Pixellot Partners With China’s Earth Mountain Technology To Scale AI-Automated Sports Content Creation

Success of the Nike Basketball Tournament led to long-term partnership, Exclusive content will be used to introduce new 5G tech

TEL AVIV, Israel (PRWEB) December 03, 2020

Pixellot, the world’s leading provider of AI-Automated™ sports production solutions, announced today they have partnered with Chinese tech company, Earth Mountain Technology to introduce AI-automated production and produce live sports content in China.

Earth Mountain Technology is a technological innovator focusing on broadcasting, graphics and digital video products. It has been producing content for the Chinese broadcasting and cable TV market as well as digital videos, for more than 20 years.

In July 2020 Pixellot and Earth Mountain provided AI production for the Nike High School Basketball Tournament which took place in two cities. More than 1,000 athletes competed in the 17-day tournament that was viewed by more than a million unique viewers on the Migu Sports App.

“The opportunity to work with

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Tech start-ups tackle mountain of food waste

The waste of a third of the world’s food, as the world’s population pushes towards 10bn by 2050, is spurring a search for solutions. While the ultimate answers may lie with business leaders and politicians, a growing number of start-ups think that technology can help too.

Among them is British company RoboScientific, which last year won an annual agricultural technology competition run by Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain.

Despite this up-to-the-minute accolade, RoboScientific’s sensor technology has ancient roots. “Back in the middle ages, doctors used to smell disease on people by smelling their breath and poo,” says lead scientist Stan Curtis. “Believe it or not, it basically works.”

The start-up has developed a device that functions like a robotic nose, sniffing out changes in the volatile organic compounds — essentially scent molecules — emitted by crops and livestock, and sending alerts when these indicate spoilage or disease. Equipped with

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‘Silicon Mountain’ Advocates For More Tech Re-Use

When Apple released the iPhone 12 earlier this year, much of the ensuing outrage centered around the charger. In an attempt to shift to a more sustainable model of minimal packaging, the Cupertino computing giant announced it would not be including a power brick with every handset, as it had customarily done in the past. Predictably, some consumers were annoyed at the thought of having to buy an extra $19 USB-C charger adaptor on top of the already pricey device.

While the new charger policy made for clicky headlines, and momentarily focused public attention on just how many glossy plastic cubes we all have floating around our homes, it does little to address the broader problem of e-waste. Every time a new iPhone hits the market, millions rush to buy the latest, shiniest version. Inevitably, the devices they already have join billions of pounds of glass, heavy metals, and other

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Wearable tech transforms 10th Mountain troops into soldier-athletes

The Army is matching up smartwatches, rings and data collection to help turn soldiers into measured athletes.

More than 530 soldiers from 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, have been issued wearable technology at the start of a yearlong human performance study, according to an Army statement.

The program, whose pilot Army Times first reported on in 2018, is called MASTR-E, or Measuring and Advancing Soldier Tactical Readiness and Effectiveness.

The 10th Mountain soldiers ran through a 200-meter stress shoot recently, testing their speed, decision-making and accuracy under pressure. And that was just for training. Soldiers are not required but can wear the device off duty to track their exercise, sleep and other activities.

Soldiers with the 82nd Airborne are part of a two-week study to measure a battery of biological and cognitive performances that researchers hope will help better prepare troops for strenuous operations. (Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center)

“We have noticed they are wearing them on the weekends, which is great to see,” said George Matook, MASTR-E program manager. “They’ll tag that they’re going on a hike, and

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Mountain gorillas are good neighbors – up to a point –

Mountain gorilla groups are friendly to familiar neighbours — provided they stay out of “core” parts of their territory — new research shows.

Gorillas live in tight-knit groups, foraging, resting and sleeping together around a “core home range” and a wider “peripheral” range.

These groups sometimes split permanently, separating gorillas that may have lived together for years and may be closely related.

The new study — by the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund (Fossey Fund) and the University of Exeter — shows groups that were previously united are more than four times as likely to be friendly to each other when they meet, even if they had split over a decade earlier.

Gorillas tend to react aggressively when another group strays into their core territory — regardless of whether the intruders are familiar. But in the peripheries of their home range, this heightened aggression only applies to less familiar groups, with

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This wildlife crossing helps mountain lions cross the 101 in LA

Reconnecting the open space on either side of the freeway is crucial for wildlife. “We know from science what’s going on there, and it’s a little deeper than just that the animals are getting hit by cars,” says Beth Pratt of the National Wildlife Federation, one of several partner organizations working on the project. “They are becoming genetically isolated, because animals cannot move into the small islands of habitat that are created by our freeways.” The situation is most acute for mountain lions, who risk extinction in the area within decades, but other wildlife, from lizards to birds, are also showing a decline in genetic diversity.

Fires fueled by climate change are making the challenges worse, as animals often can’t relocate when their habitat is destroyed, or they can’t directly flee the flames. A mountain lion named P-64, who died because of the Woolsey Fire, is one example. “That cat

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Green Mountain Technology Launches New LTL Spend Management Solution

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Oct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Green Mountain Technology (GMT) announced the launch of its new LTL Spend Management solution today.  GMT has provided Parcel Spend Management solutions to the largest brands in the U.S., and the rapidly growing company is expanding its Spend Management tools to include LTL. GMT’s new LTL Spend Management solution will provide unparalleled network visibility and analysis alongside strategic support to uncover optimization and efficiency opportunities.

“We’ve always focused on the unique needs of our customers and continually seek ways to enhance our offering and provide value,” said Craig Russell, CEO at GMT. “Our clients had a need for increased visibility and optimization for their LTL shipments. We’ve developed a technology platform that drives performance improvements across our clients parcel and LTL ecosystems.”

Jim Badovinac, VP of LTL Solutions at GMT added,

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