts under new rules aimed at reining in their power, Europe’s antitrust chief said on Thursday.

European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager also proposed new powers for enforcers to tackle market failures in digital markets and to stop new ones from emerging.

Under the proposed Digital Services Act, online platforms will have to check sellers’ identities before they can use their services in a move aimed at countering illegal and dangerous content.

The tech companies will have to produce reports on their actions and inform users who pays for

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