Popl Set To Replace Business Cards With Instant Contact Sharing And New ‘Pro’ Subscription

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Popl, a new startup that lets you instantly share anything from your contact information to your social media – such as Instagram, Calendly, Snapchat, Spotify, Venmo and more – announced a major redesign of its iOS app and a premium subscription service called Popl Pro.

The new subscription service lets users create two unique profiles – one social, one business – and adds new features including multiple links, analytics, and new community-based mapping features to the Popl experience.

The redesigned Popl App and Popl Pro subscription advance the brand’s mission of replacing business cards and simplifying how we connect in person. The receiver does not need a Popl or the app for the transfer of information to work, allowing for the fastest, easiest and most fun way to connect and share with others.

“We are on a mission to change the way

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When a hurricane blows out your internet, a drone can drop an instant Wi-Fi network

The deadliest hurricane in Puerto Rican history began as a cluster of thunderstorms off the western bulge of Africa on Sept. 13, 2017. Fueled by evaporation from warm tropical water just north of the equator, the storms began to form into circular bands and rotate around the area of low pressure moving west across the Atlantic Ocean. Three days later as the winds in those bands reached 75 mph, Hurricane Maria was officially born. 

After pummeling the Lesser Antilles, Maria approached Puerto Rico on Sept. 20 as a powerful Category 4 storm. Traversing the island, the storm created devastation with violent winds (speed records were unreliable after land-based wind sensors were destroyed) and torrential flooding (almost 40 inches of rain fell on the mountain town of Caguas). Maria caused $90 billion in damage and, according to a George Washington University study commissioned by the commonwealth’s governor, left 2,975 people dead. 

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Dice Drives Tech Recruitment Connections with Launch of Instant Messaging

CENTENNIAL, Colo., Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Technology professional career hub Dice (a DHI Group, Inc. (NYSE: DHX) brand) today announced the launch of Instant Messaging, enabling direct, transparent conversations between employers and technologists through the Dice platform. In addition to serving a valuable function for users, Instant Messaging is an important next step in the evolution of Dice, building to a comprehensive and flexible platform through which recruiters and candidates can rapidly and confidently search, match and communicate in real-time.

Earlier this year, Dice launched Recruiter Profile, a tool enabling recruiters to create an enhanced personalized profile, highlighting company brand and values, upcoming virtual events and other relevant insights, helping hiring organizations more effectively represent themselves to in-demand candidates alongside their posted jobs.

“Dice Instant Messaging offers a win-win for skilled technologists and the recruiters and employers looking to discover and engage with them. In concert with the

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