This new Google Maps feature may completely change how you use the app

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Google Maps

  • Google Maps has launched a new Facebook-style news feed within the app, incorporating recommendations and suggestions from Maps users.
  • The feed builds on other tools Google has added to Maps this year that help people learn more about the places they want to go to, which they can then use Google Maps to help them actually navigate to.
  • 2020 is the 15th anniversary of Google Maps.

One of the things I’ve been fascinated to watch over the past year or more, in a way that certainly pre-dates the coronavirus pandemic, is the extent to which Google has woken up to all the latent potential inside one of its least-sexy apps, but one which is almost as utilitarian and relied upon as the company’s signature search app. I’m talking, of course, about Google Maps, which celebrated its 15th anniversary earlier this year by rolling out

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Google Maps community feed will highlight changes in your city

Google is introducing a new community feed to Maps that the company says will help keep you informed of all the latest developments in your city, including new restaurant openings and service changes. Located in the app’s Explore tab, the feature collects all the latest reviews, photos and posts submitted to Maps by local experts, as well as people you know and merchants. 

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Additionally, if you follow a nearby store or restaurant, you’ll get updates from them through the feed. So if your favorite taco joint adds a new item to their menu, Maps will do its best to let you know. If you’ve gone out of your way to share your food and drink preferences through the app, you’ll see those reflected in the feed as well. For example, those into clean eating will see a greater number of places that serve healthy food highlighted

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New Australian telescope maps millions of galaxies at record speed

Australian scientists have used a powerful new telescope to map about 3 million galaxies at record-breaking speed — creating what they say is a “Google Map of the universe.”

a group of clouds in the sky: The ASKAP telescope is a collection of dishes across the remote Western Australia desert.

The ASKAP telescope is a collection of dishes across the remote Western Australia desert.

The Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP), a radio telescope located in outback Western Australia, mapped the galaxies in just 300 hours, or 12.5 days. This is a significant increase from previous surveys, which have taken years.


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The result is a new atlas of the universe, according to Australian science agency CSIRO, which developed and operates the telescope.

“ASKAP is applying the very latest in science and technology to age-old questions about the mysteries of the universe and equipping astronomers around the world with new breakthroughs to solve their challenges,” said CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall in a statement on Tuesday.

It marks

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Australian Telescope Maps Deep Space at Record Speed | Top News

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – A powerful new telescope in outback Australia has mapped vast areas of the universe in record-breaking time, revealing a million new galaxies and opening the way to new discoveries, the country’s national science agency said on Tuesday.

The radio telescope, dubbed the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP), was able to map about three million galaxies in just 300 hours. Comparable surveys of the sky have taken as long as 10 years.

“It’s really a game changer,” said astronomer David McConnell, who led the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) study of the southern sky at the Murchison Radioastronomy Observatory in Western Australia.

What makes this telescope unique is its wide field of view, using receivers designed by CSIRO, which allow it to take panoramic pictures of the sky in sharper detail than before.

The telescope only needed to combine 903 images to map the sky,

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Australian telescope maps new atlas of the universe in record speed | Astronomy

A powerful new telescope developed by Australian scientists has mapped three million galaxies in record speed, unlocking the universe’s deepest secrets.

The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (Askap) broke records as it conducted its first survey of the entire southern sky, mapping approximately three million galaxies in 300 hours.

Scientists used the telescope at an observatory in outback Western Australia to observe 83% of the sky.

The result is a new atlas of the universe, according to the telescope’s developer and operator, Australian science agency the CSIRO.

The survey – the Rapid Askap Continuum Survey – has mapped millions of star-like points; most are distant galaxies, the CSIRO says. About a million of those distant galaxies have never been seen before.

The CSIRO’s chief executive, Larry Marshall, said the survey had unlocked the deepest secrets of the universe.

“Askap is applying the very latest in science and technology to age-old

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New Maps Help AZ Manage Big Game Migrations / Public News Service

A new U.S. Geological Survey map charts the annual migration patterns of the pronghorn antelope and other big-game species across Arizona and other Western states. (Rod Gardner/Adobe stock)

November 27, 2020

SPRINGERVILLE, Ariz. — Wildlife managers across the West have a new tool at their disposal when it comes to protecting iconic big game.

A new report published by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) provides detailed maps of GPS tracked migration routes for mule deer, elk, pronghorn, moose and bison.

Matthew Kauffman, USGS wildlife researcher and the report’s lead author, said stakeholders from conservationists to transportation agencies have long realized it’s critical to understand how big game move across Arizona’s landscapes.

“And are ready to roll up their sleeves and go to work to enhance and maintain the connectivity of these migration corridors,” Kauffman shared. “And now they have a tool that can guide that on-the-ground work.”

Development across the

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New migration maps serve as tools to help big game in West

male elk
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

The life-or-death journey made by mule deer during the second-longest big game migration in North America came down to their ability to squeeze through a fence—a discovery made by scientists using wildlife GPS tracking techniques to map animal migrations in the West in unprecedented detail.

The resulting atlas of migration corridors in Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming published by the U.S. Geological Survey can help elk, mule deer, antelope and other animals by focusing efforts to reduce man-made obstacles along their journeys, biologists and wildlife advocates say.

“The new technology, the GPS collars and the computer programs that are able to analyze this data, is giving us such a different picture of what migrating wildlife do,” said Miles Moretti, president of the Salt Lake City-based Mule Deer Foundation, which funded some of the research. “This has given us some information like we’ve never had

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New database maps and classifies the dangers of glacierized volcanoes

Fire and Ice: New Database Maps and Classifies the Dangers of Glacierized Volcanoes
Maps of the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Database and the Randolph Glacier Inventory. Source: Benjamin Edwards, et al. “Global Mapping of Future Volcanism”

Destructive volcanic mudflows, huge clouds of volcanic ash that ground flights, and catastrophic floods when natural glacial lake dams fail—these are all examples of the dramatic interactions between volcanoes and glaciers. To help others study, and hopefully predict, dangerous glaciovolcanic activity, researchers have created a new database that combines existing global data.

This study is a valuable resource that could aid further research and also help determine the world’s most dangerous glacierized volcanoes. The study was conducted by Benjamin Edwards, a volcanologist at Dickinson College, William Kochtitzky, a student at Dickinson when the study was conducted, and Sarah Battersby, a research scientist at Tableau Software. Led by Edwards, the volcano expert of the group, the researchers first compiled data on the location of volcanoes and their eruption histories.

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Spotted: Amazon robot maps sidewalks north of Seattle, laden with cameras and sensors

An Amazon sidewalk mapping robot being driven in Everett, Wash. (GeekWire Photo / Tim Ellis)

While I was out on an ordinary drive through Everett, Wash., on Saturday morning, in between grabbing a donut for my daughter and a coffee for my wife, I spotted something interesting: An unmarked, six-wheeled robot being driven down the sidewalk on Broadway.

I immediately thought of Scout, Amazon’s package delivery robot that allegedly began testing in 2019 in an unnamed Snohomish County neighborhood, and rolled out Irvine, Calif., Atlanta, and Franklin, Tenn. earlier this year. Ever since the initial announcement, I’ve been keeping a close eye out for the robots, but to date I’ve neither seen them myself nor have I seen any evidence of a real-life sighting on social media.

When the robot turned down a side street in Everett’s Riverside neighborhood, I decided to follow it and stop to get a closer

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Battlepalooza is the first battle royale to use Google Maps for levels

The autumn wind may be a Raider, but fans of Las Vegas’s NFL team haven’t had a real chance to pillage The Strip as part of their football fun thanks to COVID-19. But if they’re battle royale players, they’ll soon get to fight in Vegas with a new game that uses Google Maps to turn places like San Francisco and the Sin City into battlegrounds.

Today, nWay is announcing Battlepalooza, a mobile battle royale game. It launches December 10 for iOS and Android. Now, battle royale ain’t nothing new, be it on mobile, console, or PC. But Google confirms nWay is the first studio to use the Maps platform to put cities into one of these games. The two worked together to develop Battlepalooza.

Battle royale continues to be a strong segment of the mobile gaming market. According to estimates from research firm Sensor Tower, the top 25 battle royale

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