Dangerous ‘naked’ black holes could be hiding in the universe

Black holes are regions of infinite density, known as a singularity. And according to mainstream physics, each of these cosmic matter munchers is fringed by an event horizon –- a boundary where once you fall in, you never come out. 

But what if some black holes are naked — completely lacking such frontiers? As far as we can tell, singularities are always wrapped in event horizons, but a more detailed look at the math of general relativity suggests that doesn’t have to be the case. 

If such naked black holes dot the universe, new research reveals how we might be able to detect one: by looking at the ring of light surrounding it.

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‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’

Black holes are a consequence of the mathematics of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Those equations tell us that if a clump of matter collapses

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Seemingly Ordinary Fossils May Be Hiding Some Major Clues to the Past

Detail of a partially decalcified Allosaurus bone fossil at Yale Peabody Museum.

Detail of a partially decalcified Allosaurus bone fossil at Yale Peabody Museum.
Photo: Jasmina Wiemann

Paleontologists are lucky to find complete sets of fossilized bones. Sometimes, they get even luckier, finding preserved impressions of delicate features like feathers. Beyond those clues, though, most of the biology of extinct species—their DNA, internal organs, and unique chemistry—has been totally destroyed by the many millions of years that separate us. Except, what if it hasn’t? Some scientists now claim they can tease much more complex biological information out of apparently mundane fossils, including things that most paleontologists don’t expect to survive over millions of years, such as skin and eggshell.

Molecular paleobiologist Jasmina Wiemann has been on the forefront of this exciting research since 2018, co-authoring papers that reveal elements of fossils that cannot be immediately seen with our eyes but can be detected through a series of complex chemical and statistical

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China’s most important trees are hiding in plain sight — ScienceDaily

In ecosystems around the globe, the danger of being a common or widespread species is the tendency to be overlooked by conservation efforts that prioritize rarity.

In forests, the most common species can be essential to ecosystem structure and function, which crumble with the decline of these pivotal trees, known collectively as foundation species.

In an effort to identify forest foundation species and elevate their conservation status before they disappear, a unique research collaboration between Chinese and American scientists has synthesized long-term biodiversity data from 12 immense forest study plots spanning 1,500 miles, from China’s far north to its southern tropics.

Their results, published today in the journal Ecology, point to maple trees — long appreciated for their autumn foliage and the syrup that graces our tables — as potential foundation species in both China and North America.

The study comes on the heels of the latest “Red List”

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iPhone 12 is hiding a mysterious new feature that no one knows about

iPhone 12 MagSafe

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iPhone 12 MagSafe

  • The iPhone 12 has a mysterious feature that Apple hasn’t addressed during the launch event or on its website: Built-in support for reverse wireless charging.
  • The feature is disclosed in Apple’s documentation with the FCC, where Apple says reverse wireless charging might work with a single “potential Apple accessory.”
  • It’s unclear what that accessory might be, but the likeliest candidates are the next-gen AirPods and AirPods Pro models, which are reportedly due next year.

Reverse wireless charging became a thing a couple of years ago when Huawei unveiled the Mate 20 series. The phone could be used as a wireless battery charger for other devices, including smartphone and wireless earphone cases that support wireless charging. Samsung then brought the same technology to its own devices, and others followed. Google is the latest handset vendor to launch a phone that can be used as

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River Ridge man accused of stalking former mistress, hiding camera in her bedroom | Crime/Police

Upset that his mistress ended their almost four-year fling, a married River Ridge began stalking her, hid a video camera in her bedroom and shared intimate images from that camera with another person, authorities say. 

Kyle Julian Sanderson, 33, surrendered himself to Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office investigators on Wednesday, authorities said, and was booked with stalking, illegal use of a tracking device, video voyeurism and non-consensual disclosure of private images, arrest reports said.

After fight about infidelity, Kenner woman shot husband, police say

A Kenner woman was booked with attempted second-degree murder after authorities say she shot her husband in the neck following an argument abo…

On Friday, he appeared in court via video conference before Criminal Commissioner Paul Schneider for a bond hearing, where defense attorney  Charles Marshall argued the stalking and voyeurism charges were overblown and inappropriate. 

“This is a love-sick puppy who made a mistake trying to catch his girlfriend in infidelity, caught her and

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Cheating AI Caught Hiding Data Using Steganography

AI today is like a super fast kid going through school whose teachers need to be smarter than if not as quick. In an astonishing turn of events, a (satelite)image-to-(map)image conversion algorithm was found hiding a cheat-sheet of sorts while generating maps to appear as it if had ‘learned’ do the opposite effectively[PDF].

The CycleGAN is a network that excels at learning how to map image transformations such as converting any old photo into one that looks like a Van Gogh or Picasso. Another example would be to be able to take the image of a horse and add stripes to make it look like a zebra. The CycleGAN once trained can do the reverse as well, such as an example of taking a map and convert it into a satellite image. There are a number of ways this can be very useful but it was in this task that

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