Serious iPhone Flaw Can Let Others Access Your Device, Data And More


  • Apple’s iPhones are some of the best smartphones around
  • Despite this, researchers still discover some flaws
  • One particular flaw can allow remote access to the iPhone and its content

A security researcher discovered a major security flaw that allows people with the know-how, equipment and malicious intent to gain remote access to a nearby iPhone, view all of the data in the device and even steal it – all without the owner knowing.

Noted Google Project Zero research Ian Beer, a known security researcher who works with companies to fix serious flaws, recently published a lengthy blog entry explaining how it is possible for someone to gain access to an iPhone from a safe distance, such as from the other side of the street.

The blog entry, “Project Zero: An iOS zero-click radio proximity exploit odyssey,” is highly technical in nature and uses jargon that won’t be easy

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Three Major Camera Improvements May be Coming to iPhone 13

The iPhone 12 premiered with an improved camera system, but 2021’s iPhone 13 is predicted to take mobile photography to the next level with three major camera hardware improvements.


The ‌iPhone 12‌ lineup offered a range of significant camera improvements, with a larger aperture on the wide-angle lens and an improved, seven-element lens assembly, and Sensor-shift optical image stabilization and a deeper telephoto lens on the 12 Pro Max model. There was also a number of computational photography improvements, such as the introduction of Apple ProRAW, Night mode portraits, Smart HDR 3, HDR video recording with Dolby Vision, Night mode Time-lapses, and Night mode and Deep Fusion on the front-facing camera. Next year, the ‌iPhone 13‌ is expected to focus on three main areas of improvement: the Ultra-Wide lens, sensor size, and sensor-shift stabilization.

Ultra-Wide Hardware Improvements

Supply-chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects the aperture of the ultra-wide angle lens on

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Google Hack Could Have Stolen Secrets From Any iPhone Within 100 Meters

Apple’s iPhones can boast some of the highest-grade smartphone security that can foil even the best-equipped spies. But that doesn’t make them infallible to attack. A Google researcher, working on his “lockdown project,” has shown off an attack that can break into iPhones within a given boundary, possibly up to 100 meters or more.

The weaknesses were patched by Apple earlier this year, but this is the first time Google has demonstrated how the attacks would work on unpatched iPhones.

Ian Beer, a member of the Google Project Zero team dedicated to finding vulnerabilities in popular technologies, said that prior to Apple patching the weaknesses, the attacks were possible using a Raspberry Pi

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Apple might need Samsung for a big iPhone camera upgrade

iPhone 13 Rumors

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iPhone 13 Rumors

  • New reports say Apple is working on a big iPhone camera upgrade that might depend on key technology from Samsung, its biggest rival and business partner.
  • Apple is reportedly shopping for periscope cameras that would significantly increase the zoom capabilities of the iPhone.
  • It’s unclear whether the iPhone 13 will deliver this tech, with an insider having previously said that Apple is eying 2022 for the camera zoom upgrade.

The newest iPhone is one of the best cameras you can buy this year, although it’s not the only great camera experience that fits in your pocket. The Pixel 5, Galaxy S20/Note 20, and the latest Huawei flagships (if you can find them) also offer high-end photography features. We’ve seen plenty of camera reviews for each phone that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of their multi-lens camera systems, and it’s ultimately a matter of

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European regulator hits Apple with a fine over iPhone water-resistance claims

The iPhone 11 Pro Max
Enlarge / The iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Samuel Axon

Italy has again hit Apple with a fine for what the country’s regulators deem to be misleading marketing claims, though the fine is only €10 million ($12 million)—a pittance from a company like Apple.

This time around, Italy’s Autorita Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM) claims that Apple told consumers that many iPhone models are water resistant but that the iPhones are not as resistant as Apple says. In one example, Apple claimed the iPhone 8 was rated IP67 for water and dust resistance, meaning the phone could survive for up to 30 minutes under three feet of water. But the Italian regulator says that’s only true under special lab conditions with static and pure water conditions.

An announcement by the AGCM specifically names the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone

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Do You Need A Waterproof Case For Your iPhone 12?

Another year, another new collection of iPhones. And another year of wondering whether Apple’s water resistance claims for the new iPhones mean you won’t need a waterproof case. As it did last year with the iPhone 11, Apple is prominently featuring the water resistance of the new iPhone 12 series, with photos of the smartphones being splashed. However, as always, water resistant and waterproof are not the same thing. And even water resistance claims are coming under scrutiny after Apple was fined by an Italian court — more on that shortly.

Here’s What Apple Says About iPhone 12 Series Water Resistance

Apple has posted the details about what its’ claim of “Even better spill and splash resistance” means.

According to Apple:

“iPhone 12

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How iPhone 12’s camera beats the iPhone 11 Pro (with proof)

The iPhone 11 Pro packed one of the best cameras around, being able to take such great shots that it replaced my DSLR on a road trip around Scotland. Apple’s latest iPhone 12 may be one of the more affordable of the new lineup — which includes the smaller iPhone 12 Mini and the more premium 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max — but its camera is even more formidable.

a close up of electronics: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

© Provided by CNET
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

I’ve taken the iPhone 12 for a spin around my home in Edinburgh, and I’ve been super impressed with how it stacks up against the previous 11 Pro. Sure, it doesn’t have the 2x telephoto lens, but the images it can capture with the standard view and the super-wide lens are superb. 

a stone castle next to a brick building: iPhone 11 Pro, standard lens Andrew Hoyle/CNET

© Provided by CNET
iPhone 11 Pro, standard lens Andrew Hoyle/CNET

a stone castle next to a brick building: iPhone 12, standard lens Andrew Hoyle/CNET

© Provided by CNET
iPhone 12, standard lens Andrew Hoyle/CNET


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Future iPhone Could Offer 10x Optical Zoom, Reports Say


  • Apple improves the iPhone’s mobile photography features every year
  • Reports indicate it is gunning for 10x optical zoom in the future
  • It might be able to do this using components from third-party suppliers

Apple could equip future iPhones with specs and technologies that would allow them to offer highly requested mobile photography features, particularly 10x optical zoom, several reports say.

Apple might consider using third-party camera technologies from Samsung, Chinese outlet Digitimes reported. This technology, the report stated, is a periscope lens.

Periscope lenses allow mobile devices to take pictures from a distance without adding any bulk to the device’s appearance and size. The camera is designed in such a way that it sits flush with the device’s chassis but is capable of adjusting focal lengths to provide higher levels of zoom.

Apple is reportedly looking to improve its already impressive iPhone camera setup by adding a periscope

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Italy Fines Apple $12 Million for Misleading iPhone Water Resistance Claims

Apple has been slapped with a 10 million euro ($12 million) fine by Italy’s antitrust watchdog for unfair commercial practices related to its iPhone marketing in the country.

One of the Apple ads cited in the Italian watchdog’s proceedings (credit: setteBIT)

Specifically, Apple is being charged for misleading claims in promotional messages about how deep and how long iPhones can be submerged in water without being damaged.

In marketing materials related to ‌iPhone‌ 8, ‌iPhone‌ 8 Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, ‌iPhone XS‌ Max, iPhone 11, ‌iPhone 11‌ Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple said its iPhones were water resistant at a depth of between one and four meters for up to 30 minutes, depending on the model.

However, according to the country’s competition regulator, the messages did not clarify that the claims are only true under specific conditions, for example during controlled laboratory tests with the use

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Apple fined $12M by Italy over iPhone water-resistance claims



Italy has fined Apple 10 million euros (~$12 million) over “aggressive and misleading” business practices centring around the iPhone’s water-resistance, according to the country’s national competition authority.

In a statement published on Monday, the Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM) said Apple has marketed several of its iPhones as water-resistant for years, but has failed to clarify that it only applied under certain circumstances. AGCM says that some iPhone models did not prove to be water-resistant for thirty minutes at a depth of up to 4 meters (13 feet) depending on the model, as Apple has advertised. Those claims, it said, only held up in lab-controlled tests with pure water as opposed to real-world conditions. 

Apple’s claims date back several years and span several generations including the iPhone 8  

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