Bright Spots for Digital Technologies in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic persisting, countries around the world are scrambling to implement preventive measures to flatten the curve of their outbreaks and keep their public health systems from being overwhelmed. Terms like ‘social distancing,’ ‘lockdown,’ and ‘contact tracing’ have now become part of daily conversation as people come to grips with life under a new normal.

How technology is helping to contain the spread of COVID-19

Like South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, Singapore has a simple but effective approach to COVID-19: identify, quarantine, and treat patients as quickly as possible. But it is the innovative application of tech-driven strategies that has proven to be the difference-maker in these nations thus far. 

The increased isolation stemming from social distancing measures have forced governments, businesses, and public health organizations to expand the use of technologies to improve testing and contact tracing.

For example, in South Korea, the government rolled out

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Wrightspeed Drives the Future of Sustainable Trucking In Midst of COVID Pandemic

Company answers call for cleaner urban transportation globally

Wrightspeed, a leading manufacturer of range-extended electric powertrains for heavy local transport, is answering the call for cleaner urban transportation as companies, cities and countries across the world build toward sustainable operations. While there has been an increased green push in the wake of COVID-19, Wrightspeed has been ahead of the curve, developing groundbreaking technology to power frequent-stop, heavy-duty buses, refuse, and delivery trucks. Wrightspeed has opened a new route for sustainable trucking by reducing greenhouse gasses, meeting regulatory needs and noise ordinances, and improving total cost of ownership.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

The Wrightspeed Team Drives the Future of Sustainable Trucking In Midst of COVID Pandemic (Photo: Business Wire)

“Our engineering innovations have set a new standard for regional transport within the industry,” said Broc TenHouten, VP of engineering, Wrightspeed. “Studies indicate that traditional

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New Amazon ad pays tribute to human spirit as it kicks off holiday season in the midst of pandemic

“The show must go on” for Amazon as the tech giant gears up for a huge holiday shopping season in the midst of the pandemic. That also happens to be the title of a new ad from the company featuring a touching nod to crisis we’re living through.

a person wearing a costume: (Amazon Image)

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(Amazon Image)

The holiday ad made its debut in the U.K. on Tuesday during an episode of “The Great British Bake Off” and features a young ballerina who is disappointed when her star turn in a winter show is derailed by the pandemic.

The young girl faces the challenges of the year and continues to train and eventually puts on an outdoor performance on a snowy rooftop for her family and neighbors. From a balcony above, a boy shines a spotlight on the dancing girl using a flashlight he purchased on Amazon.

The campaign features 17-year-old French ballet

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