‘KAUST Challenge’ seeks tech ideas for Hajj & Umrah

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has launched a new campaign to catalyze research, innovation, economic development and social prosperity in Saudi Arabia through new crowdsourcing initiatives that challenge local and international talents to identify ideas and solutions that advance the Kingdom’s national priorities and support Vision 2030. With the “KAUST Challenge,” the university is seeking to develop and support bold science, technology, and engineering initiatives that aim to transform the lives of Saudis and develop Saudi talents.

“We wish to draw on the participative power of crowdsourcing to solve problems faced in the Kingdom and the world with the KAUST Challenge,” said Najah Ashry, vice president for strategic national advancement at KAUST. “The speed, flexibility and scalability of crowdsourcing will bring us new science-based ideas and solutions that can be further developed through deep collaboration with players in the Kingdom’s research-development-innovation ecosystem.”

The focus of the inaugural

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The Five Worst Ideas In Money Management

Robert Zuccaro, CFA is Founder and CIO Of Target QR Strategies managing the Golden Eagle Growth Strategy

As a portfolio manager specializing in common stocks, I have spent more than 40 years researching and trying to identify the common characteristics of top-performing stocks. I’ve put my key findings on achieving superior returns in the context of what not to do in selecting stocks. My research supports these ideas, and some may come into conflict with conventional thinking.

1. Short selling: The Dow has risen from just over 1,000 at the end of 1982 to just under 30,000 as of this writing. My research has found that on average, the stock market rises six of every 10 days. Investors can find better odds in Las Vegas than trying to short the market or shorting specific stocks even though this idea offers great intellectual appeal.

Want proof? From 2010-2019, equities hedge

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Tech Gift Ideas to Help Tackle Your Holiday Shopping List | Tech Buzz

Today is Cyber Monday, which doesn’t mean as much this year because the related sales have been going on for much of November as retailers try to milk every available dollar they can. However, like you, I’m doing a lot of shopping, both for others (yes, I’m going to cheat and mostly give Amazon gift cards but some gifts) and myself.

Since this entire column is about products, I’ll skip the product of the week and focus on what I think are some of the best deals or products that stand out as game changers in their segment — and aren’t too expensive.

I was tempted to have a car section focused on electrics. Still, after watching this Audi E-Tron review, I’m reminded that all but the Tesla are Generation 1 cars, and the Tesla’s fit and finish are so bad I suggest waiting until the Gen-2 cars come out,

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Technology-led festive gift ideas for the whole family in the UAE

Whether it is for a spouse, parent, kids, friends, significant others or even oneself, the OPPO family of products has something for everyone in the UAE. Built for style-conscious, digitally creative, entrepreneurial young creators, OPPO’s diverse product ranges offer savvy gift items that their recipients will love to flaunt.

1.  OPPO Find X2 Pro

OPPO’s flagship Find X2 Pro is an ideal gift for someone who’s looking for cutting-edge technology and has discerning taste in classic design. A cinema in the user’s hand, Find X2 Pro features an exquisite 120Hz QHD+ Ultra Vision Screen that sets a benchmark in resolution, color, refresh rate and brightness. Coupled with high-power dual speakers and Dolby Atmos, its built-in powerful audio performance provides users with an exceptionally immersive audio and video entertainment experience. Find X2 Pro is powered by a triple-camera system that adopts a Sony IMX689 48MP primary camera, a 48MP ultra-wide-angle lens

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NASA’s “Break the Ice” challenge seeks ideas to assist with future moon missions

Harsh lunar conditions present numerous challenges for future astronauts. NASA is seeking innovative solutions to help harvest the moon’s resources.


image: NASA

By 2024, NASA’s Artemis program is scheduled to land a man and a woman on the lunar surface. To assist with long-term sustained presence on the moon in the years ahead, NASA will need to tap resources in-situ rather than rely on supplies from Earth. It turns out, lunar regolith is brimming with life-supporting potential, but harvesting these materials in the harsh lunar environment presents numerous engineering challenges.

On Wednesday, NASA announced that it was seeking innovative strategies to help the agency excavate lunar regolith and subsequently deliver this material to a theoretical regolith processing plant situated on the moon’s south pole. NASA’s Break the Ice Lunar Challenge is currently open for registration to help the space agency develop capabilities to eventually support a sustained human lunar presence

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Innovate Next Summit Will Bring Together Global Leaders To Explore The Ideas And Technologies Transforming Healthcare

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SVB Financial Group today announced Innovate Next, a new virtual summit on January 7, 2021, convening executives and investors from across the globe to discuss the most pressing topics and innovative solutions transforming healthcare.

The event will be hosted by SVB Financial Group entities Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), healthcare investment bank SVB Leerink, and SPD Silicon Valley Bank (SSVB), SVB’s joint venture bank in China. Together, these three firms’ deep knowledge of the global healthcare and technology industries, financing trends and opportunities for investors will create the essential industry event to kick off the new year.

“We’re thrilled to create a space where the world’s leading voices at the intersection of healthcare and technology can come together to share their knowledge, advice and solutions at a time when collaboration is more important than ever,” said Katherine Andersen, Head

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Holiday Gift Ideas: Save Up to 60% Off These HD Camera Drones

Photographers are always looking to take the most perfect and unique shots. And that sometimes means putting themselves in precarious positions, which is just plain dangerous. Thankfully, those situations can be avoided. All you need is a camera drone and, luckily, several of them are on sale right now — and at prices that practically anyone can afford.

TRNDlabs Spectre Drone

Aerial HD photography is totally affordable with the Spectre Drone — price dropped for a limited time to $59.99. Featuring ultra-simple flight controls, virtually anyone can take off, snap a photo, and then land again without causing any damage to the surrounding area or to the drone itself. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself doing acrobatic stunts with relative ease, which will only serve to increase the number of photographic applications this drone can provide.

Force1 U49WF Wi-Fi FPV Drone with HD Video Camera


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The One Thing Instacart’s Now-Billionaire CEO Changed After 20 Failed Startup Ideas

Instacart is having one heck of a year. The company spent $27 million on efforts to help secure the recent victory of Proposition 22 in California, which will shift labor laws that benefit gig economy-driven startups. But prior to their success at the ballot box, the company was already stacking up one achievement after another this year.

In April 2020, Instacart had its first profitable month of operation, an increasingly rare find in Silicon Valley. And successful strategic partnerships continue to emerge; in Q3, the delivery app added retail giants Sephora and Bed Bath & Beyond to its options.

Thanks to additional investment rounds in 2020, the app’s valuation has more than doubled, making founder and CEO Apoorva Mehta a billionaire at just 33 years old. But prior to founding the mammoth grocery delivery app, Mehta was a failure many times over. What was different about his approach to Instacart

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