Global Gaming Headsets and Gaming Headphones Market 2020 Trending Technologies, Development Plans, Future Growth and Geographical Regions to 2025

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Dec 02, 2020 (CDN Newswire via Comtex) —
This intensive research report entitled Global Gaming Headsets and Gaming Headphones Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 compiled and published by entails a market synopsis and offers a definition & outline of the market. The report represents detailed synopsis of the current market scenario, key trends, as well as threats, and challenges that seem to significantly impact revenue generation in the market. The report covers over-the-board data such as market trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities, market shares, challenges, economy, and supply chain. Information on the research and development taking place in the market has been presented. It comprises historical data, significance, statistical data, size & share, market analysis by product and market trends by key players, and market price & demand. The market is separated

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Varjo launches new generation of human-eye resolution VR headsets

Varjo has revealed its next generation of virtual reality headsets with “human-eye resolution,” or extremely sharp imagery for enterprise, medical, design, and engineering applications.

The new “XR/VR” headsets are called the XR-3 and VR-3, where the XR version combines VR and augmented reality in the same headset and the VR focuses only on virtual reality. The company said this new generation has twice the performance of the previous one.

Helsinki, Finland-based Varjo has steered clear of consumer applications such as gaming and is instead focused on bringing the sense of immersion and presence (feeling like you are somewhere else) to markets where precision is a must. Use cases include training doctors to complete a medical procedure.

“What makes this a next-generation product is that the performance is twice the performance of what we have had before,” Varjo chief marketing officer Jussi Mäkinen said in an interview with VentureBeat. “And the

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Varjo’s New VR and XR Headsets Show Us a Glimpse Into the Future of Mixed Reality

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Consumer mixed-reality headsets have come a long way since the first Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, thanks to higher-resolution displays, faster refresh rates, improved motion-tracking, and more. However, enterprise-level headsets have arguably made even bigger strides, and with its new third-gen VR and XR HMDs, Varjo could be giving us regular folks a peek at the kinds of upgrades we can expect to see trickle down to consumer VR in the next couple years.


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Available starting today, Varjo’s new VR-3 and XR-3 have a

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save on PlayStation, Xbox and PC headsets

Looking for a great Black Friday gaming headset deal? Then look no further. We’re seeing loads of fantastic gaming headset discounts this Black Friday weekend from a variety of retailers. Not in the UK or US? Scroll down for the best gaming headset deals in your region.

Black Friday gaming headset deals

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Black Friday gaming headset deals

A great gaming headset can give you the drop on a nearby enemy, ensure your squad can hear your every word and immerse you further into your gaming experience.

So we’ve collected up the best Black Friday gaming headset deals right now for you, below. We’ve included PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC headsets in this article, so there should be a gaming headset that’s perfect for your needs – and many in this list work across a multitude of devices. But be sure to double-check that the headset you’re interested

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Black Friday: PS5 And Xbox Series X Gaming Headsets Get Steep Discounts

If you’re looking for a gaming headset for your new PS5 or Xbox Series X, it’s an excellent time to buy one. Black Friday 2020 has brought some stellar deals on a bunch of solid gaming headsets. We’ve rounded up a handful of the best Black Friday gaming headset deals below, some of which have universal compatibility across all platforms, including Xbox Series X and PS5.

A gaming headset is one of the first accessories you should grab when you get a new console. Headsets are vital for multiplayer games, but they’re also great for single-player games, since they typically pinpoint sounds and create a more immersive experience. See our guide to the best PS5 gaming headsets for 2020 for more options if you’re shopping for that platform.

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Best Black Friday PS5 And PS4 Accessory Deals: Gaming Headsets, Controllers, And PS Plus

Black Friday 2020 is here, and while this year’s shopping event linked up with the launch of the new PS5 console, there won’t be much in the way of major console gaming hardware deals. It’s been hard enough for many shoppers to even track down a PS5, with the next-gen consoles selling out in minutes after each restock. If you haven’t managed to order one already, Walmart’s big Black Friday sale is already out of stock, so the only other opportunity may be picking up a PS5 at GameStop stores on Black Friday itself, but that means risking a potentially crowded in-person visit–if you do decide to go, please wear a mask to protect your fellow shoppers! If you did manage to secure a PS5 this holiday season, you’ll surely want some accessories to go with it. PS4 and PS5 gaming headsets, controllers, and other accessories are all on sale

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The best PC headsets for gaming 2020

The best PC headset for gaming is a must-have for those who value audio highly. Incorporating one of the best PC headsets for gaming into your setup is such an easy win given it is – genuinely, and we know we say it often at GamesRadar+ – the easiest way to elevate your immersion in games and often better your playing performance too, depending on what games you play. It’s also one of the best value methods into an ‘enhanced’ gaming setup, given that you don’t – even though you can – have to spend a fortune to get one of the best PC headsets for gaming, and to buck ratio is extraordinary. It’s true that some of the best gaming monitors have decent built-in speakers, and there are some great PC speaker sets too, but nothing really compares to the sound presented directly to your ears and brain from

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Best PC gaming headsets 2020

Round out that gaming rig you’ve built with the best gaming headset your budget can afford. You’ll not only feel like you’re in the middle of the action, but you might even improve your aim when playing the best PC games

There are a few compelling reasons, therefore, to invest in the best gaming headset. A quality pair of cans will deliver a much more immersive experience than their middle-of-the-road counterparts. Plus, such gaming headsets help keep all the booming battle sounds in while keeping distracting outside noise out, making sure you’re not waking your roommates and neighbors. 

But, don’t just go out and get the most expensive gaming headset you can find. The best gaming headset doesn’t just mean a quality pair of cans with booming bass. It also needs to have excellent sound quality, a terrific soundstage, and accurate imaging. Great comfort as well as useful features

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Wireless gaming headsets are no longer an expensive compromise

Wireless gaming headsets. That’s a phrase which curdles the blood of many PC gamers, associating them with crackling sound, game-breaking lagginess, and short-lived batteries that die in the middle of a CoD:Warzone kill streak. Adding insult to injury is they can cost as much as a high-end graphics card. For the longest time, the best wireless gaming headsets were a risky proposition at best and an absurdly expensive paperweight at worst. But no longer. 

PC gaming peripherals should be fast, lag-free, and reliable in any gaming situation. Wireless headsets traditionally weren’t that, and you had to pay a high price for the privilege, which sealed their fate with many gamers. These days, however, pretty much all those concerns are non-entities but we can still understand your skepticism about spending your hard earned cash on a traditionally risky peripheral. 

Indulge us for a few minutes as we make the argument that

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PC, PS5 & Xbox Gaming Headsets

It’s an exciting time to be a gamer especially with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X coming out. To make those upcoming experiences more rich and enjoyable, gaming headsets are a must-have and this gift guide lays out which ones are the best ones to buy.

Our goal is to guide you in finding the perfect gaming headsets for everyone whether it be for a gift or for yourself.

In this gaming headsets gift guide, we’ll be listing headsets that work for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, mobile and more. So no matter what platform you play on, you should be abler to find something that fits within your needs or wants.

We’ll also be including both wired and wireless headsets. And across a range of different prices so there’s something that works for every budget too. This gaming headset gift guide is in addition to our best gaming headsets guide

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