Texas A&M System helps develop new COVID-19 breathalyzer kiosk

Researchers are currently working to obtain FDA emergency use authorization before beginning mass production early next year.

HOUSTON — At Texas A&M University, researchers are working on a way to get us all back to normal. 

“Most Americans don’t have COVID-19, but we’re treating ourselves like we do,” said Rob Gorham, executive director of the Secure America Institute at Texas A&M University. “The end objective is to rapidly detect and help determine folks don’t have COVID.”

Worlds Inc., the U.S. Air Force and Texas A&M teamed up to develop these breathalyzer kiosks.

“You literally breathe into the device,” said Gorham. 

You can use something as simple as a straw. There’s no contact required. The device uses artificial intelligence to analyze that breath for signs of the virus. A result is sent to your phone within seconds. The copper inlet heats itself between each use to clean and sanitize the device. 

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