Varjo’s New VR and XR Headsets Show Us a Glimpse Into the Future of Mixed Reality

© Image: Varjo

Consumer mixed-reality headsets have come a long way since the first Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, thanks to higher-resolution displays, faster refresh rates, improved motion-tracking, and more. However, enterprise-level headsets have arguably made even bigger strides, and with its new third-gen VR and XR HMDs, Varjo could be giving us regular folks a peek at the kinds of upgrades we can expect to see trickle down to consumer VR in the next couple years.


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Available starting today, Varjo’s new VR-3 and XR-3 have a

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Fortescue: Reviewing The Past, The Present, And A Glimpse Into The Future (OTCMKTS:FSUGY)

Investment Thesis

Fortescue – Iron Ore Producer

On the surface, Fortescue (OTCQX:FSUGY) (OTCQX:FSUMF) is an iron ore miner, at the mercy of fluctuations in commodity prices, and with all its eggs in one basket, selling close to 95% by value of its ore into the Chinese market in 2020. Dig deeper, and one finds Fortescue has established moats through massive lowering of costs, working toward making its products increasingly indispensable to its customers’ production efficiency, and creating a breadth of products for all market cycles. Fortescue will continue to have its highs and lows as market prices for iron ore fluctuate. But, due to the moats it has created and continues to widen, Fortescue will likely be “last man standing” in any sustained and deep downturn in iron ore prices, remaining cash flow and net income positive during even the deepest dips in iron ore prices.

Fortescue – Explorer


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High-tech analyses of a U-boat and Nicaraguan freighter offer detailed glimpse into unexpected ‘islands of habitat’ — ScienceDaily

During a 2016 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expedition to explore a pair of World War II shipwrecks that lie off the North Carolina coast, marine scientists ensconced within glass-domed submersibles navigated to the Atlantic Ocean seafloor in the hope of profiling the fish communities residing on the wrecks. Some of the findings of this joint ecological-archaeological undertaking were published this week in the Ecological Society of America’s journal Ecosphere.

The two ships, a German U-boat and a Nicaraguan freighter, had not been seen by humans since they sank nearly 80 years ago during the Battle of the Atlantic. “These World War II shipwrecks are important historical monuments, but are also valuable habitat for fish,” said Katrina Johnson, the paper’s first author and a senior at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

Johnson, who grew up spending summers on a small Connecticut island only accessible by boat, jumped at

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Giant squid that washed ashore in South Africa is a rare glimpse of a deep-sea creature

Giant squids are fantastical creatures that live in the crushing depths of the ocean and are rarely seen except in adventure books.

But this winter in South Africa (which was summer in the United States), a baby giant squid washed up on a beach northwest of Cape Town. It lay there, its grey-pink tentacles spread on the sand, and the beachgoers who first saw it realized it was breathing. It had even squirted some of its dark ink onto the sand, an action typically used to confuse predators and one of the reasons that scientist Wayne Florence called the discovery a “stunning find.”

Days before, the giant squid probably had been swimming and searching for food. It would have used those fierce tentacles – the longest was 14 feet – to latch onto its prey and pull it closer to its beaklike mouth.

The animal died before it could be

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Giant squid that washed ashore in South Africa is a rare glimpse of the deep-sea creature

Days before, the giant squid probably had been swimming and searching for food. It would have used those fierce tentacles — the longest was 14 feet — to latch onto its prey and pull it closer to its beaklike mouth.

The animal died before it could be brought to the nearby Iziko South African Museum, where Florence works. The museum has about 20 giant squid specimens, including one that is twice as long as the new arrival. Most of the others were collected after being caught in fishing boats’ nets, making the recent undamaged find special.

The youngster was probably 1 or 2 years old. Giant squids tend to have short lives, lasting about five years, Florence said.

While tissue samples from the latest discovery are being analyzed, scientists from around the world may gather in South Africa for additional research once coronavirus pandemic restrictions are lifted.

They and their

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Exoplanet Covered In Lava Offers A Glimpse Into Earth’s Distant Future

In a study published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, an international team of scientists describes a hellish exoplanet, providing a glimpse into Earth’s distant future.

In analyzing the illumination pattern of the exoplanet K2-141b, the team discovered that about two-thirds of the planet faces perpetual daylight. K2-141b is an Earth-size exoplanet orbiting an orange dwarf – stars which are slightly cooler than our own Sun – in the Aquarius constellation. K2-141b belongs to a subset of rocky planets that orbit very close to their star. The planet needs just six hours to make a full orbit. This proximity keeps the exoplanet gravitationally locked in place, meaning the same side always faces the star.

Based on this observation, the researchers tried to simulate the environmental

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The Buffalo Sabres’ Sports Science Push Offers A Glimpse Of The NHL’s Data-Driven Future

For all of the money the Buffalo Sabres spent during the 2015 offseason, including the signing of star centerman Ryan O’Reilly to a $52.5 million deal, perhaps the most important acquisitions came off the ice.

The Sabres decided to invest in a new sports science initiative and tapped Dr. Dean Higham to lead it, not an obvious choice considering he didn’t even have a hockey background.

What Higham did have was a Ph.D. in applied science and more than half a decade’s experience at the Australian Institute of Sport, where he worked with the Australian national rugby sevens team.

Buffalo was looking

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This is your first glimpse at upcoming Micromax In smartphone

graphical user interface

Micromax is bringing its fresh range of smartphones on November 3 in India. Marking the brand’s comeback into the market, the launch event will be focused on Micromax’s new In sub-brand. Reportedly, there will be more than one smartphone but there is no confirmation on this. Now, Micromax has teased the first look of one of the In smartphones — possibly the In 1A — on Twitter. The Rahul Sharma-led company has also confirmed the new smartphones will have MediaTek chipsets.

“India is gearing up to game on with the ultimate performance. And we have the perfect processor for that,” wrote Micromax on Twitter while confirming that at least two smartphones under the In sub-brand will have MediaTek chipsets. One of them will rock an Helio G35 processor and the other one will be powered by an Helio G85 processor. Considering the two chipsets are targeted at different segments, we

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Glimpse deep into Earth’s crust finds heat source that may stabilize continents — ScienceDaily

Rocks from the Rio Grande continental rift have provided a rare snapshot of active geology deep inside Earth’s crust, revealing new evidence for how continents remain stable over billions of years, according to a team of scientists.

“We tend to study rocks that are millions to billions of years old, but in this case we can show what’s happening in the deep crust, nearly 19 miles below the surface of the Earth, in what geologically speaking is the modern day,” said Jacob Cipar, a graduate student in geosciences at Penn State. “And we have linked what’s preserved in these rocks with tectonic processes happening today that may represent an important step in the development of stable continents.”

The team, led by Penn State scientists, found evidence that heat from the mantle is melting the lower crust at the rift, where tectonic forces are pulling apart and thinning the lithosphere, or

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