The Necessary Ingredients For Launching Any Tech Product

So, you have a tech idea and you’ve built out the product’s prototype. What now? While there’s no ‘user’s manual’ for an entrepreneur ready to launch a tech product, looking to those who have succeeded before us can be helpful in making sure we have all the necessary tools to make sure our company has a fighting chance. 

Melody Yang knows best about what it takes to launch a truly successful tech product, having launched five apps that are all available for download in the app store. A couple of the apps include Nukon, a Japanese language learning app, and PopTag, which evaluates Instagram data to help users know when to post. Yang’s dynamic duo of machine learning and mobile engineering has enabled her to create these products, and through her experience in launching each, she’s learned what works and what doesn’t for a truly successful tech company. We sat

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Saturn’s Moon Titan Could Have the Ingredients for Life

When it comes to searching for evidence that there was once life outside of Earth in our solar system, most research is focused on Mars or, more recently, on the intriguing findings on Venus. But there are other places where life could potentially have blossomed as well, and a new study suggests that Saturn’s moon Titan could be a prime location for habitability.

Researchers from Canada’s Western University used data from Cassini’s Visible and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer to look at both visible light and infrared images of Titan, allowing them to peer beneath the moon’s thick atmosphere to discover more about this strange location.

“It’s wild. There’s no other place like Titan in the solar system,” assistant professor of planetary sciences, Catherine Neish said in a statement. “There’s more sand on Titan per area than anywhere else. And Titan has weather. It’s not unlike the Earth in that way.”

These six infrared images of Saturn’s moon Titan represent some of the clearest, most seamless-looking global views of the icy moon’s surface produced so far. The views were created using 13 years of data acquired by the Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) instrument on board NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.
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Darling Ingredients, Align Technology: 5 Top Stock Gainers for Thursday

Stocks were lower Thursday as investors saw a relief package again delayed, while coronavirus cases continued to rise.

Here are some of the market’s biggest gainers for Thursday:

1. Darling Ingredients | Percentage Increase 7%

Darling Ingredients  (DAR) – Get Report surged after Roth Capital analyst Craig Irwin more than doubled the firm’s price target on the packaged foods company to $84 from $38 while keeping a buy rating on the shares. The analyst believes that by 2025 the company could have Ebitda of more than $1.8 billion with no debt.

2. Align Technology | Percentage Increase 34%

Align Technology  (ALGN) – Get Report climbed after the maker of Invisalign teeth straighteners beat Wall Street’s third-quarter-earnings expectations. Several analysts raised their firm’s share-price targets. Evercore ISI analyst Elizabeth Anderson wrote that Align “knocked it out of the ballpark” in the quarter.

3. Rogers Communications | Percentage

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