Even Utah’s mysterious monolith may be no match for Google Earth

Last week, a sheep-counting expedition found a mysterious monolith deep in the Utah desert, and they warned the world to stay away.

This is a great opening for a science fiction story, and also the actual events of late November 2020. As local news outlet KSL TV lays out, a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter crew discovered a 10- to 12-foot steel object that they described as a “monolith.” The crew found the object installed in the canyon’s rock floor on November 18th, and they found “no obvious indication” of its source. On November 23rd, they posted photos of it to Instagram and the DPS site.

DPS has avoided saying exactly where the monolith is. “It is in a very remote area and if individuals were to attempt to visit the area, there is a significant possibility they may become

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Researchers find contents of mulch bags do not match claims — ScienceDaily

Your bag of mulch may not be what you think it is. In a new study, researchers at Penn State found that some bags labeled as “cypress” contain only 50% cypress, while other bags contained no cypress at all.

“Many mulch products claim to be composed of cypress,” said researcher Judd Michael, Nationwide Insurance Professor of Ag Safety and Health in the College of Agricultural Sciences. “But some of the largest mulch manufacturers have been accused of intentionally misleading consumers about the species mix, and it is difficult if not impossible for consumers to know whether the product is, indeed, the species listed on the packaging.”

In response to complaints about misleading packaging and fraudulent behavior by these companies, Michael and his colleagues conducted an investigation and devised a process to determine the wood species included in bags of mulch and their percentages.

According to Michael, cypress wood is generally

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The Note: Contrasting images match competing themes in final election stretch

The TAKE with Rick Klein

Trump will draw an enormous crowd. He will almost certainly mock Biden for not doing the same — hoping his ability to draw a crowd inspires enthusiasm among his supporters.

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Why Google needs to update camera hardware to match software

Google Pixel 5 vs Google Pixel 4 cameras 3

Opinion post by

Robert Triggs

I’m not overly impressed with the Google Pixel 5’s camera. Not because it takes bad photos. It’s still capable of taking some astoundingly great pictures for a hardware package that’s barely changed in years. No, what irks me most about the Pixel 5 is the missed potential. Google’s photography algorithms are in a league of their own, but the refusal to change up the hardware formula has knocked the Pixel series off the podium this year.

I don’t want to dwell on the various issues I noticed in my time shooting with the Pixel 5 too much. You should check out our in-depth shootout for a closer look at the camera. The TL;DR is, while the Pixel 5 excels at colors and low light, the small sensor is very noisy by today’s standards. Super Res Zoom doesn’t keep up with today’s telephotos lenses, and the

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Live updates, new champion, results and match ratings

Hell in a Cell isn’t over yet, but it’s already been a newsworthy night. It opened with Roman Reigns versus Jey Uso, featured a strong bout between Bayley and Sasha Banks, and there was a fairly big surprise wedged in between.

Drew Galloway, Randy Orton are posing for a picture: WWE

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After an excellent match at SummerSlam and a dumbfounding one at Clash of Champions, Randy Orton will challenge for Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship for a third time to end the show. Below you’ll find the results so far, and we’ll update a the show goes on. 

Randy Orton holding a sign


Randy Orton becomes 15x World Champion

Randy Orton pinned Drew McIntyre clean, with an RKO, to become WWE Champion in the show’s main event. 


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The match started quizzically, with Orton, dressed as a cameraman, ambushing McIntyre as McIntyre was entering the Cell. McIntyre fought Orton off, and the match began. After some decent

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Get an Optimal Performance Every Match with This Gaming PC That’s 40% Off

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eSports are booming. It’s a segment of the video game industry that has seen incredible growth in recent years, both in viewership and revenue. Whether it’s CS: GO, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, or any other popular eSports title, there’s a lot of fun and money wrapped up in today’s most popular eSports.

But, to play these and other eSports titles to their max, whether you’re streaming for an audience, hoping to make it pro, or just having fun with friends, you’ll need a computer that gives you an optimal performance every match. That’s where this deal enters the picture all without breaking the bank.

The Periphio Portal Gaming PC packs more than enough performance to play today’s most popular eSports titles competitively and at an affordable price. Normally $999, it’s on sale today for $599.99 (40%

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