Five Tips To Learn From Forward-Thinking Entrepreneurs

Dr. Silvia Mah, partner at Ad Astra Ventures, helps women founders grow innovative startups tackling big ideas.

When the pandemic turned the business world upside down, some entrepreneurs responded with a determination that carried them through a stressful year. Rather than freeze in panic, they evaluated the situation and decided what to do next.

In these moments, I believe we saw the true essence of the entrepreneur. These business leaders decided to persevere and respond in a socially responsible way that focused on the needs of their communities. They connected with new suppliers, landed new contracts and made new partnerships they wouldn’t have imagined at the beginning of 2020.

As an angel investor and venture capitalist who helps female founders to build and scale their startups, I saw these scenarios happen across the country. Several of these founders received scholarships to participate in an Ad Astra bootcamp, which

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