2 Top Robinhood Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

Long-term investing is the key to sustainable returns in the stock market. And while millennial-friendly trading app Robinhood is stereotyped by some as a platform for risk-hungry speculators, some of its most widely held stocks are poised for long-term success. Let’s explore the reasons why two of them — PayPal Holdings (NASDAQ:PYPL) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) — are good enough to buy and hold forever. 

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PayPal: Developing new growth opportunities

Mobile payments are popular — especially among young people. Consulting group McKinsey estimates that 91% of all millennials have made a mobile payment in the last year, so it’s no surprise that PayPal’s stock gets a lot of attention on Robinhood. The fintech giant is poised for continued success as it invests in innovative products like Venmo that can unlock new growth opportunities.

PayPal’s long-term strategy relies on the digitization of the global economy and the increasing

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Collaborative study indicates meadows hold promise to help control carbon released into the atmosphere — ScienceDaily

Meadows in the Sierra Nevada mountains are critical components of watersheds. In addition to supplying water to over 25 million people in California and Nevada, meadows contain large quantities of carbon belowground. While it has been known for some time that meadows have large quantities of soil carbon, whether meadow soils are gaining or losing carbon has remained unclear.

A new study led by researchers in the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources at the University of Nevada, Reno, has demonstrated for the first time that meadows throughout the region are both gaining and losing carbon at high rates. Capture and storage of carbon in soil is a natural way to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and combat climate change. However, human activities can disrupt natural processes and lead to the loss of soil carbon to the atmosphere. These results suggest that meadow management may either contribute

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Should You Buy, Sell Or Hold Zynga Stock At $8?

Despite a 30% rise since the March lows, at the current price of around $8 per share we believe Zynga stock (NASDAQ: ZNGA), a fast growing mobile gaming company, has more room for growth in the near term. ZNGA stock has rallied from $6 to $8 off the recent bottom compared to the S&P which moved 60% over the same period, with the resumption of economic activities as lockdowns are gradually lifted. Though gains have been lower since March, Zynga is actually up 32% since the start of the year, compared

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Tree rings may hold clues to impacts of distant supernovas on Earth — ScienceDaily

Massive explosions of energy happening thousands of light-years from Earth may have left traces in our planet’s biology and geology, according to new research by University of Colorado Boulder geoscientist Robert Brakenridge.

The study, published this month in the International Journal of Astrobiology, probes the impacts of supernovas, some of the most violent events in the known universe. In the span of just a few months, a single one of these eruptions can release as much energy as the sun will during its entire lifetime. They’re also bright — really bright.

“We see supernovas in other galaxies all the time,” said Brakenridge, a senior research associate at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) at CU Boulder. “Through a telescope, a galaxy is a little misty spot. Then, all of a sudden, a star appears and may be as bright as the rest of the galaxy.”

A very

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Inaccessible for now, unique site may hold secrets of past — ScienceDaily

Scientists have detected what they say are the sediments of a huge ancient lake bed sealed more than a mile under the ice of northwest Greenland — the first-ever discovery of such a sub-glacial feature anywhere in the world. Apparently formed at a time when the area was ice-free but now completely frozen in, the lake bed may be hundreds of thousands or millions of years old, and contain unique fossil and chemical traces of past climates and life. Scientists consider such data vital to understanding what the Greenland ice sheet may do in coming years as climate warms, and thus the site makes a tantalizing target for drilling. A paper describing the discovery is in press at the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

“This could be an important repository of information, in a landscape that right now is totally concealed and inaccessible,” said Guy Paxman, a postdoctoral

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Got $5,000? 3 Tech Stocks to Buy and Hold for the Long Term

Technology helps shape nearly every industry under the sun, and the influential role that it plays in business will only increase. Tech’s far-reaching impact helps explain why the sector has played the biggest role in powering the market’s overall growth across the last two decades.

Successful long-term investments in highly influential tech companies might just change your life as well. Read on to find out why buying shares of Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (NYSE: TSM), and Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) looks like a smart move.

1. Amazon

Taking into account all that Amazon has accomplished since its initial public offering in 1997 (as well as its current market cap of roughly $1.5 trillion), it might be easy to forget that the e-commerce and cloud computing giant is still relatively young in terms of its development. The company stands as one of history’s most innovative and successful

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Got $3,000? Here Are 3 Solar Stocks to Buy and Hold for the Long Term

Investments in solar energy are accelerating. The sector is on track to add 10 gigawatts (GW) of new capacity per year through 2022, with that growing to an average annual pace of 18 to 20 GW from 2023 to 2030 thanks to rapidly falling costs for solar panels and battery storage. Solar stocks could thrive over the next decade.

Given the upside potential, investors should strongly consider adding some solar stocks to their portfolios. Building a mini portfolio of companies focused on the sector is a great way to do that. An excellent place to start is by investing $3,000 evenly across top solar stocks like Brookfield Renewable (NYSE:BEP)(NYSE:BEPC)First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR), and NextEra Energy (NYSE:NEE).

Rows of solar panels.

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A solar-powered future

Brookfield Renewable is one of the leading renewable power producers globally. It currently has 19.3 GW of capacity, 64% of which comes

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What Does the Future Hold for the Hearables Market? IDTechEx Reveals

BOSTON, Nov. 2, 2020  /PRNewswire/ — The first electric hearing aid was created in 1898 and was arguably among the earliest examples of wearable tech. So it is fitting that more than a century later, on- and in-ear technology is once again leading the way – this time as hearables, a sector now poised for substantial growth.

A new report from IDTechEx, “Hearables 2020-2030: Technology, Players and Forecasts”, provides a detailed and wide-ranging assessment of the current hearables market and relevant developments. Exploring historical data from 2010 to 2019, secondary research covering dozens of firms throughout the value chain and including interviews with more than 20 leading firms in the sector, the IDTechEx report also delivers market forecasts covering 2020 to 2030.

What are hearables?

Put simply, hearables are wireless electronic devices that are worn in, on or around the ear. This traditionally includes connected wireless headphones and earbuds,

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3 High-Growth Tech Stocks to Buy and Hold for the Next Decade

As the coronavirus took root in the U.S. earlier this year, investors flocked to tech stocks they thought would weather the pandemic. As a result, many technology companies both large and small have seen their share prices skyrocket this year. 

But not all the tech stocks that are flying high now will continue to be great investments in a few years. So to help investors find a few stocks that are worth buying now and that are worth holding onto for the next decade, we asked a few Motley Fool contributors for their top picks. Here’s why they think MercadoLibre (NASDAQ:MELI), Atlassian (NASDAQ:TEAM), and NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) should be on your high-growth tech stock buy list. 

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MercadoLibre: At the lucrative intersection of e-commerce and digital payments

Danny Vena (MercadoLibre): The pandemic has resulted in a seismic shift in several already growing industries, and two that

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What Kind Of Shareholders Hold The Majority In Micron Technology, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:MU) Shares?

Every investor in Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) should be aware of the most powerful shareholder groups. Institutions will often hold stock in bigger companies, and we expect to see insiders owning a noticeable percentage of the smaller ones. We also tend to see lower insider ownership in companies that were previously publicly owned.

Micron Technology is a pretty big company. It has a market capitalization of US$59b. Normally institutions would own a significant portion of a company this size. In the chart below, we can see that institutions own shares in the company. We can zoom in on the different ownership groups, to learn more about Micron Technology.

Check out our latest analysis for Micron Technology

What Does The Institutional Ownership Tell Us About Micron Technology?

Institutional investors commonly compare their own returns to the returns of a commonly followed index. So they generally do consider buying larger companies that

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