Destiny 2 Update Patches Festival Of The Lost’s Loot Issue

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost has been tweaked this year to dish out a lot of extra loot. A new system requires you to earn special keys to unlock additional treasure in the Haunted Forest, but since the Festival’s start, the loot coming out of the Halloween-themed activity has been a bit lackluster, dropping at the lowest possible Power level of 750. That’s made the guns and armor players have earned through multiple runs fairly worthless–but Bungie rolled out a new update via the October 20 weekly reset that corrects the problem and makes the Haunted Forest worthwhile again.

Hotfix has extremely thin patch notes, making only two small but meaningful changes to the game. First, the patch alters the Haunted Forest loot that comes out of the caches you receive at the end of a run so that they’ll drop loot at the proper levels. That should

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