Endangered mouse nears ‘zero’ in southern New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Environmentalists are asking for an independent investigation into U.S. Forest Service practices in southern New Mexico, saying hundreds of grazing violations on the Lincoln National Forest have pushed an endangered mouse closer to extinction.

The Center for Biological Diversity in its request pointed to a November report that looked at the condition of the habitat used by the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse, the connectivity between those patches of habitat and how long the tiny rodent has been missing from those areas. The report indicated that the mouse’s population in one stretch of southern New Mexico was near zero.

Robin Silver, a cofounder of the group, wrote in a letter sent last week to Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen that local and regional forest officials have failed to issue any noncompliance letters to ranchers who graze in the area despite more than 330 instances in which

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Apple says that Apple Pay will launch in Mexico ‘very soon’

Apple Pay is set to make its debut in Mexico “very soon” with support for some of the country’s largest banks at launch.

The company’s Mexican site detailing Apple Pay, which first appeared in October, now states that the contactless payment platform will arrive “muy pronto,” or very soon.

Additionally, some hidden code on the landing page spotted by Twitter user @urielarcia suggests that Apple Pay will be compatible with Banregio, Hey Banco, Inbursa, and CitiBanamex at launch. Some initial retailers that will support the payment platform in Mexico could also include Best Buy, Burger King, Uber, Rappi, and La Comer, among others.

The page itself details the benefits of Apple Pay’s contactless payments, including the convenience and security, as well as the ability to make payments without touching money or objects amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

An exact release date isn’t clear, but given that Apple Pay in

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New Mexico county signs contract for deputy body cameras

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M (AP) — Bernalillo County officials announced Wednesday that they have signed a $3.8 million deal with a Georgia company to provide body and vehicle cameras for the sheriff’s department.

The agreement calls for Utility Inc. to supply 363 body cameras for deputies while 148 vehicles will be equipped with front- and rear-facing cameras. The service agreement includes installation, software, training and maintenance for five years.

Sheriff Manuel Gonzales had long dismissed body-worn cameras despite public pressure and the urging of the county commission. After state lawmakers passed a bill in June requiring body-worn cameras for all law enforcement agencies in the state, the sheriff’s department began working to meet the mandate.

“This is a historic step for Bernalillo County and the protection of our deputies and the citizens of the county,” County Manager Julie Morgas Baca said in a statement. “The county is fulfilling the state legal requirement

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Arc Publishing expands into Mexico with signing of El Financiero, the country’s leading financial and business publication

With the addition of El Financiero, Arc now serves media and brands in 23 countries, supporting 1.5 billion unique monthly visitors and over 8 billion page views. Arc’s expansion into Mexico amplifies the platform’s growing footprint in Latin America and Spain, which spans 11 countries, and includes relationships with Infobae and El Pais, two of the most read Spanish-speaking sites in the world.

“Arc is exceptionally well-positioned to support El Financiero’s digital transformation, providing a dynamic solution that will enable their newsroom to focus on delivering on readers’ needs and expectations, especially as the country heads into an election year,” said Scot Gillespie, CTO and GM of Arc Publishing. “Our expansion into Mexico reaffirms the importance of Latin America for Arc. We’re incredibly proud of the growth Arc has helped drive for our customers in this region and look forward to doing so for El Financiero.”

As an Advanced partner

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Geoscientists discover Ancestral Puebloans survived from ice melt in New Mexico lava tubes

Geoscientists discover Ancestral Puebloans survived from ice melt in New Mexico lava tubes
USF geosciences professor Bogdan Onac is pictured with ice deposit in New Mexico. Credit: University of South Florida

For more than 10,000 years, the people who lived on the arid landscape of modern-day western New Mexico were renowned for their complex societies, unique architecture and early economic and political systems. But surviving in what Spanish explorers would later name El Malpais, or the “bad lands,” required ingenuity now being explained for the first time by an international geosciences team led by the University of South Florida.

Exploring an ice-laden lava tube of the El Malpais National Monument and using precisely radiocarbon- dated charcoal found preserved deep in an ice deposit in a lava tube, USF geosciences Professor Bogdan Onac and his team discovered that Ancestral Puebloans survived devastating droughts by traveling deep into the caves to melt ancient ice as a water resource.

Dating back as far as AD 150

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Virgin Galactic’s postponing its first human test flight out of Spaceport America due to COVID-19 restrictions in New Mexico

a screen shot of Richard Branson: If the planned crewed mission is successful, Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic's founder, will himself step on board SpaceShipTwo — a winged vehicle designed to rocket up to six passengers for more than $200,000 a ticket. Reuters

© Reuters
If the planned crewed mission is successful, Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic’s founder, will himself step on board SpaceShipTwo — a winged vehicle designed to rocket up to six passengers for more than $200,000 a ticket. Reuters

  • Virgin Galactic said Monday it’s delaying a pivotal crewed launch planned for mid-November due to COVID-19 restrictions in New Mexico.
  • “[W]e take this pause in stride and will be prepared to resume our pre-flight procedures and announce a new test flight window as soon as we can,” CEO Michael Colglazier said in a statement Monday.
  • The postponed November mission is scheduled to be the first human test flight from the company’s base Spaceport America in New Mexico.
  • New Mexico announced statewide coronavirus restrictions Friday as COVID-19 cases are on the rise. State health officials have recorded 64,201 cases in total.
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Virgin Galactic announced Monday that

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GastroBox, the Mexican brand of nostalgia products that learned a great lesson at Shark Tank Mexico

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

  • GastroBox is a brand of nostalgia products from the Sonora region.

Fermín Soto and Martín Landeros met in an exchange in the United States. Both young men, originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, began to miss the food from their hometown after two months, but that feeling brought to mind the idea of creating a business that could bring products from your region to wherever you were.

“Martín and I clicked from the first day, we became very close friends and about the second month you quickly start to miss family, friends, girlfriend and then food and we realized that you don’t really start to miss food for food if not for what transported you ”, explains in an interview

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What Is the Mexican Businessman Like? Here Is the X-ray of Entrepreneurship in Mexico

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

This Tuesday, the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM) presented the X-ray of Entrepreneurship in Mexico , a comprehensive study from the perspective of entrepreneurs, who have founded micro, small, medium and large companies , which are the main employers of the country and an important engine for the economy.

The study was carried out thanks to the support of the technology company Akky and the research company Nauta, a benchmark in the field in Latin America. For this, 1,102 founders of companies from all sectors in the 32 states of the country were consulted between August and September.

It is expected that the X-ray of Entrepreneurship in Mexico will have an annual follow-up, “that will give us a guide to know, periodically, how entrepreneurs are

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Eta likely to become a hurricane over southeastern Gulf of Mexico

The Daily Beast

She Killed Her Grandpa and Stuffed Him in a Tool Box, Cops Say

A New Mexico woman has been accused of drugging her veteran grandfather to death, stuffing his body in a big tool box, and telling people that he was living at a fictional nursing home.Candy Jo Webb, 27, went on the lam after a neighbor found A.J. Harden’s decomposed remains in mid-October, and investigators began asking questions, according to court papers.But she was tracked to Jacksonville, Florida, where U.S. marshals picked her up on Thursday. She’s being held on a charge of first-degree murder and awaiting extradition to New Mexico, police said Friday.A criminal complaint against Webb says that police learned Harden, 82, was dead when a resident of Fort Sumner, Chad Abeyta, noticed a foul odor coming from a tool box dumped on property near his home and made the grisly discovery.The remains were

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Virgin Galactic to Launch Crewed Test Flight From New Mexico

Virgin Galactic is coming one step closer to its goal of bringing paying tourists to the very edge of space, with the company announcing it will perform its first crewed test flight from Spaceport America later this month.

The spacecraft VSS Unity, a SpaceShipTwo model, will take off from Spaceport America in New Mexico, from where customers will launch to the edge of space. The company has previously performed a number of test flights from Mojave Air and Space Port in California, but now it will perform another test with crew aboard from New Mexico.

As reported by AP, the VSS Unity will be taken into high altitude by a carrier jet and then released, from where its rocket engines will carry it onward to an altitude of at least 50 miles. The craft will then descend and glide back to earth, landing on a runway.

There’s some debate about

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