Cyber Monday 2020 deals still available at Staples: Gaming chairs, laptops and desktop monitors

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Cyber Monday 2020 is officially over, but Staples still has some great deals. Are you a gamer? Check out the Vortex gaming chair. Need a new monitor? The excellent AOC is still on sale for just $90. Just one small wrinkle: Several of these deals are sold out online, but may be available for in-store pickup at your local brick-and-mortar.  


Expand your desktop workspace with this slim 1080p monitor, which features VGA and HDMI inputs and comes with a three-year warranty. If that model sells out, there’s also an HP V24i for $90, though it has only a one-year warranty.


A good gaming chair is essential gear these days. (It’s OK if you use it for actual work, too

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Microsoft ‘Productivity Score’ monitors employees email, camera usage

  • Microsoft this month launched an analytics tool for employers called “Productivity Score.”
  • The tool collects detailed data about how employees are using Microsoft’s tools, including how much they use email and whether they turn their camera on during meetings.
  • Privacy experts have voiced concerns that the Microsoft tool is a serious invasion of privacy, as employers are able to view employees’ activity individually.
  • Data privacy researcher Wolfie Christl said it “turns Microsoft 365 into an full-fledged workplace surveillance tool.”
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Microsoft has a new tool that lets companies break down how much time employees are spending on work tools like email, Microsoft Teams, and Word — and privacy experts say it amounts to “workplace surveillance.”

The tool, called Productivity Score, was first announced by the company in October and launched on November 17. It allows employers to gather granular data about how their employees

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Best computer monitors 2020

Remote working and schooling has become the norm for many of us this past year — and there’s a good chance we’ll be continuing to do so for a bit longer. After upgrading your work-from-home digs with a more comfortable chair or a standing desk, the next addition you should consider is a larger secondary monitor.

graphical user interface, website

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Screen constraint can hamper anyone’s workflow. Who hasn’t wasted precious time trying to find that one spreadsheet buried beneath 15 other open applications on an oh-so-small laptop screen? A full-size monitor lets you multitask without having to constantly scroll through different windows and allows you to neatly arrange them all right in front of you.

We’ve been testing seven of the highest-rated monitors over the past month to find the best, which we ultimately whittled down to three top picks:

  • Best overall computer monitor: Lenovo L24q-30 Monitor ($169.99, originally $199.99;
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5 TV Monitors Are Perfect for Your New Game Console

Before you buy a brand new TV, you need to asses what you’re going to be predominately using it for. If you’re buying one just to watch television and movies, your needs will be a little different than if you’re buying one for gaming. So, when you’re shopping for a new TV that you plan on using primarily for gaming, there are a few specific features that should be at the top of your check list. With the new generation of consoles about to launch, you’ll definitely want something that can match their graphical hardware.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

What you need to know

  • Low latency: The speed at which a TV can render images is far more important for gaming than it is for regular video delivery. Most monitors that sell themselves as “gaming” monitors will already have low latency as a key feature,
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Best gaming monitors 2020: make games look amazing

T3’s best gaming monitors guide for 2020 has been crafted to make it as easy as possible to discover great screens to play games on.

a man standing in front of a computer screen: Best gaming monitors 2020

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Best gaming monitors 2020

Here at T3 our mission is to connect people with top hardware, and that means helping them find the best gaming monitor for them.

As such, in our gaming monitor guide you will find an expertly curated selection of specialist PC gaming screens that cover every budget and intended usage scenario.

These are monitors from the world’s best makers that deliver the features gamers need to make games look amazing. We’re talking high refresh rates like 144Hz and 240Hz, ghosting-killing response times like 1ms, and eye-popping HDR credentials that take in-game lighting to all new levels of immersion.

And, you can be sure that we’re testing these gaming monitors to the max, as T3’s test rig is

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Acer’s five new gaming monitors could be perfect buys for PC gamers

Acer recently announced a fleet of new gaming monitors in its Predator and Nitro lineups, offering up some exciting new features at a more affordable price point than previous models. 

Each of these monitors also have slimline bezels, making them great for use in a multiple-screen setup.

These won’t arrive quite in time for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but if you have a PC gamer you want to buy a present for, these are well worth taking a look at.

If you’re after a Black Friday gaming monitor bargain, then hopefully Acer will lower the prices of its existing monitors in time for the deal bonanza at the end of November.

Acer Predator

(Image credit: Acer)

Predator’s affordable ultra-wide

Let’s kick off with the ‘big boy’: the Predator X34 GS. This 34-inch ultra-wide curved QHD 3440×1440 IPS display features Nvidia G-Sync and is overclockable to 180Hz. In addition, Acer claims the

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Acer Unleashes Horde of Predator, Nitro Gaming Monitors With Super-High Refresh Rates

(Image: Acer)

Though it may not feel quite the same without the taco bar and amuse bouche being passed around in person, Acer took to the virtual e-stage at its annual [email protected] conference today to unveil a completely refreshed line of gaming monitors. Spanning its Predator and Nitro families, the wave of new panels covers nearly every tier of PC performance and gamer budget.

One thing in common, though? Super-high refresh rates for gaming displays are here to stay, and you’ll need a whole heap of graphics power to push the limit on these models.

Filling Out the Esports Set: Predator and Nitro

Acer looks to be making a much bigger push than in years past to capture every segment of the gaming-monitor market. The difference: These days, the top-selling options across almost every resolution have a refresh rate of 144Hz or higher. Not a single monitor announced today

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Acer is ready for 2021 with 11th-gen Intel, fast gaming monitors and tools for creatives

Acer isn’t waiting until CES 2021 to show off what’s coming next. At its Next @ Acer event Wednesday, it announced updates to its consumer and Chromebook laptop lines as well as its creator-friendly Concept D line and new gaming monitors with faster frame rates. The PC maker is best known for thin-and-light systems such as the Spin 5, as well as gaming hardware including the Predator and Triton lines.

a laptop computer sitting on top of a table: The Acer Swift 3x will be one of the first laptops to use Intel's Iris Xe Max discrete graphics. Josh Goldman/CNET

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The Acer Swift 3x will be one of the first laptops to use Intel’s Iris Xe Max discrete graphics. Josh Goldman/CNET

a laptop computer sitting on top of a table


Acer announced the Swift 3x, a 14-inch consumer laptop with Intel’s Iris Xe Max discrete graphics and a starting price of $900 when it arrives in December in the US. It’ll hit the UK in November for £899. No word on Australian availability but the UK price converts to AU$1,660. (We took a

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