Space startup Aevum debuts world’s first fully autonomous orbital rocket launching drone

Launching things to space doesn’t have to mean firing a large rocket vertically using massive amounts of rocket-fuel powered thrust – startup Aevum breaks the mould in multiple ways, with an innovative launch vehicle design that combines uncrewed aircraft with horizontal take-off and landing capabilities, with a secondary stage that deploys at high altitude and can take small payloads the rest of the way to space.

Aevum’s model actually isn’t breaking much new ground in terms of its foundational technology, according to founder and CEO Jay Skylus, who I spoke to prior to today’s official unveiling of the startup’s Ravn X launch vehicle. Skylus, who previously worked for a range of space industry household names and startups including NASA, Boeing, Moon Express and Firefly, told me that the startup has focused primarily on making the most of existing available technologies to create a mostly reusable, fully automated small payload

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Faraday Future Partners With MIVOLT (M&I Materials) to Announce a Unique Fully Submerged Battery Cooling System

  • Faraday Future to Utilize Fully Submerged Battery Cooling Technology in the All-new FF 91 Luxury EV
  • Faraday Future and MIVOLT Recently Collaborated on a Joint Industry Discussion That Took an In-depth Look at EV Battery Technology Using Submerged Cooling
  • Faraday Future’s Battery Technology Will Give the Upcoming FF 91 a Projected Range of up to 378 Miles*


Faraday Future (FF), a California-based global shared intelligent mobility ecosystem company, today announced that it is partnering with MIVOLT on a fully submerged battery cooling system for the FF 91 luxury EV. MIVOLT will provide FF with advanced dielectric coolant materials that will support FF’s existing patented liquid cell submerged onboard cooling system, which includes a self-contained and fail-safe architecture battery pack design.

FF and MIVOLT recently collaborated on “Going Further,” a live, joint webcast that took an in-depth look at EV battery technology using submerged cooling. Experts from both companies –

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Apple remains ‘fully committed’ to privacy features like anti-tracking in iOS 14 [u]

Apple remains committed to implementing anti-tracking features in iOS 14 and further privacy improvements down the road, the company’s privacy chief said in a letter.

The iOS 14 feature, dubbed App Tracking Transparency (ATT), makes cross-app and website tracking opt-in, and gives users additional information and context. In September, Apple delayed the rollout of the privacy feature until 2021.

Shortly after Apple announced the delay, a coalition of digital civil rights groups penned a letter expressing their “disappointment” that it wouldn’t be available during the initial iOS 14 rollout. On Nov. 19, Apple sent a letter back in response.

“We delayed the release of ATT to early next year to give developers the time they indicated they needed to properly update their systems and data practices, but we remain fully committed to ATT and to our expansive approach to privacy protections,” wrote Jane C. Horvath, Apple’s Senior Director of Global

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Greater coordination and strategic planning needed for Malaysia to fully embrace an innovation-driven growth model

KUALA LUMPUR, November 19, 2020 — Strengthening support for Malaysia’s public research organizations (PROs) and universities is crucial to revive growth which is innovation-driven to weather the current global crisis and achieve Malaysia’s aspirations of becoming a high-income nation, a new World Bank report finds.

The report, “Assessing the Effectiveness of Public Research Institutions: Fostering Knowledge Linkages and Transferring Technology in Malaysia” draws its findings from a new survey, which analyzes the levels of knowledge and technology transfer in the country. While research and development (R&D) funding, and improvements to policy have expanded in Malaysia over the years, more can be done as the it transitions to the league of high-income countries  like Singapore, Japan, South Korea in the region and others like Germany, France and the US.

Malaysia has seen rapid growth in the number of scientific publications, but without a corresponding increase in quality. According to data from

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Hyundai-backed Motional to launch fully driverless cars in Las Vegas

Motional, the self-driving car operator backed by Hyundai and Aptiv, has received the green light to roll out a test fleet of fully driverless cars in Las Vegas. The state of Nevada has granted the company permission to operate its autonomous vehicles without a human safety driver behind the wheel.

Currently, only a small handful of AV operators have actually deployed fully driverless vehicles, also known as Level 4 autonomous vehicles, on public roads. Waymo, the self-driving unit of Alphabet, has been operating its Level 4 vehicles in the suburbs outside of Phoenix for several years now, and it recently began offering rides to paying customers. Yandex, the Russian tech giant, tested its Level 4 vehicles in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. Motional says it is preparing to launch its own vehicles in the “coming months.”

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Houston ISD says it hasn’t fully evaluated its technology vendor despite ‘unacceptable’ performance

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Rita Martinez stands in front of a wall with brightly colored bulletin boards featuring her son’s names and photos of their teachers. There’s even an American flag hanging in the corner, a hallmark of most classrooms. But, this isn’t a classroom.

Martinez sold her furniture when schools went to online learning in March and her living room, where her family used to gather for weekly movie nights, was transformed into a classroom.

Even though her three sons are attending school virtually, she said turning in homework assignments is hard, especially when the technology the Houston Independent School District invested in and depends on isn’t reliable.

Instead of submitting her youngest son’s assignments online, Martinez said she prints it out, takes a photo of it, and then emails it to his teachers. She does this process instead of submitting it on the HUB – HISD’s online learning

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How Capital One became the first fully cloud-enabled US bank

  • The pivot to cloud is a major IT transformation that many companies are still grappling with. 
  • Capital One just became the first US bank and one of the only major Fortune 500 corporations to be fully cloud-enabled after exiting its last physical data center, Business Insider can exclusively reveal. 
  • “Many companies might underestimate how comprehensive a transformation this is,” said vice president of technology Melanie Frank.
  • “It was a cultural shift for us just as much as it was a technology journey,” she added. 
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The pivot to the public cloud is one of the most drastic IT changes to hit corporate America in the past decade. 

But despite all the enthusiasm over cloud computing, the reality is many firms still operate brick-and-mortar data storage facilities. There are many reasons for this, including concerns over security, the cost associated with

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Xiaomi’s 80W wireless tech promises to fully refill a phone battery in 20 minutes


Xiaomi launches an 80-watt wireless charging method.


A new challenger joined the ultra-fast charging wars on Monday, as Xiaomi unveiled an 80-watt charging system it says will fully revitalize a phone battery in less than 20 minutes. 

The Chinese phone maker says its new charging method, “80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology,” can charge a 4,000mAh battery to 10% in one minute, 40% in eight minutes and 100% in 19 minutes. This is a step up from last year’s 30-watt charging tech, which refills a similar battery size to half in around 25 minutes, according to the company. 

Xiaomi didn’t specify how the charging method works or whether it will ship with a device. But the Chinese-phone maker does lay claim to the title for shipping the fastest wireless charger with a commercially

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