What’s killing killer whales? Orca report covering a decade of necropsies identifies threats — ScienceDaily

Pathology reports on more than 50 killer whales stranded over nearly a decade in the northeast Pacific and Hawaii show that orcas face a variety of mortal threats — many stemming from human interactions.

A study analyzing the reports was published today in the journal PLOS ONE. The study findings indicate that understanding and being aware of each threat is critical for managing and conserving killer whale populations. It also presents a baseline understanding of orca health.

The study was conducted by a team of marine mammal and orca specialists led by the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and coordinated through the SeaDoc Society, a Washington-based program of the University of California, Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine. The lead author, Dr Stephen Raverty, and coauthor, Dr John Ford, are adjunct professions at the University of British Columbia Institute of Oceans and Fisheries and Department of Zoology, respectively.

The whales

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Killer electrons in strumming northern and southern lights — ScienceDaily

Computer simulations explain how electrons with wide-ranging energies rain into Earth’s upper and middle atmosphere during a phenomenon known as the pulsating aurora. The findings, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, suggest that the higher-energy electrons resulting from this process could cause destruction of the part of the ozone in the mesosphere, about 60 kilometres above Earth’s surface. The study was a collaboration between scientists in Japan, including at Nagoya University, and colleagues in the US, including from NASA.

The northern and southern lights that people are typically aware of, called the aurora borealis and australis, look like coloured curtains of reds, greens, and purples spreading across the night skies. But there is another kind of aurora that is less frequently seen. The pulsating aurora looks more like indistinct wisps of cloud strumming across the sky.

Scientists have only recently developed the technologies enabling them to understand how

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PS5 controller just got a killer upgrade for PC gaming

The PS5 is pretty much impossible to find right now, but the DualSense controller is fairly easy to find. And, thanks to a recent Steam update, you don’t even need a PS5 to get the most out of Sony’s innovative peripheral.

If you have a gaming PC and a few Sony-adjacent games, those will do just fine as well. The DualSense now has complete Steam compatibility, and while not every game will be fully compatible, any game that takes advantage of a common Steam developer tool will be.

The information comes from an official Steam blog entitled, simply enough, “Steam Input API Adds PS5 Controller Support.” Likewise, Steam’s full DualSense integration sounds similarly straightforward:

“All games currently using the Steam Input API are now fully compatible with the new PS5 controller – with no developer updates required, it just works,” the post reads. “Full support for the LED, trackpad,

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Fortnite’s latest Halloween mode turns you into a killer ghost

Fortnite kicked off its annual “Fortnitemares” Halloween event this week, and this year, you get to play as a killer ghost.

map: A Fortnite player fighting the new Fortnitemares ghosts.

© Image: Epic Games
A Fortnite player fighting the new Fortnitemares ghosts.

In this year’s Fortnitemares mode, the Fortnite island is packed with spooky touches — a foreboding fog can hang over the island, houses have Halloween decorations, and I’ve even found a witch’s hut surrounded by rideable brooms. But the real twist in Fortnitemares happens when you die: after your untimely demise, you’re returned to the island as a ghost so you can hunt — and troll — the surviving humans.

As a ghost, you can consume materials, health items, guns, and even the Marvel-themed superpowers littered around the map so that the humans can’t use them against you. If you stand still, your purple body disappears so you can hide in plain sight (though you can be

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Forget iPhone 12: Vivo is bringing this killer camera phone to UK

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Vivo. The Chinese phone maker has been in the business for over a decade now, and has become known for developing headline-grabbing concept devices, as well as more upscale features you don’t find in many other devices.

But buying Vivo phones hasn’t been easy here, forcing fans to rely on after market imports to get hold of one. That’s about to change, though, because Vivo is expanding into Europe — and that includes the UK.

Vivo made the announcement in Dusseldorf yesterday (Oct. 21), revealing its European product lineup via an online media briefing. The idea, of course, is to win over new fans in the European market, and the Vivo X51 5G is where a lot of the focus seems to lie as a viable alternative to the iPhone 12.

The X51 is physically identical to the X50, and the only

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Build a killer gaming PC with these 8 Prime Day deals

Upgrading a PC — especially a gaming PC — is never a cheap endeavour, but Prime Day deals are making it just that much more affordable. With deals on most hardware needed for a new build, you could theoretically run down this list and have a new PC shipped to you to assemble. Every part should have no issue working together, and really all you’d have to add are a few sweet gaming accessories. Hint: there are a ton of Razer Prime Day deals if you need a new keyboard, mouse, and headset.

Keep in mind, however, that this is a rather high-end PC when put together. You could always nab a few items while they’re on sale and save the rest for the next big sale. Black Friday is quite close due to the delay of Prime Day, so expect to see similar prices. Whether that means you wait … Read More