WFH FOMO: Almost three in five professionals are missing the opportunity to network

Do you feel a little isolated when you are working from home? Don’t worry, you are not alone. it seems like many of us are worried about the lack of networking opportunities and what companies are doing to support us.

As COVID-19 cases surge and restrictions return, going back into the office is still a distant reality. Managers are going to need to find creative ways to keep their teams engaged to avoid messing up employee career plans and meet their needs.

San Francisco, CA-based anonymous professional network Blind asked 1230 of its users in November what was giving professionals WFH FOMO and what steps their company was taking to support them.

The poll uncovered some of the benefits that companies offer to offset the challenges workers face when working from home and trying to communicate with their colleagues.

The poll showed that almost three in five (57%) professionals (including

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16-year-old cosmic mystery solved, revealing stellar missing link — ScienceDaily

In 2004, scientists with NASA’s space-based Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) spotted an object unlike any they’d seen before in our Milky Way galaxy: a large, faint blob of gas with a star at its center. Though it doesn’t actually emit light visible to the human eye, GALEX captured the blob in ultraviolet (UV) light and thus appeared blue in the images; subsequent observations also revealed a thick ring structure within it. So the team nicknamed it the Blue Ring Nebula. Over the next 16 years, they studied it with multiple Earth- and space-based telescopes, including W. M. Keck Observatory on Maunakea in Hawaii, but the more they learned, the more mysterious it seemed.

A new study published online on Nov. 18 in the journal Nature may have cracked the case. By applying cutting-edge theoretical models to the slew of data that has been collected on this object, the authors posit

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Parasitic worms offer ‘the missing link’ on the dual nature of a key immune regulator — ScienceDaily

De’Broski Herbert has a philosophy that’s guided his career researching helminths, or parasitic worms, and their interaction with their hosts’ immune systems: “Follow the worm.”

“The mantra of my lab since its inception has been that parasitic worms manipulate their hosts in very interesting ways to maintain their survival,” says Herbert, an associate professor of pathobiology in Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine. “SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t care about staying in your body very long because it is transmitted so easily. Worms aren’t spread so easily, so they have to figure out how to persist.”

That focus has revealed a key insight about an immune signaling molecule, the cytokine IL-33, that is important not only in parasite infections, but in a range of other health conditions, such as asthma, obesity, and eczema. In a new study published in Science Immunology, Herbert and colleagues made insights that explain how IL-33 can both help

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Core Functions Missing From SKAdNetwork

Apple’s iOS 14 is probably the most privacy-safe mobile operating system on the planet. But a major part of the planned functionality was delayed until 2021. At the time, Apple said the reason was that mobile developers weren’t ready yet.

As it turns out, that might not be true.

And Apple has now admitted that its own advertising attribution software has two major bugs.

The Apple software in question is an attribution framework called SKAdNetwork. I consult with a number of mobile marketing companies, and I’ve been hearing for weeks that major mobile ad networks have been processing hundreds of thousands of SKAdNetwork postbacks that don’t appear to have all required information, and there’s been increasing internal consternation about it.

Listen to this post on the TechFirst podcast:

When Apple delayed full implementation of iOS 14’s privacy protections until some time in 2021,

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My borough lost a major science centre thanks to Brexit. Without proper funding, the UK risks missing out on more

While the government rejects renewed Brexit talks with the EU and Michael Gove has pointed out in the House of Commons that such meetings would be “pointless” without fundamental changes from Brussels, the UK faces a new era of science rebuilding our economy.

a person standing in front of a mirror

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The number of British businesses collaborating internationally under the EU’s flagship research grant scheme, Horizon 2020, has reduced by almost half since the 2016 referendum, which was attributed to uncertainty surrounding Brexit and reluctance for companies in the UK and overseas to work together.

However, France, Germany and Italy expanded their collaborations over the same period, with France growing from 1,400 collaborations to 15,400.

In the aftermath of 2016, my borough of Tower Hamlets saw the departure of the European Medicine Agency, along with almost 900 jobs and 40,000 business visits to its location every year.

In January 2017, in its industrial

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