Twitter turns off threaded replies because they made conversations hard to read

Twitter has been experimenting with threaded replies for some time as a way to potentially make replies easier to read and follow. But the company has decided to end those experiments because of user feedback, it announced on Thursday.

“We asked and you let us know this reply layout wasn’t it, as it was harder to read and join conversations,” the company wrote in a tweet published today. “So we’ve turned off this format to work on other ways to improve conversations on Twitter.”

In a follow-up tweet, the company said threaded replies made conversations harder to read and join

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WH Press Sec McEnany Says Trump ‘Followed the Science,’ Works Hard on COVID Response ‘Behind the Scenes’

When asked on Wednesday about President Donald Trump’s recent lack of public comments on the worsening COVID-19 pandemic, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed that Trump has been working “behind the scenes” and that his previous actions demonstrate that he has “followed the science” on the virus.

“He’s hard at work at this with the task force behind the scenes,” McEnany said, touted Trump’s advocation of reopening schools as proof that Trump has “followed the science”, especially as more medical experts have supported reopening schools as well.

“The President’s followed the science,” McEnany said. “He’s also kept in mind we have a constitution, and he will be unashamed and always advocating for the science in the best interest of the children of this country.”

 Kayleigh McEnany Donald Trump science behind COVID-19
In a Wednesday press briefing, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that President Donald Trump has always followed the science on COVID-19 and is
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PlayStation 5, Xbox hard to find? You could be battling a bot

When Microsoft rolled out its Xbox Series X|S and Sony debuted the PlayStation 5 in mid-November, gamers were ready with their credit cards. But the devices sold out within minutes, leaving many consumers disappointed and dismayed. 

About two weeks later, shoppers got another chance to lay their hands on a PlayStation 5 when Walmart restocked the new console the night before Thanksgiving, ahead of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events. But that inventory also sold out within minutes. 

“I’ve been trying to purchase it for my little brother. I’m pissed and confused as to how at exactly 9:00 it’s going out of stock,” one person complained in a tweet to Walmart.

 The answer, tech experts says, boils down to one word: bots. 

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Virtual auto, CES, NADA shows face hard reality

Trade shows are a different animal altogether. But the Canadian developments seem foreboding for a couple of major events coming up early next year: CES and the NADA Show.

CES, the consumer electronics show that is usually held in Las Vegas, has grown into the pre-eminent auto show in North America — even as the transportation industry vies for attention there with gaming, photography, robotics and every other type of breakthrough technology one can imagine.

Switching to a virtual format this year led to a partnership with Microsoft, which has a suite of software for group meetings and what is now essentially a video production, said Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, which hosts CES.

“We’re also creating it so that exhibitors will have their own video presence and an interactive link which allows them to meet with potential customers, show off technology, and it’ll be a very

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Lunar eclipse coming Sunday night, though it might be hard to see

The celestial bodies are aligning for a show this weekend, though clouds over Portland might block it from view.

A penumbral lunar eclipse will take place late Sunday night in Monday morning, Nov. 29 to 30, according to NASA, gradually darkening the face of the moon for more than four hours. It will be the second lunar eclipse visible in Oregon this year, following a previous penumbral eclipse in July.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow falls over the moon, and it can only happen at a full moon when then sun, Earth and moon all align. A penumbral eclipse is much more subtle than a total or even partial eclipse, as only the lighter outer shadow of the Earth (called the penumbra) darkens the moon.

During a penumbral lunar eclipse, the moon gradually grows a little darker until the maximum eclipse, after which it gradually lightens again.

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Oxford’s 2020 Word of the Year? It’s Too Hard to Isolate

The Oxford report also highlights words and phrases relating to social justice, including “Black Lives Matter,” “Juneteenth,” “decolonize,” and “allyship,” some of which surged dramatically starting in late May, amid the protests following the killing of George Floyd in police custody. But those increases, while notable, were nowhere near those of pandemic-related terms.

And the pandemic may have actually reduced the frequency of other topical words. Last year, Oxford released an all-climate related short list, topped by “climate emergency.” But in March, as the pandemic took hold, the frequency of the word “climate” itself abruptly plunged by almost 50 percent.

(Usage has since rebounded a bit, and the report also flagged the emergence of some new climate-related terms, like “anthropause,” proposed in an article in the journal Nature in June to describe the sudden drastic reduction in human mobility, and its impact on the natural world.)

The pandemic turned once-obscure

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Waking up is hard to do when you’re spouse is still asleep

It was the Senate majority leader, orating. His voice suddenly boomed across the bedroom as I stabbed at the volume control.

There’s no going back to sleep after something like that.

I apologized. Ruth — now entirely awake — picked up her own phone and soon we both lay there chewing our digital cud like narcotized cattle.

There’s a lot of research about how bad smartphones are when you’re trying to go to sleep, but I think they may be just as bad when you’re waking up. They’re especially bad for couples, and especially couples who don’t wake up at the same time.

We used to wake up at the same time. That’s because we used to have a schedule. If Ruth had to be at her office by 9 a.m., that meant setting the alarm for 6. That meant both of us waking up at 6.

The pandemic has

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Opinion | Why the 2020 Election Makes It Hard to be Optimistic About the Future

The 2020 election is over. And the big winners were the coronavirus and, quite possibly, catastrophic climate change.

OK, democracy also won, at least for now. By defeating Donald Trump, Joe Biden pulled us back from the brink of authoritarian rule.

But Trump paid less of a penalty than expected for his deadly failure to deal with Covid-19, and few down-ballot Republicans seem to have paid any penalty at all. As a headline in The Washington Post put it, “With pandemic raging, Republicans say election results validate their approach.”

And their approach, in case you missed it, has been denial and a refusal to take even the most basic, low-cost precautions — like requiring that people wear masks in public.

The epidemiological consequences of this cynical irresponsibility will be ghastly. I’m not sure how many people realize just how terrible this winter is going to be.

Deaths from Covid-19 tend

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Biden to follow Trump’s hard line on Huawei and Chinese tech, but with fewer tweets

Biden is expected to maintain a hard line on most matters, including export restrictions to Huawei, though he will probably enlist more support from international allies and maintain more consistent policies than the ones Trump sometimes announced, and rescinded, via tweet, China watchers say.

Biden is also expected to pursue more funding for basic research and ease some Trump-era restrictions on immigration of the highly skilled, to give the United States more resources to compete in the tech economy.

Biden’s likely course flows from the increasingly bipartisan consensus among members of Congress that overly warm relations with China and tolerance of its unfair trade practices helped fuel a technological rival that now threatens U.S. leadership.

“The United States does need to get tough with China. If China has its way, it will keep robbing the United States and American companies of their technology and intellectual property,” Biden wrote in Foreign

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When it comes to Amazon, breaking up is hard to do

The European commission has opened an antitrust investigation of Amazon, on the grounds that the company has breached EU antitrust rules against distorting competition in online retail markets. Amazon, says the commission, has been using its privileged access to non-public data of independent sellers who sell on its marketplace to benefit the parts of its own retail business that directly compete with those third-party sellers. The commission has also opened a second investigation into the possible preferential treatment of Amazon’s own retail offers compared with those of marketplace sellers that use Amazon’s logistics and delivery services.

a store inside of a building: Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images

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Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images

The good news about this is not so much that the EU is taking action as that it is doing so in an intelligently targeted manner. Too much of the discourse about tech companies in the last two years has been about “breaking them up”. But

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