Cryptocurrency Prices Make Headlines, But Crypto Accounting Is Key To Further Growth

Cryptocurrency prices and market share continue to increase, but the accounting and reporting remain inconsistent and a headwind to wider adoption.

Even as the blockchain and cryptoasset sectors continue to increase, both in terms of retail awareness and institutional support, guidance related to reporting and valuation remains ambiguous. While conversations around the accounting and reporting for various cryptoassets might not make the headlines that price volatility does, it is critically important for the further maturation of crypto.

Accounting and valuation rules, for lack of a better phrase, set the ground rules for how individuals and institutions should value, handle, and report these different cryptoassets. Without consistent and market-oriented rules, continued development of this sector will face substantial headwinds.

Rules and reporting frameworks, again, might not drive headlines, but taking a bigger picture perspective illustrates just how important these concepts are. The substantial price increases that have occurred in 2020

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Methodist Hospitals treating heart arrhythmias with new technology | Northwest Indiana Business Headlines

Nurses comfort, care, educate, console, relate, endear and provide direction and assistance. They are at the forefront when we are sick; their work responsibilities immense, their efforts tireless and their commitment endless. They are the heart and soul of medical facilities including residential care, hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, schools, in-home care and much more.

To celebrate National Nurse Week, May 6-12, 2019, The Times Media Co.; Title Sponsor, Methodist Hospitals; Presenting Sponsors Franciscan Health; Community Healthcare System; Visiting Nurse Association of Northwest Indiana; Castle Subaru/Mitsubishi; University of St. Francis – Crown Point; Indiana University-Northwest; and Pinnacle Hospital, are showing our true appreciation for area nurses with nominations and evaluation, a section and planned events.

This is a way of saying thanks to your nurses! This competition was started by asking the public to nominate nursing professionals who have had an effect on their, the lives of loved ones and the

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Smartphone maker taking over Genesis Center, promising hundreds of jobs and $100 million in investment | Northwest Indiana Business Headlines

Saied said the project is fully financed and construction could begin in 90 days. It will take nine months to a year to build the plant, which will be expandable. Akyumen also might consider future manufacturing operations elsewhere in the city.

He expects the company can create more than 2,000 jobs in three to five years and potentially more if all the carriers and distributors in the United States use its devices. Production worker jobs will pay at least $35,000 a year. The company also will employ people in higher-paying “science, technology and mathematics” jobs. 

Gary will work with WorkOne to train residents for the positions, aiming to line up job opportunities for as many Gary residents as possible.

“Our company is not about creating sweatshop jobs in the United States,” Saied said. “It will create smart jobs.”

The plant will be up and running by spring of 2022, but

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First Multi-Zone Time-of-Flight Sensor Headlines STMicroelectronics Technology Powering Samsung Flagship Galaxy Note20 Ultra Phones

First Multi-Zone Time-of-Flight Sensor Headlines STMicroelectronics Technology Powering Samsung Flagship Galaxy Note20 Ultra Phones

  • Feature-packed large-screen smartphone applies multi-zone direct Time-of-Flight sensor and other ST MEMS1 and EEPROMs2 for exceptional camera performance 

  • Lowest-noise, lowest power-consumption sensors with highest-quality software assure outstanding user experience

Geneva, Switzerland, October 21, 2020 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, revealed that the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra uses top-notch ST sensing and control technology, enhancing the smartphones’ high-end features while squeezing every watt from the power budget with minimal noise and package size. The Galaxy Note20 similarly leverages ST’s MEMS pressure sensors, inertial measurement units, and EEPROMs.

With camera performance and user experience becoming more and more important in consumers’ choice of their personal communication devices, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, and the Galaxy Note20, have placed strong emphasis on capturing images and

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