Audi has an obsession with high-tech lighting

Audi has developed loads of innovative lighting technology.

Audi/Craig Cole/Roadshow

More so than rival manufacturers, Audi prides itself in offering some of the most advanced lighting technologies in the automotive industry. This is as true today with its Digital Matrix LED (DML) headlamps as it was way back in 1994 when second-generation xenon lights were offered on the A8 flagship sedan.

Compared to the sealed-beam halogen lamps that were fitted to cars just a few decades ago, Audi’s latest and greatest DML headlights are like something out of Star Wars (though not one of the new sequels because those movies are terrible). They can brightly illuminate the road ahead with a broad swath of light, yet selectively dim certain areas of this field to avoid blinding drivers in the opposing lane. These lamps can also project lines onto the road ahead to help you keep the vehicle centered, they

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Fort Worth Museum of Science and History Opens High-Tech Exhibit With Grant From Facebook

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is opening a high-tech exhibit in Spring 2021.

a group of people standing in a room

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The new exhibit will link science with current events like the upcoming Mars rover landing, tracking hurricanes, or marking Covid-19 cases worldwide, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History said.


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The new 2,500-square-foot studio was sponsored by Facebook with a $255,000 grant.

According to Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, the Current Science Studio will involve a low-touch, interactive experience and cutting-edge media, including holograms and a giant orb floating from the ceiling that can display content from NASA and NOAA.

“It’s important we partner with organizations with a forward-thinking view on the use of technology,” Doug Roberts, Ph.D., an astrophysicist and Chief Public Engagement Officer at the Museum, said. “This makes science relevant and accessible whether you are looking at big data or a

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Is the future of sustainability low-tech or high-tech? For P&G, it’s both.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a tree? This past January, at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, I had the chance to find out. Through a multi-sensory VR experience, I felt what it is like to grow, live and die as a tree, and it blew me away. It was an extraordinary, first-hand example of how technology has the power to reshape our ecological conscience in a way that inspires more sustainable behaviors.

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Multi-sensory virtual reality tree experience at the 2020 WEF Annual Meeting

I have heard many people express unwavering optimism about our human ability to meet planetary challenges because they believe technology will come to the rescue. There is no denying that high-tech solutions – new, cutting edge innovations – have the potential to significantly reduce, and in some cases reverse, our impact on the planet. If you need an

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Early Black Friday Deal: Take 66% off the high-tech smartwatch with a classic feel

Smartwatches are being a bit showy. Some are less like a watch and more like a sci-fi communication device, and that’s fine if you like to wear your tech tastes (literally) on your sleeve.

If your style runs a bit more subdued, there’s are always other options. This Smartwatch Round Face Health Monitor & Activity Tracker has all the functionality of a modern fitness watch in a package that goes with any outfit – not just your jogging gear.

The 1.4″ display gives you a heart rate monitor, activity tracker, battery life readout, SMS or call alerts, and the ability to switch tracks and volume on your music or podcast playlist. Those are just a few of the functions, and they’re all secure behind a stainless steel case and a comfortable silicone band. The Bluetooth connection lets it hook up easily to your favorite device. Oh, and by the way:

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High-tech analyses of a U-boat and Nicaraguan freighter offer detailed glimpse into unexpected ‘islands of habitat’ — ScienceDaily

During a 2016 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expedition to explore a pair of World War II shipwrecks that lie off the North Carolina coast, marine scientists ensconced within glass-domed submersibles navigated to the Atlantic Ocean seafloor in the hope of profiling the fish communities residing on the wrecks. Some of the findings of this joint ecological-archaeological undertaking were published this week in the Ecological Society of America’s journal Ecosphere.

The two ships, a German U-boat and a Nicaraguan freighter, had not been seen by humans since they sank nearly 80 years ago during the Battle of the Atlantic. “These World War II shipwrecks are important historical monuments, but are also valuable habitat for fish,” said Katrina Johnson, the paper’s first author and a senior at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

Johnson, who grew up spending summers on a small Connecticut island only accessible by boat, jumped at

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Japan’s High-Tech Experiment Packs Ballpark at 90% Capacity

Japan’s High-Tech Experiment Packs Ballpark at 90% Capacity


Joe Lemire

In advance of its stadium being used to host Olympic baseball and softball games next summer, Japan’s Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars hosted a three-game series at the end of October in which fan attendance reached 50%, then 80% and finally 90% capacity.

DeNA Bay Stars EVP Yota Kimura joined the SportTechie PRO DAY: Reopening Sports Venues to share his insights from the high-tech experiment in which the club hosted as many as 27,850 fans in the 32,402-seat stadium. “We believe that even though we increased the number of capacity from the regulation of 50% to 90%, we have not seen an increase in COVID,” Kimura said through a translator.

Among the technologies deployed at Yokohama Stadium: 

  • 13 facial recognition cameras from NEC Corp., to record gate and concourse congestion, the percentage of fans wearing masks, and
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2021 Hyundai Elantra Goes High-Tech, High Performance And Hybrid

The first thing you notice about the all-new 2021 Hyundai Elantra is the aggressive exterior design language that looks more concept car than economy car. The new Elantra is longer, lower and wider compared to the previous model, with a dramatic grille, sharp creases down the side and a wide, sweeping taillight. Wheel sizes range from 15 inches on the base Elantra SE model to 17 inches on the Elantra Limited trim.

Slide inside and the surprises continue, with Elantra’s clean cabin design featuring low, integrated dash vents under a standard, driver-oriented 8-inch display screen with (segment first) wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. A

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Inventors design high-tech helmets for Covid protection

Yezin Al-Qaysi wearing his helmet
Yezin Al-Qaysi says that members of the public often ask about his device

For the past two months inventor Yezin Al-Qaysi has been riding the Toronto subway in Canada wearing a huge black “mad helmet”.

The hazmat (hazardous materials) helmet completely encloses his head and upper torso, and has a visor that extends all the way down to his chest.

On the back is a battery-powered fan and filter respirator system that purifies air that is sucked in, and pushes “stale” air out.

Looking like a dystopian figure straight out of an apocalyptic movie, the 32-year-old unsurprisingly gets some strong reactions.

“Somebody screamed: ‘Where did you get that!’ and many people approach me out of curiosity,” he says.

“Others are amazed.. They certainly don’t laugh, but even if they do, I cannot see their mouths because everyone is wearing masks.”

A man wearing the BioVYZR in a shop
The BioVYZR helmet can be worn when you go shopping
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Nonprofit converts ABC store into high-tech center for youth in Bethel | Local News

A local nonprofit that has provided after school STEM activities since 2009 has opened a high-tech center for youth in Bethel with the help of several community partners.

The Center for Science Technology and Leadership Development has converted the town’s old ABC liquor store to become The Bethel Youth Activity Center, a 30-computer high-speed internet facility to serve area youth daily. Organizers are planning a ribbon-cutting and grand opening celebration on Friday.

“I am beyond thrilled to have such a facility in our community,” Bethel Mayor Gloristine Brown said in a news release. “Our youth are deserving of every opportunity to succeed and The Bethel Youth Activity Center will go a long way toward giving our youth a leg up on being successful students. I am also excited that this facility is available to our citizens with hi-speed internet and accompanying technology.”

The learning center is made possible by a

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Are digital license plates the future? High-tech plates enable message displays, registration renewal

Anthony Williams is a die-hard Las Vegas Raiders fan who will tell it to the world from the back end of his Tesla.

How to remove hard water spots on car windows



About a year ago, Williams, 52, bought a battery-operated “Rplate” digital license plate. He liked its sleek look, which complemented the futuristic design of his 2017 all-electric Tesla Model S, he said.

The plate is functional, too. Running through an app on his phone, it relieves him of the hassle of going to California’s Department of Motor Vehicles for his registration, messing with plate stickers, and it can alert other drivers that his car is stolen. But his favorite feature is the message display on the plate, which he can change using the app to say whatever he fancies on any given day.

graphical user interface: Digital license plates such as this one on Brian Allan's 1986 Corvette roadster are expected to be available in Michigan early next year. The plate not only looks cool, but it can perform many functions for the driver.

© Brian Allan
Digital license plates such as this one

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