CFO of the Future: Leading from the Front

By Krishnan Raghunathan, Head – Finance & Accounting Practice, WNS

While Bill Gates had spoken years ago about the possibility of a pandemic of gargantuan proportions, the world had still not prepared itself for the kind of one that struck in early 2020. No business had a playbook for it. Therefore, how business leaders responded and continue to respond to such an event can be a defining moment for them personally, and the organization itself. Contrary to expectations, most CFOs did not go for a myopic view by doubling down on spending cuts and tighter controls. They are focusing on opportunity in this crisis to prepare the enterprise for longer term value creation for shareholders.

This was evident as a key finding in the “Global CFO Survey 2020” conducted by Everest Group, a leading consulting and research firm, supported by WNS. The survey that covered more than 300 CFOs and

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Apple’s secret weapon in AR is right in front of us

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, Apple will reportedly unveil an augmented- or mixed-reality headset. Apple hasn’t discussed any headgear yet. But augmented reality is alive and well on the iPhone — and it’s getting better fast. 

People Detection recognizes people and measures distance, using AR tech. 

© Scott Stein/CNET

People Detection recognizes people and measures distance, using AR tech. 

Apple began its AR journey in 2017, making a splash with virtual Ikea furniture and realistic-looking outdoor Pokemon Go battles. This year, I’ve been standing on street corners scanning fire hydrants with Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro. I’ve mapped my house’s interior. I’ve navigated lava rivers on my floors.

In many ways, Apple’s depth-sensing lidar sensor on the latest iPhones and iPads, with its advanced 3D-scanning possibilities, feels like the backbone of the Apple headsets of the future.

Facebook, Microsoft and Magic Leap are already exploring goggles and glasses that aim to blend the virtual

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Biden Is Expected to Keep Scrutiny of Tech Front and Center

WASHINGTON — The tech industry had it easy under President Barack Obama. Regulators brought no major charges, executives rotated in and out of the administration, and efforts to strengthen privacy laws fizzled out.

The industry will have it much harder under president-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Bipartisan support to restrain its power has grown sharply during the Trump administration, and shows no signs of going away as Democrats regain control of the White House. Mr. Biden is expected to take on the Silicon Valley giants on misinformation, privacy and antitrust, in a sharp departure from the polices pursued while he was vice president under Mr. Obama.

“The foundations of the concerns about digital platforms were developing during the Obama years, and yet the major tech issues from the Obama era are still with us and unresolved,” said Chris Lewis, the president of the consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge. “The genie

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This ‘Cobra Kai’ Scene Was Hannah Kepple’s First Time Ever in Front of a Camera

Of all the young characters on Cobra Kai, Moon (Hannah Kepple) stands out for many reasons. One, she’s one of the few teenagers who isn’t training in Karate. Two, she often gets the best line in a scene. Three, because you’ve never seen her before. Cobra Kai is her first professional acting role. 

Cobra Kai Moon and Piper
L-R: Hannah Kepple, Selah Austria | Guy D’Alema/Netflix

Kepple spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by phone about Cobra Kai. One of the scenes in season 1 was the very first scene she ever performed in front of a camera.

How ‘Cobra Kai’ discovered Hannah Kepple

Kepple was born and grew up in Asheville, North Carolina. There wasn’t a lot of film and television production there, but they had one agency, Screen Artists Talent.

I, in high school, really wanted to start pursuing film. So I signed up to the one agency they had in my

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A new mathematical front to understand species coexistence

A new mathematical front to understand species coexistence
How pairs make the whole. Credit: Erida Gjini

How biodiversity is generated and maintained are central questions in science, which are becoming increasingly important for our quality of life. How do similar species coexist in a system? Which ones will dominate or be excluded? Will the system succumb to invasion by outsiders? Can we predict these interactive dynamics in systems with many different species? Simulations and statistical approaches are typically adopted to answer these questions, but the limited predictions they offer prompted Erida Gjini, principal investigator at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, in collaboration with Sten Madec, from the University of Tours, in France, to explore a deeper mathematical route and uncover the general rules that describe such systems.

The two researchers used the system of microbial transmission between hosts as the basis of their theoretical study. In this type of system, each species colonizing the host can alter the local

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Tech chief executives to defend key law in front of U.S. Senate panel on Wednesday

By David Shepardson and Nandita Bose

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The chief executives of Twitter Inc <TWTR.N>, Facebook <FB.O> and Alphabet Inc <GOOGL.O> will tell U.S. lawmakers at a hearing on Wednesday that a federal law protecting internet companies is crucial to free expression on the internet, according to written testimonies from the companies seen by Reuters.

Section 230, a provision of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, shields technology companies from liability for user-generated content and allows them to remove lawful but objectionable posts. It has come under heavy criticism from Republican President Donald Trump and both Democratic and Republican lawmakers who have been concerned about Big Tech’s content-moderation decisions.

Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey will tell the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday that eroding the foundation of Section 230 “could collapse how we communicate on the Internet, leaving only a small number of giant and well-funded technology companies.”

Dorsey urged

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Epic’s latest argument in its fight against Apple keeps antitrust issues front and center

Epic Games, the game engine developer and creator of the wildly popular Fortnite game, is keeping the focus squarely on antitrust issues in its lawsuit against Apple as pressures mount to rein in anti-competitive practices of the world’s largest tech companies.

Antitrust arguments are gaining ground on both sides of the political spectrum, which could present a more favorable environment for Epic to make its case.

Earlier this month the Trump Justice Department filed its antitrust case against Google even as Congress laid out its roadmap for how to limit the monopoly power of a quartet of trillion-dollar companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Alphabet (the parent company behind Google).

Epic’s lawyers acknowledged in the filing that the company breached its contract with Apple, but said that it only took that step because Apple’s contract restrictions are illegal, according to the company.

“When Epic took steps to allow consumers on iOS

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Integrated radio system design key for solving RF front end complexity in 5G smartphone (Analyst Angle)

The 5G smartphone market is now outperforming its predecessor generations, including Long Term Evolution (LTE) smartphones, on nearly every metric, including the number of mobile devices, subscribers, and networks available at launch. However, 5G brings with it a whole raft of technical challenges, features, and functionalities, as well as new radio elements for supporting new radio bands and combinations, all of which can lead to substantial changes in the design of mobile devices. 

This level of complexity is not just limited to the high end, as the availability of 5G smartphone models will become more diverse, brought to market quickly at a wide variety of price points, democratizing the 5G experience. Many leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are expected to push deeper into the lower-priced 5G smartphone segment, so mid-range smartphones will be the main driver for accelerating adoption in 2021 and beyond, aided by the continual introduction of lower-tier

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