Navigating the Future, a How-To

NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hosted by the forward-looking initiative 2020Visions, The New City: Navigating the Future, December 3–5, will feature a wide range of noted speakers including Andrew Yang, Sir David Adjaye OBE, Matthew Ryder, and Karenna Gore. The virtual conference will explore the ways technical innovation and imagination can help us radically rethink urban spaces.

2020Visions is a new bicoastal initiative that promotes the imagination as a lever for global change. The New City will showcase several cutting-edge tech platforms aiming to create a multi-layered conference event experience.

During the main conversation, Yang, former presidential candidate and tech entrepreneur, will discuss his equity-building innovations such as guaranteed annual income. A centerpiece conversation between architect Adjaye and Ryder, former Deputy Mayor of London for Social Integration, will discuss the Ghanaian-British architect’s interfaith temples in Abu Dhabi and other visionary models for civic spaces.

Center for Earth

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Navigating the post-COVID future of work: New challenges require new digital technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation across organizations of all stripes. If companies were not already well underway with their digital transformation before the pandemic, they almost certainly are now. Post-COVID, this transformation will only accelerate.

Around the world, the companies that are furthest along on their transformation journeys are better equipped to manage and emerge from this crisis. Those lagging have found themselves on a burning platform, with too much tech debt, dated software and outdated processes.

At some point, whether in several months or longer, offices will begin to reopen in earnest and technology will help with the return to the workplace. But even when offices do open back up, the traditional office and desktop workspace will become a pre-COVID artifact.

A major change will be the move to a distributed workforce and workplace, which will require multiple technologies and platforms connected by digital

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Senior women engineers on navigating a male-dominated industry

  • It’s no secret the tech industry employs a wildly disproportionate number of men – with research showing women take just 13% of the sector’s jobs. 
  • With this in mind, Business Insider spoke to Felicia Williams and Aurelia Specker – two engineers who have worked at the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft – about navigating a male-heavy industry. 
  • ‘I would not only be the sole woman in the room, especially as a leader,’ Williams told us. ‘But very often I would also be the only person of color in the room.’ 
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It’s no secret the tech industry employs a wildly disproportionate number of men. 

Recent research suggests women make up just 13% of the engineering workforce, and also tend to earn 10% less than men in the industry, on average. 

With this in mind, Business Insider asked two senior engineers – whose resumés

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