Kymeta rolls out its next-gen connectivity service, blending satellite and cellular links

a car parked in front of a truck: Kymeta’s u8 antenna terminal can be installed on a military-style MRZR vehicle, at left; or a standard-issue SUV, at right. (Kymeta Photo)

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Kymeta’s u8 antenna terminal can be installed on a military-style MRZR vehicle, at left; or a standard-issue SUV, at right. (Kymeta Photo)

Kymeta Corp., the Redmond, Wash.-based connectivity venture backed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, is making the next generation of its hybrid satellite-cellular mobile service for voice and data available to commercial markets starting today.


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And although commercial availability of Kymeta’s u8 terminal and Kymeta Connect service marks a milestone, the company’s executives consider the government and military market to be just as important.

“Government and military need the most reliable and seamless connectivity to safely fulfill their missions,” Walter Berger, Kymeta’s president and chief operating officer, said in a news release. “These men and women often go to the most remote or disaster-stricken areas of the world, and they need reliable communications to rescue lives, keep property safe and complete missions.”


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Chengdu Continues to Enhance Trade Links and Cultural Exchanges to Expand Circle of Friends Around the World

CHENGDU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov 27, 2020–

The Chengdu-Europe railway line spans over 10,000 kilometers across countless rivers and mountains, transporting goods to vast numbers of people across the Eurasian landmass. With increased trade, cultural links between Chengdu and Europe are also growing stronger. Against this backdrop, Chengdu-Eurasia National Pavilion Cluster (CENPC) has emerged in the Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu to further promote trade and cultural exchanges.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Head of CENPC’s pavilion for France and the Netherlands Xu Dandan at work (Photo: Business Wire)

CENPC is an important platform for trade exhibition and cultural exchange between countries along the Belt and Road. With trade promotion as a foundation, the project, which is expected to feature over 40 national pavilions, aims to deepen Sichuan’s global cooperation in fields such as culture, talent, education, and science and technology, while catalyzing Chengdu’s international development.


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Facebook condemned for hosting neo-Nazi network with UK links

A white supremacist network with more than 80,000 followers and links to the UK far right, including a student charged with terrorist offences, is being hosted by Facebook and Instagram, putting the world’s largest social media company under fresh pressure to tackle extremism.

a statue of a person in a military uniform: Photograph: Sergei Supinsky/Getty

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Photograph: Sergei Supinsky/Getty

The network, which includes more than 40 neo-Nazi sites, offers merchandise including NaziSS symbols and stickers praising Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager under investigation for shooting dead two Black Lives Matter protesters in Wisconsin in August.

According to the London-based Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), sales of the products fund two neo-Nazi extremist movements operating from Ukraine: Azov Battalion and Misanthropic Division. A number of UK far-right activists are believed to have been recruited by Azov Battalion to fight in the conflict in Ukraine.

a statue of a man: Ukraine-based Azov Battalion has sought to export its extreme ideology to the west.

© Photograph: Sergei Supinsky/Getty
Ukraine-based Azov Battalion has sought to export its extreme ideology to

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Tweets Have Spoken: Twitter Search Links Trump to ‘Loser’ | Top News

(Reuters) – Twitter users searching for the word “loser” on Saturday were greeted with an unusual first result: U.S. President Donald Trump’s account.

The search result appeared as major news organizations declared that voters had delivered the presidency to Trump’s opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, after four days of nail-biting suspense following Tuesday’s election.

Searches for “winner” in the same “People” tab on Twitter, which suggests accounts to follow rather than turning up results from the text of users’ tweets, pointed to the accounts of Biden and his running mate, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris.

Twitter said the results were automatically generated based on how people on the app were using the terms in their tweets at the time.

“If an account is mentioned often alongside certain terms, they can become algorithmically surfaced together as an association. These associations are temporal and ever changing based on how people tweet,” the company said

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NPS Intelligent Systems Consortium links field experts and research opportunities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely recognized as a critical and decisive capability in future warfare and national defense. It is featured prominently as a technology that must be mastered by high-level strategic groups in DOD and by the National Security Commission on AI. It creates far-reaching possibilities for disruptive innovation. 

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is the Navy and Marine Corps graduate school for science, math, engineering and technology (STEM). Because the challenge of using AI effectively in the military is multidisciplinary, NPS is a perfect environment for intelligent systems experts with military interests to congregate. Sixty NPS faculty, led by Distinguished Professor of Computer Science (CS) Dr. Peter Denning, recently formed the Consortium for Intelligent Systems Education and Research (CISER) to enable precisely that. CISER breaks down barriers to quick synthesis of innovative solutions and provides DOD-relevant answers to difficult strategic problems involving AI.

Through its support of online

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Chaos Audio’s multieffects guitar pedal links to your smartphone

Chaos Audio has unveiled a digital multi-effects guitar pedal on Kickstarter that could be ideal for budget-minded users or beginners. The Chaos Stratus marries a customizable digital pedal board, guitar tuner, looper and metronome, all controlled by the Chaos smartphone app that runs on Android and iOS devices. Much like Hotone’s Xtomp, it allows for a simple setup with just a single pedal, guitar, amp and mobile device.

Chaos offers a “continuously updated” selection of pedals through an online library, including classic effects like reverb, overdrive, flanger, auto-wah and fuzz. It also lets you chain together multiple effects in any order, while controlling what the knobs are set to. Once you get an effect just so, you can use the app to create pedal board presets and access tools like a guitar tuner and metronome (both of which use the LED strip), along with a looper for basic backing playback.

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How much money TikTok, Instagram influencer makes with affiliate links

  • Vi Lai was working full time as a realtor, but that changed when the pandemic upended her career in March.
  • Now, Lai is earning money as a skincare influencer on TikTok and Instagram, where she has hundreds of thousands of followers and posts content about skincare routines and product reviews. 
  • “I would not have survived” without TikTok, Lai said.
  • The skincare industry has seen a surge in social-media content and engagement since the start of the pandemic, as more people spend time at home and spend money on self-care.
  • Lai spoke with Business Insider about how she’s been able to earn over $5,000 per month using affiliate codes and how she’s navigated brand sponsorships. 
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29-year-old Vi Lai was working full time as a realtor in Boston until the pandemic upended her career in March.

“I’m a realtor, I need to socialize for

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How much can we intensify? A first assessment of the effects of land management on the links between biodiversity, ecosystem functions and ecosystem services — ScienceDaily

Ecosystem services are crucial for human well-being and they depend on a well-functioning ecosystem and complex interactions among many organisms. However, human activities are resulting in biodiversity loss and changes to ecosystems, which threatens the supply of key services. An international team of 32 scientists, from 22 institutions, led by Dr Maria Felipe-Lucia (UFZ, iDiv) and Prof Eric Allan (University of Bern) now present the very first assessment of the simultaneous effects of land-use intensity on biodiversity, ecosystem functions, and services.

A new approach to investigate shifts in the ecosystem

The researchers investigated how these interactions vary with land-use intensity. They analysed data from 300 German grasslands and forests, varying in land-use intensity, and borrowed approaches from network analysis to characterize the overall relationships between biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services.

“We already knew that land use affects biodiversity and ecosystem functioning,” says the lead author of the paper Dr Felipe-Lucia,

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Fox News Legal Analyst Links His Downed Wi-Fi To Biden, Gets Mercilessly Mocked

Twitter users went to town on Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett on Friday after he appeared to suggest there was some nefarious link between his imminent filing of a column criticizing Democratic nominee Joe Biden and the disconnection of his internet.

Jarrett — whose tweets and articles President Donald Trump has shared on dozens of occasions — said he found it “odd, if not curious, that the moment I hit ‘send’ on my column […] my Wi-Fi service disconnected.”

“Never happened before. Probably just a coincidence,” he added:

“I’m sure it’s

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