Selling Sunset’s Mary says Christine tension is “intense

Selling Sunset may offer us incredible looks at jaw-droppingly lavish and expensive homes for sale, but it also fully delivers on the personal drama front as the agents of luxury estate agency The Oppenheim Group clash over their sales, their love lives and everything in between.

Two stars of the Netflix reality hit whose relationship has been fraught with tension lately are Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn, but if you thought things were rocky on camera, it seems that the situation is even more dramatic behind-the-scenes.

Speaking to MailOnline, Mary revealed that her and Christine’s bad feeling has been even more intense than we might have thought – but that doesn’t mean that things are completely unsalvageable.

mary fitzgerald in selling sunset season 3


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“It’s been intense! Even more than what viewers got to see,” Mary said. “We are in a better place now, but we’re not

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Dr. Mary Fowkes, 66, Dies; Helped Science Understand the Pandemic

Dr. Mary Fowkes, a neuropathologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan whose autopsies of Covid-19 victims early in the pandemic discovered serious damage in multiple organs — a finding that led to the successful use of higher doses of blood thinners to treat patients — died on Nov. 15 at her home in Katonah, N.Y., in Westchester County. She was 66.

Her daughter, Jackie Treatman, said the cause was a heart attack.

When Dr. Fowkes (rhymes with “pokes”) and her team began their autopsies, little was known about the novel coronavirus, which was believed to be largely a respiratory disease. The first few dozen autopsies revealed that Covid-19 affected the lungs and other vital organs, and that the virus probably traveled through the body in the endothelial cells, which line the interior of blood vessels.

“We saw very small and very microscopic blood clots in the lungs, the heart, the

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NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Takes New ‘Selfie’ At ‘Mary Anning’ Site


  • The “selfie” by Curiosity was taken last October
  • Curiosity has been at the site since July
  • The Perseverance rover is on its way to join Curiosity in exploring Mars

NASA’s Curiosity has a new selfie, and this time it was taken at a site called “Mary Anning,” named after a valued scientist. Soon, Curiosity won’t be the only one exploring the Red Planet. 

According to a NASA news release related to the new image, the location where the selfie was taken is named after the 19th Century paleontologist who is described as “the greatest fossilist the world ever knew” according to Cambridge University Press, but whose findings of marine-reptile fossils remained largely unknown simply “because of her gender and class.”

The site was named after her because of its potential to reveal new details about the planet’s ancient environment, NASA explained, perhaps much like how Anning made

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