U.S. Hits 11 Million COVID-19 Cases


LAS CRUCES – Patients recovering from COVID-19 at home or in a hotel room after being discharged from a hospital may be taking some electronic equipment with them. 

Electronic Caregiver, the Las Cruces-based health technology company, is providing Memorial Medical Center and MountainView Regional Medical Center with take-home kits allowing them to communicate with medical providers who can monitor vital signs remotely. 

For the “COVID to Home/Hotel” program, jointly funded by the city of Las Cruces and Doña Ana County, volunteer clinical staff use Electronic Caregiver’s technology to check on patients, remind them to take prescribed medications, gather medical data and connect them with services as needed.

Patients in distress can also use it to connect with a nurse or other clinician. 

An Electronic Caregiver Pro Health System is pictured in a promotional photograph, consisting of a console, thermometer and a pulse