OPPO showcases three concept products at INNO DAY 2020 as its imagination of an integrated future

At OPPO INNO DAY 2020, Tony Chen, OPPO Founder and CEO, pointed out that OPPO is determined to pursue virtuous innovation and create more great products through its 3+N+X technology development strategy. OPPO believes in “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World” that the purpose of corporate innovation should be people.

Tony Chen said, “OPPO uses technology to empower people to capture the beauty around them and to unleash their imagination of the future; thereby helping everyone get the best out of life. Accordingly, we decide to set forth the 3+N+X technology development strategy for OPPO’s long-term development.”

The “3” refers to the three underlying technologies, namely hardware, software and services technologies, which help OPPO to bring an integrated smart life to users worldwide. “N”, represents a number of OPPO’s essential capabilities, including AI, security and privacy, multimedia, and interconnectivity. Lastly, “X”, refers to the leading-edge and differentiated technologies

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Oppo announces Inno Day 2020: What should we expect? (Updated: New AR Glass)

The Oppo AR Glass.

  • Oppo has announced that it will be holding its Inno Day 2020 event next week.
  • The company showed off in-display selfie camera tech and AR glasses at its 2019 event.
  • It’s now confirmed that new AR Glass tech will be shown off at its 2020 event.

Update: November 13 2020 (2:25AM ET): Oppo confirmed earlier this week that it will be holding its Inno Day 2020 event soon (see original article below), and we wondered what the manufacturer would show off. Now, the firm has revealed on Twitter that we can expect an improved take on its AR Glass technology. Check out the image below.

Oppo AR Glass Inno Day 2020

The teaser image seems to suggest a sleeker design compared to last year’s bulky AR Glass. Presumably it still offers hand-tracking, 3D surround sound, and 3D reconstruction. We’re expecting a few more tech demos at the event, so you’ll want to tune in on November

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