Facebook urges Biden to restore global internet

Joe Biden should tackle the splintering of the global internet as one of his top tech priorities when he becomes president, Facebook’s head of global affairs has told Web Summit.

The Chinese internet operated on “a completely different set of values” to Silicon Valley’s “seamless and open” approach, Nick Clegg said.

He also berated the European Union for its “zealous focus” on regulation.

But he did not address the spread of misinformation on the platform.

“The global internet doesn’t exist,” Mr Clegg said in a conversation with John Micklethwait, Bloomberg’s editor-in-chief, at the Web Summit conference, which this year is online-only.

a close up of a flag: The US and China have clashed repeatedly in recent months, over trade, coronavirus and Hong Kong

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The US and China have clashed repeatedly in recent months, over trade, coronavirus and Hong Kong

“There are two paradigms struggling for supremacy,” he said – with Turkey, Vietnam, Russia and Pakistan all attempting to emulate China’s “censored” version.

This fight for the future of the

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Hungarian Santas ditch the chimney for the internet

BUDAPEST (Reuters) – With Hungary under partial lockdown to curb a surge in COVID-19 cases, several local companies have started offering online meetings with Santa Claus for children holed up at home with their families.

Ozzie Canseco et al. sitting at a table: Pillmayer, dressed as Santa, talks as he interacts with children by video, amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Budapest

Pillmayer, dressed as Santa, talks as he interacts with children by video, amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Budapest

a television playing a video game: Children are seen on a screen as Santa interacts with them by video, amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Budapest

Children are seen on a screen as Santa interacts with them by video, amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Budapest

One of the Hungarian companies that normally rents out Santas for families and business events has come up with several forms of COVID-19-proof meetings.

They pre-record personalised messages and send them by post or provide online sessions with Santa greeting children from his home office with a Christmas tree and festive lights glistening in the background.

“Which child would expect that while watching some video on a laptop with Mom and Dad,

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Pakistan’s new regulations aim to ‘silence the internet’ | Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan – As journalist Bilal Farooqi was led to a dark cell in a police station in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, a dirty towel hooded over his head, he prepared for a long night ahead.

“I had been thinking, as soon as I had been brought to the police station, the first thing in my mind was that I’m definitely going to be fired,” he says. “I realised that it was going to be a tough few hours.”

Farooqi’s ‘crime, for which he was arrested at his home on the evening of September 11, was to have tweeted criticism of the Pakistani government and military, particularly regarding the actions of a religious organisation known for inciting violence against the minority Shia Muslim sect.

He was arrested under Pakistan’s Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA), a law passed in 2016 that regulates Pakistanis’ use of the internet and

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Microsoft Teams will no longer support Internet Explorer 11

Teams is no longer supported by IE11 as Microsoft phases out its legacy web browser.


Breakout rooms are for brainstorming sessions in small teams.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams

will no longer work on Internet Explorer 11 from today as Microsoft begins the sunset of its legacy web browsers.

Microsoft announced in August this year that Microsoft 365 apps would slowly lose support for IE11 and the legacy Microsoft Edge browser to make way for the faster, leaner and more secure Chromium-based Edge.

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As per
its August announcement,

today (November 30) marks the day that Microsoft Teams stops supporting IE11. So, if you’ve not been able to log into Teams today via Internet Explorer, now you know why.

Teams isn’t the only app that will eventually stop working with IE11. As of 17 August 2021, the

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China’s Danke Apartment is creating new internet economy victims

a person standing in front of a store: Chinese millennial

© Provided by Quartz
Chinese millennial

Online platform Danke Apartments was once a rising star in China’s fast-growing flat rental market. Now financial difficulties and a spate of evictions have prompted protests from its tenants and landlords.

Danke, whose Chinese name means eggshells, rents flats from landlords on long-term leases. It then slices up and furnishes the units before subletting them. The company, which listed on the New York Stock Exchange in January, gained investor interest by positioning itself not simply as a property management firm, but as a tech company that uses big data and apps to offer a seamless user experience.

Danke serves a class of tenants riding high on China’s booming internet economy. Fresh graduates and young professionals shut out by the country’s sky-high housing prices have flocked to the platform since its founding in 2015. By March this year, the company reported that it was managing

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Comcast will raise prices for TV and internet in January, report says


Get ready to pay more for Comcast services in the new year, a report says.

Angela Lang/CNET

Nationwide price hikes for Comcast’s cable TV and internet service are coming Jan. 1, according to a Wednesday report by Ars Technica. Both standard monthly rates and hidden fees not shown in advertised pricing will reportedly see increases.

TV customers will see a price increase of up to $4.50 a month on the “Broadcast TV” fee, as well as a $2 bump to the Regional Sports Network (RSN) fee, Ars Technica says. That adds up to paying as much as $78 more per year. Currently, the Broadcast TV fee is reportedly between $7.90 to $14.95, depending on the market, while the RSN fee maxes out at $8.75 a month in most areas.

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Comcast to raise internet and TV prices nationwide next year

If you’re a Comcast TV and internet user, prepare for price hikes. The company is planning to increase the prices of a variety of services starting January 1st, 2021, according to Ars Technica and a document detailing the various price increases being shared on Reddit.

The increases include as much as $4.50 per month added to the “Broadcast TV” fee and up to $2 per month added to the Regional Sports Network (RSN) fee, which collectively would add as much as $78 per year.

In a statement to Ars Technica, a Comcast spokesperson confirmed the above fees, as well as a $3 per month increase for internet-only service and up to a $2.50 per month increase for TV boxes on the primary outlet, with a decrease of up to $2.45 per month for TV boxes on additional outlets. (This means the fee for someone’s primary TV box is increasing

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SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink internet satellites in 100th Falcon 9 launch

A time exposure captures the fiery trajectory of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket climbing away from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station carrying 60 Starlink internet relay satellites. It was the company’s 23rd launch so far this year, the 100th for the workhorse Falcon 9 since the rocket’s debut in 2010 and a record seventh flight for the booster’s first stage.

William Harwood/CBS News

SpaceX fired off a Falcon 9 rocket from Florida on Tuesday night, marking the company’s 100th overall and 23rd so far this year. The rocket boosted off another set of 60 Starlink internet satellites into orbit using a first stage making a record seventh flight.

The latest batch of Starlinks pushed the total number launched to date to 955 as SpaceX continues building out a globe-spanning constellation of internet relay satellites designed to provide broadband services to subscribers anywhere on the planet. Thousands more satellites are

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Watch live @ 9 pm ET: SpaceX launching 60 Starlink internet satellites

SpaceX will launch 60 new Starlink internet satellites into orbit on a used Falcon 9 rocket Tuesday night (Nov. 24) and you can watch it live online here, courtesy of SpaceX. Liftoff is set for 9:13 p.m. EST (0213 Nov. 25 GMT) from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. 

Originally scheduled for Sunday (Nov. 22), the launch was scrubbed 30 minutes before liftoff to allow time for additional system checks. A backup launch window on Monday was again delayed to Tuesday due to bad weather. 

The Falcon 9 rocket on this flight is making its seventh flight to space in a milestone for SpaceX’s reusability effort. It launched the Telstar 18 VANTAGE satellite in September 2018,

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When a hurricane blows out your internet, a drone can drop an instant Wi-Fi network

The deadliest hurricane in Puerto Rican history began as a cluster of thunderstorms off the western bulge of Africa on Sept. 13, 2017. Fueled by evaporation from warm tropical water just north of the equator, the storms began to form into circular bands and rotate around the area of low pressure moving west across the Atlantic Ocean. Three days later as the winds in those bands reached 75 mph, Hurricane Maria was officially born. 

After pummeling the Lesser Antilles, Maria approached Puerto Rico on Sept. 20 as a powerful Category 4 storm. Traversing the island, the storm created devastation with violent winds (speed records were unreliable after land-based wind sensors were destroyed) and torrential flooding (almost 40 inches of rain fell on the mountain town of Caguas). Maria caused $90 billion in damage and, according to a George Washington University study commissioned by the commonwealth’s governor, left 2,975 people dead. 

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