New Technology Helps Find Koi Carp

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council is pleased that new
environmental DNA technology has helped confirm a suspected
presence of the invasive koi carp in a farm pond in
Hawke’s Bay.

A tip off from a farm manager,
followed by an eDNA sample has resulted in a process to
remove two fish that had been in the pond for some

Regional Council freshwater ecologist Daniel
Fake says koi carp have wreaked havoc in the Waikato,
Auckland and Northland where they have proliferated, and the
council doesn’t want that to happen in Hawke’s

“In this instance we’re lucky that they
haven’t bred in the pond, or escaped into a larger
waterway, and we’re very grateful that a member of the
public has alerted us to their presence,” he

The Regional Council used a novel new
technology called

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