New AI-Based Navigation Helps Loon’s Balloons Hover in Place

Candido and his team have been working on this problem for several years, since the company was first launched as part of the Google X research lab in 2012. Loon is now a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

The big advancement since then has been applying reinforcement learning, something previously used in video games, to a real-world challenge, according to Marc Bellemare, lead author on the Nature paper and a research scientist at Google Canada. “Machine learning refers to the idea of taking data and making predictions about outcomes,” Bellemare says. “With reinforcement learning we are focusing on the decision part. How do we go up or down based on that data? Not only is [the AI controller] making decisions, but making decisions over time.”

Some experts believe the AI-powered balloons can also be used to monitor Earth’s environmental vital signs, such as checking on melting in the Arctic

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Instagram updates Threads app with Status tab, revamped navigation system

Instagram Threads Status tab update

Instagram’s Threads app is getting a refresh.


Instagram is givings its Threads app a refresh with a new Status tab and a tabbed navigation system, the company said Thursday. Threads is a companion app for Instagram designed for messaging close friends and sharing photos, videos and Stories in a private setting. The app launched last year, following the death of Instagram’s other standalone messaging app, Direct.

With the new Status tab, Instagram says users can more easily stay up to date with and interact with a friend’s Story or status. The tabbed navigation system is designed to allow users to easily move between sections in the app.

Last month, Threads added an inbox tab for “Everyone Else,” where users could see all their other messages and chat

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Microsoft Edge Dev’s new caret mode for PDFs boosts navigation

Now you can tap through a PDF with nothing but your arrow keys.

What you need to know

  • A new Microsoft Edge Dev channel build is rolling out now.
  • This build adds caret navigation for PDFs, along with many crash fixes.
  • You can download this release now as version 88.0.680.1.

We’re nearing the end of another week, which means it’s time for another weekly build for the Microsoft Edge Dev channel. Today’s build, which comes in at build number 88.0.680.1, includes a new way to navigate PDFs as a new feature. There are also several fixes tagging along, including corrections for some crash bugs.

The biggest feature addition here is support for Edge’s caret mode for PDFs. Caret navigation allows you to tap through a document to get to and select text with just your keyboard keys. For PDFs, that means you’ll now be able to use the up and

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CloudMD to Acquire Medical Confidence Inc., a Revolutionary, Technology-based, Health Care Navigation Platform for Enterprise Clients

Leverages database of 17,000 specialists to reduce wait times for specialist appointments and medical procedures resulting in better access to care and return to work outcomes

  • Medical Confidence is a pioneer health care navigation platform which empowers individuals to connect with health care providers for mental and physical health issues more efficiently and effectively

  • Proven results include: 20% reduction in benefit and disability costs, 6-month reduction in disability duration (on average), access to treatment 220 days sooner (on average), improved employee satisfaction (reported by 75% of clients) and 420% return on investment (ROI) or greater in payroll savings due to reduced illness related absences

  • Long standing contracts with Canada’s largest group benefit and disability insurers

  • Integrated with CloudMD, the combined suite of health care solutions will offer one, multi-functional platform which addresses total health (mental and physical care) and provides a direct and

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