Milken Institute Launches “Early Warning” Initiative for Emerging Pandemic Threats as COVID-19 Cases Increase

FasterCures, a center of the Milken Institute devoted to accelerating biomedical innovation, today launched an initiative to build a global “early warning system” that detects and responds to emerging pathogens with pandemic potential. This effort aims to develop and implement a framework to monitor, identify, and track threats that could cause global harm, such as new viral or drug resistant strains.

“COVID-19 caught the world by surprise, and it shouldn’t have,” said Esther Krofah, Executive Director of FasterCures. “Our hope is that by collaborating with leaders around the world, we can leverage emerging technologies and scientific advances to better address the various risks factors that could signal the next pandemic.”

The current global infrastructure for pandemic preparedness suffers from deep fragmentation, lack of coordination, little global collaboration, and virtually no sustained governmental and organizational commitment. In response, FasterCures is initiating this new global effort under the guidance of an

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Washington state launches COVID-19 exposure notification app using Google and Apple technology

Images of the Android interface for the WA Notify app being released Monday.

Washington state unveiled a new app to inform residents if they’ve been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, as infection rates in the state soar to an average of 2,700 cases a day.

WA Notify, announced Monday morning, is a free app that uses technology developed through a joint effort by Apple and Google called the Exposure Notification System. The app takes advantage of low-energy Bluetooth signals emitted by smartphones to detect and remember interactions, allowing people to be notified if they’ve been in proximity to someone who later tests positive for COVID. It does not collect any personal information to identify app users or track their movements.

“It rapidly gets the information out to people who were close contacts to watch for symptoms, to make them aware of testing opportunities, to self-quarantine and if they’re infected,

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Google launches program to assist Black and Latinx business owners

Google is has a new plan to help Houston business owners.

The Bayou City is one of the many cities included in tech company’s “Digital Coaches” program” that aims to provide tech education and workshops in underserved areas.

The program, called Digital Coaches, provides free digital skills training and coaching to help Black and Latinx small businesses reach new customers and grow their online presence.

In an announcement made on Instagram, it was revealed that businesswoman Joy Hutton will be serving as Houston’s Digital Coach.

The caption shared that Hutton is the founder of the management consulting firm, Joy of Consulting, which assists companies with their organizational structure through training and process optimization. Hutton also is the founder of beauty on-demand platform on the go GLAM.

The Digital Coaches program will begin on Dec. 4 with its first virtual workshop. The workshop topics include connecting with customers and managing your

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Varjo launches new generation of human-eye resolution VR headsets

Varjo has revealed its next generation of virtual reality headsets with “human-eye resolution,” or extremely sharp imagery for enterprise, medical, design, and engineering applications.

The new “XR/VR” headsets are called the XR-3 and VR-3, where the XR version combines VR and augmented reality in the same headset and the VR focuses only on virtual reality. The company said this new generation has twice the performance of the previous one.

Helsinki, Finland-based Varjo has steered clear of consumer applications such as gaming and is instead focused on bringing the sense of immersion and presence (feeling like you are somewhere else) to markets where precision is a must. Use cases include training doctors to complete a medical procedure.

“What makes this a next-generation product is that the performance is twice the performance of what we have had before,” Varjo chief marketing officer Jussi Mäkinen said in an interview with VentureBeat. “And the

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The Mortgage Collaborative launches emerging technology fund

The Mortgage Collaborative, an independent cooperative network in the mortgage industry, today announced the launch of TMC Emerging Technology Fund LP, a venture capital program funded by a self-selected segment of TMC members to capture opportunities driven by the rapid pace of technological change in the mortgage sector.

Inspired by member suggestions during a CEO Roundtable session last year, the fund will pool member resources to level the playing field with the largest lenders in the mortgage industry who enjoy a scale advantage in sourcing, vetting, acquiring and adopting new technology. 

“To stay competitive in today’s market, technology adoption and integration is key.  However, the cost of customized technology solutions for small and mid-sized lenders can be prohibitive and can be difficult to scale,” TMC COO Rich Swerbinsky said. “By launching TMC Emerging Technology Fund, we are providing our members with a mechanism to get ahead of the technology adoption

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NuVasive Unveils C360 Portfolio and Launches New Anterior Cervical Plate

“The unveiling of the C360 portfolio reflects NuVasive’s commitment to deliver innovative technology for the anterior and posterior cervical spine designed to improve the quality of care even in the most established area of spine,” said Massimo Calafiore, executive vice president, Global Business Units at NuVasive. “As the leader in spine technology innovation, NuVasive saw an opportunity to procedurally integrate technology to support the cervical spine—as it did in the lateral market with X360®—to optimize the surgeon experience and advance care in the operating room. The launch of C360 is key to our long-term strategy and represents a significant opportunity for growth, as cervical spine procedures comprise an approximately $2.6 billion segment of the global spine market.”

The new ACP system challenges the status quo of cervical spine technology. It is designed to help reduce common postoperative complications, such as dysphagia, malalignment and adjacent level ossification, by enabling surgeons

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Motorola launches Moto G 5G, the most affordable 5G-ready smartphone in India

graphical user interface, application: Motorola will start selling the Moto G 5G in India from December 7.

© Provided by The Financial Express
Motorola will start selling the Moto G 5G in India from December 7.

Moto G 5G is India’s most affordable 5G smartphone, though there is no way you can push this thing to its limits at this point of time unless of course you’re travelling overseas where the next-generation connectivity standard is available. No wonder Motorola calls it 5G-ready. Be that as it may, it is exciting how much tech Motorola has been able to cram inside this seemingly budget phone — by 5G smartphone standards.

“The Moto G 5G comes with support for 11 global 5G network bands which ensures that you are ready for any Sub 6 5G band that is launched in India,” Motorola said in a press release. The phone is also “compatible with most Sub 6 bands available globally, ensuring that you are truly global-ready.”

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AIICT launches new Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking)

A new Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking) online course has been established by the Australian Institute of ICT (AIICT) to provide students with some of the “most in-demand ICT skills”, such as networking and cyber security, who are looking to enter the ICT industry.

According to AIICT – a start-up launched in 2019 by cybersecurity training provider DDLS – in light of critical ICT and cybersecurity skills shortages in Australia “which have skyrocketed even further as a result of remote working”, it has designed the course specifically for individuals who aspire to work in entry-level ICT administrator or technician roles.

“Uniquely, the 100% online course allows students to study at their own pace, and start whenever they are ready. If Australia is going to fix its skills shortages and encourage more professionals into the field, it is crucial that people have access to flexible, quality online training programs, which

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Kmart launches a massive Cyber Monday sale on popular gadgets

graphical user interface: MailOnline logo

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Kmart Australia has launched a one-off Cyber Monday sale with prices slashed on home gadgets – including a WiFi projector, a $29 smartphone and a dash camera.

The retailer is selling popular tech products at affordable prices that are ‘too good to miss’, which is available exclusively online only for shoppers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

For one day only, customers can snap up bargains such as a $99 two-in-one WiFi projector with DVD player or a $39 full-HD dash camera.

graphical user interface: Kmart Australia has launched a one-off Cyber Monday sale with prices slashed on home gadgets - including a $99 WiFi projector, a $29 smartphone, a $39 dash camera, a $99 soundbar and wired subwoofer, a $15 selfie light stand and a $499 gaming monitor

© Provided by Daily Mail
Kmart Australia has launched a one-off Cyber Monday sale with prices slashed on home gadgets – including a $99 WiFi projector, a $29 smartphone, a $39 dash camera, a $99 soundbar and wired subwoofer, a $15 selfie light stand and a $499 gaming monitor

Take your small screen to the big screen at

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Japan launches advanced relay satellite with laser communications tech into orbit

A Japanese satellite carrying laser relay technology launched into space Sunday (Nov. 29) on a mission to transfer data at high speeds from military and civilian Earth observation spacecraft.

Artist's concept of the JAXA Laser Utilizing Communication System (LUCAS) payload relaying information to other satellites using laser technology.

© Provided by Space
Artist’s concept of the JAXA Laser Utilizing Communication System (LUCAS) payload relaying information to other satellites using laser technology.

The communications satellite carrying the laser payload soared to orbit at at 2:25 a.m. EST (0725 GMT or 4:25 p.m. local time) from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan, aboard an H-IIA rocket.

Rocket builder and launch provider Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) announced the successful launch on Twitter, adding the satellite had separated from the upper stage of the rocket. From there, the satellite will make its way to geostationary orbit for a 10-year mission. “It was confirmed that the rocket flew as planned,” MHI said in a machine-translated statement from Japanese. 

Unusually, the mission

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