Pfizer vaccine refutes Trump’s nationalism, science attacks

Pfizer’s announcement that its COVID-19 vaccine is 95% effective has created significant optimism — except in the Trump camp, where adverse reactions of cynicism have emerged. His acolytes believe the press release was timed to prevent an injection of good news that might have secured reelection.

It is true that Pfizer’s CEO wanted to distance his scientists from the overt politics that would have come with taking Operation Warp Speed money. The company didn’t take funding but entered into an agreement to supply the United States with vaccine once the Food and Drug Administration approved. Trump’s adult children believe this pact was a result of their father’s deal-making prowess — but such supply agreements are quite common.

Whether the release was sat on and prevented a second term for Trump is likely never to be known. Regardless, Americans should feel relief because nothing about this vaccine is to his credit.

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