Puzzling ‘cold quasar’ forming new stars in spite of active galactic nucleus — ScienceDaily

Researchers from the University of Kansas have described a galaxy more than 5.25 billion light years away undergoing a rarely seen stage in its galactic life cycle. Their findings recently were published in the Astrophysical Journal.

The galaxy, dubbed CQ 4479, shows characteristics that normally don’t coexist: an X-ray luminous active galactic nuclei (AGN) and a cold gas supply fueling high star formation rates.

“Massive galaxies, such as our own Milky Way, host a supermassive black hole at their hearts — these are black holes that grow by accreting interstellar gas onto themselves to become more massive,” said Kevin Cooke, lead author and postdoctoral researcher in KU’s Department of Physics & Astronomy. “The end of galactic growth is thought to happen when this gas accretion onto the black hole occurs in sufficient quantities that it produces a tremendous amount of energy. Then, all of that energy surrounding the black

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Genes that give plant nucleus its shape discovered, also regulate copper tolerance — ScienceDaily

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have identified how the architecture of the cell nucleus can change gene activity in plants. This discovery reveals fundamental knowledge about genome regulation and points towards future methods for potentially manipulating the expression of many genes simultaneously.

The long strands of DNA and the protein machinery needed to turn gene expression on or off are contained, floating within the nuclei of cells. The nucleus is essentially a sack made of a flexible, double-membrane envelope that is supported by an inner, fine-mesh frame of proteins called the nuclear lamina.

“DNA does not drift aimlessly within the nucleus. We expect that there is nonrandom spatial positioning of genes around the nuclear lamina,” said Professor Sachihiro Matsunaga who led the research project from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, recently published in Nature Communications.

Gene regulation is often studied at the one-dimensional level

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The Rise of Virtual Offices, New Technology Hubs & Automated Recruitment Tools Lead Nucleus Research’s Top 10 Technology Predictions for 2021

Coming off a year like no other, Nucleus’ analysts predict the biggest technology trends for the coming year, from low code to managed services

Nearing the close of a year that has been anything but normal, Nucleus Research today looked ahead to 2021, unveilings its analysts’ Top 10 Technology Predictions for the coming year. In this, the 17th edition of the firm’s countdown of tech’s projected winners and losers for the coming year, Nucleus looks into the pandemic’s long-term impact on in-person office spaces and traditional technology hubs as well as the prospects for low-code development platforms and planning solutions and calls for the rebranding of CRM to CX.

“Our 2021 predictions reflect the latest trends that we expect will impact our clients in the coming year,” said Ian Campbell, CEO of Nucleus Research. “After a tumultuous year filled with a series of unexpected events, we expect that 2021 will

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