HBO Max will stream Wonder Woman 1984 in 4K HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos


Wonder Woman 1984 will be the first HBO Max title available in 4K HDR. 

Clay Enos & DC Comics

AT&T’s WarnerMedia is betting big on Wonder Woman 1984 drawing in subscribers to the HBO Max platform, releasing the film theatrically and on the streaming platform simultaneously on Dec. 25. Now, it’s ensuring that those looking to watch the sequel to the 2017 hit will be able to do so at home in 4K HDR. 

On Tuesday, WarnerMedia announced that Wonder Woman 1984 will be its first title available in the higher resolution 4K format, with the film also supporting HDR10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Those interested in watching in 4K HDR will need a compatible TV (and sound system in the case of Atmos) as well as a “supported” device. 

At the moment, the list of supported devices includes:

It’s unclear if the app will work on

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iPhone 12 Pro Max camera: See my rugged photo adventure along California’s coastline

California’s Lost Coast is a world of its own at the edge of the continent. Located in Humboldt County, in the far northern part of the state, this remote stretch of pristine coastline sits atop the backpacking trip bucket list. With few towns or major roads, it’s best explored via the 25-mile Lost Coast Trail that winds along black sand beaches and rocky shores.

A few weeks ago, I took the iPhone 12 Pro on location to the high Sierra, visiting Lake Tahoe for a wondrous 24 hours to test its camera. The results were excellent, and now Apple’s adding even more camera punch with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Now that it’s officially on sale, let’s take a look at Apple’s latest photographic monster that’s definitely made for photographers.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown reveals a truly huge main camera

It’s no secret that Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max boasts a larger main camera, but it’s now clear just how enormous that sensor really is. iFixit has posted a teardown of the iPhone 12 Pro Max that illustrates the camera size in vivid detail. While the cam itself is visibly larger, it’s the sensor-shift stabilization that puts it over the top — the full unit makes the regular 12 Pro’s main shooter look dainty by comparison. Apple might have needed to make “compromises” to stuff that camera into the smaller phone, iFixit said.

a hand holding a cell phone: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown with camera removed

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown with camera removed

Many other parts are larger, too. It’s not surprising that the battery is the largest for any current iPhone at 14.13Wh (albeit smaller than the 15.04Wh from the 11 Pro Max). However, the speaker and Taptic Engine are also huge, at least compared to the compact parts inside

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Review: Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max is a lot of smartphone, and not for everybody

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is more than just the largest model in the 2020 iPhone collection, with the super-sized smartphone boasting better battery life and even camera specifications that improve on what the iPhone 12 offers.

iPhone 12 Pro Max – display, design, and size

The external appearance of the iPhone 12 Pro Max matches the rest of the iPhone 12 family, with flat sides that produce more defined edges to the stainless steel body, as well as making it closer in style to the iPad Pro lineup. Along with the stronger chassis, Apple is also employing its toughened Ceramic Shield glass to the front and back for added durability, with the rear also sporting a textured matte glass effect.

The stainless steel band of the Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max

The stainless steel band of the Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max

Continuing the durability theme, Apple has also improved its water resistance over the previous

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The latest teardown from iFixit shows how huge the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is Apple’s biggest iPhone ever, with a 6.7-inch display that boasts a camera system our reviewer called “one of the most confident smartphone cameras.” In its latest teardown, iFixit shows how big this impressive camera actually is compared to other iPhones.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is quite large

The primary wide-angle sensor “dwarfs the iPhone 12’s sensor,” iFixit says, coming in around 47 percent larger. But it has the same 12 MP resolution as the smaller model. The 12 Pro Max’s sensor-shift image stabilization system— found on most DSLR cameras— adds bulk to the large main camera, iFixit found.

The 12 Pro Max’s L-shaped battery is the largest among all current iPhone models, weighing in at 14.13Wh, compared to the 8.57Wh in the mini and the 10.78 Wh in the 12 and 12 Pro. But iFixit notes that’s actually slightly smaller than

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HBO Max to stream on Amazon Fire TV, ‘Firestick’ and Fire tablets starting Tuesday


Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, sometimes referred to by customers as a “Firestick,” is one of its most popular streaming devices. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

HBO Max will launch its dedicated app on Amazon’s Fire TV devices, including its popular dongle often referred to as the “Firestick,” and Fire tablets on Tuesday. The change gives HBO Max’s customers an easier way to stream the service on Amazon products, and it’s the latest development that fills in some gaps in app support on the most popular streaming devices

The deal, announced Monday, puts to rest a major standoff that’s likely crimped HBO Max since its launch in May. This leaves Roku as the last major streaming device platform lacking support for HBO’s new app, which offers extra movies, shows and originals that don’t run on its regular network. 

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Halide developer calls iPhone 12 Pro Max camera improvements ‘mind-blowing’

Halide developer Sebastiaan de With has published an in-depth look at the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera and the “mind-blowing” photographic improvements that it brings.

The developer and photographer typically shares his thoughts on Apple camera technology when the company releases a new device, and this year is no different. In his evaluation, de With breaks down the new camera features on Apple’s latest 6.7-inch handset and puts them to the test.

For example, one of the main differences between the iPhone 12 Pro and the larger iPhone 12 Pro Max is the addition of a larger sensor. It’s about 47% bigger than the previous generation, and allows the device to bring in more light to reduce noise and bump up sharpness.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max's sensor versus the iPhone 11 Pro Max sensor. Credit: Sebastiaan de With

The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s sensor versus the iPhone 11 Pro Max sensor. Credit: Sebastiaan de With

Daylight comparisons between the two Pro models don’t show a significant

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iPhone 12 Pro Max gets best smartphone display award by DisplayMate

a close up of electronics

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iPhone 12 Pro Max launched just a few months ago has received the highest-ever Display Performance Grade of A+ by DisplayMate. This is no surprise as, over the years, most iPhones matched smartphone display performance records but the latest iPhone is definitely a notch higher. DisplayMate uses proprietary test and calibration patterns to test how good a display of a smartphone is.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes packed with a 6.7-inch OLED display with 2778×1284 pixels resolution and 458ppi pixel density. According to DisplayMate, the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s technologically advanced Super Retina XDR display has set 11 smartphone display performance records including the highest absolute colour accuracy, highest contrast ratio and smallest shift in colour accuracy. In comparison, last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max matched nine smartphone display performance records and won the DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Award.

After testing the iPhone 12 Pro

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iPhone 12 Pro Max breaks 11 records, gets Best Smartphone Display award by DisplayMate

It has only been a few weeks since Apple launched the iPhone 12 series of phones, and since then more information about the phones have started to steadily come in. We’ve seen a number of reviews in the last few days, and now a new one has come in from DisplayMate, which in its review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has declared the device as the best there is in terms of display.

Ranking the phone with the highest-ever display performance grade of A+, DisplayMate has given the device the “Best Smartphone Display” award after the iPhone 12 Pro Max managed to hit a milestone by breaking 11 records or matching an existing one. This is very impressive and it compares even more favorably to the iPhone 11 Pro which at the time of launch matched or set nine performance records for the display.

Yet, even as the phone

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