Future of jobs: ‘the defining challenge of our times’ – Newspaper

The future of jobs is emerging as an inescapable, persisting issue in national and international discourse in a transforming world, triggered by the induction of latest technologies, spurred by the covid-19-related crisis, and preceded by a fragile recovery from the global recession.

A discourse on a report on the ‘Future of Jobs ’ that includes a chapter on Pakistan for the first time, prepared by the World Economic Forum (WEF), was organised on November 19 in Karachi.

It was attended by top corporate executives and the special advisor on human resource development Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari.

Two days earlier an extraordinary comprehensive study on ‘The Work of the Future: Better Jobs in an Age of Intelligent Machines’ was released to the US news media by a distinguished group of researchers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The report included field studies, market analysis and policy suggestions for changes in skills

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Nation must support science – Las Vegas Sun Newspaper

Damage wreaked on the Strip doesn’t affect just casino workers. I’m a limo driver, and the spring shutdowns left me without a job. Reduced demand means I’m still not working, and the many additional casino layoffs that loom make me fearful that I won’t be called back anytime soon. Like nearly everyone in the service industry, I’m spending less money, and that belt-tightening is affecting all types of businesses and jobs nationwide.

That’s why it’s vital that new treatments for COVID-19 are developed quickly, so people feel more confident that if they catch the coronavirus, doctors have the tools to help them overcome it. Even more important are vaccines, so everyone can gain immunity and we can all get back to living — to dining out, traveling, gathering for family holidays and traditions.

Biopharmaceutical development is critical now

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Smartphone wonders – Newspaper – DAWN.COM

WITH people losing livelihoods during the pandemic, internet connectivity has become increasingly crucial in facilitating access to opportunities for the marginalised segments of society.

Amid lockdown, the woman I had employed as a nanny for my younger children requested me to loan her money to buy a smartphone so she could start a business of selling homemade snacks. Her husband had lost his job during the pandemic and the family income had dropped significantly, making it difficult for them to make ends meet.

However, with the assistance of smartphone technology and newly-acquired internet access, social media apps became key enablers of her business as she advertised her homemade items through an Instagram profile and a Facebook page that my daughter helped her create.

For the nanny, her new phone also provided a much-deserved break from her stressful life. With the help of my daughter, she now downloads and listens to

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