Apple Invents a Data-Secure Sensor System for Security Cameras that will be integrated into future HomePods


When Apple introduced the new HomePod mini on October 13th, they didn’t just introduce a smaller HomePod, they introduced the beginning of a new smart home system. The first graphic below is from Apple’s HomePod mini’s webpage.  Patently Apple has covered a couple of major smart home patents recently (01 and 02) and today’s report covers yet another one titled “Data-Secure Sensor System.”  


2 x smart home via homepod mini


Earlier this month the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to home security systems, and in particular to video camera systems configured for monitoring a data sensitive environment.


Apple’s patent background states that smart home technology has greatly improved in power and functionality in recent years and can provide an enhanced user experience that can be tailored to meet an individual user’s particular needs. For instance, smart lights, smart security systems, smart entertainment systems, environmental control systems (HVAC),

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