Larry Ellison Discusses The Future Of Office Work And Integrated Applications

When the chairman of a company that employs more than 130,000 people offers his perspective on whether COVID-19 will permanently change office culture, it’s worth paying close attention.

“It’s already happened, and it will never go back,” said Oracle’s Larry Ellison during a recent online discussion. “It’s not like we’ll never go back to the office, but we’ll never go back to the office 9 to 5. …It makes no sense, at least in our industry. So people will figure out how many hours they should be in the office, and how many of their hours they’ll be working at home.”

Ellison, Oracle’s chairman and chief technology officer, shared other insights and opinions during a wide-ranging discussion November 9 with

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Oracle’s Larry Ellison Hosts ‘Future Of CX’ Event Today And Salesforce Is Looking Increasingly Complex

The enterprise SaaS market is a hard one with no true dominant player. Maybe that’s what makes it so competitive. At the end of September, I wrote a couple of notes describing how Oracle has quietly become an essential cloud applications company. While Oracle and “quiet” usually don’t blend, I believe that’s exactly what is happening in the SaaS space. Oracle’s newfound enterprise app success is due in large part to the use of a SaaS model to rapidly evolve its comprehensive software suite in both breadth and depth of offerings with hundreds of new features delivered quarterly. I don’t sense these are features thrown against the wall, but rather highly considered. Oracle recently told me that over 80 percent of updates to its

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