Portland Tech Community is Optimistic, Focused on Innovation and Growth Despite the Pandemic, ProFocus Technology Trends Report Shows

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Despite economic uncertainty, Portland’s Silicon Forest is lifting the local economy and remains insulated from the worst of the pandemic-driven downturn. Budgets are increasing, companies are hiring, and salaries are rising. These findings and other key sentiments from ProFocus Technology’s “Portland Tech in Focus: 2021 Trends Report” point to near-term economic recovery and upbeat forecasts for technology development and teams throughout the Portland area.

According to the survey of more than 260 local technology professionals, more than a third of respondents say their 2021 budget will increase (36%) and another third say it will stay the same (33%), compared to just 20% who expect a decrease. Companies are hiring, too, with 42% expecting an increase in full-time employees and 27% anticipating more contractors next year. Portland’s technology community is positioned for growth and opportunity, with 68% reporting they can personally innovate in their jobs and 62%

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Opinion | Why the 2020 Election Makes It Hard to be Optimistic About the Future

The 2020 election is over. And the big winners were the coronavirus and, quite possibly, catastrophic climate change.

OK, democracy also won, at least for now. By defeating Donald Trump, Joe Biden pulled us back from the brink of authoritarian rule.

But Trump paid less of a penalty than expected for his deadly failure to deal with Covid-19, and few down-ballot Republicans seem to have paid any penalty at all. As a headline in The Washington Post put it, “With pandemic raging, Republicans say election results validate their approach.”

And their approach, in case you missed it, has been denial and a refusal to take even the most basic, low-cost precautions — like requiring that people wear masks in public.

The epidemiological consequences of this cynical irresponsibility will be ghastly. I’m not sure how many people realize just how terrible this winter is going to be.

Deaths from Covid-19 tend

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Wall Street cautiously optimistic ahead of Big Tech earnings day

Amazon, Alphabet, Apple and Facebook will all report their September quarter earnings within moments of each other on Thursday, slipping out ahead of next week’s US presidential election.

The companies have grown used to sharing the stage recently. Each faces growing antitrust concerns at a time when they have cemented their dominance during the pandemic, while their group appearances to testify in Washington DC — such as at Wednesday’s Senate hearing on changes to their legal protections — are becoming a regular occurrence.

But despite the scrutiny, their businesses have marched on. All four have comfortably outperformed the S&P 500 this year. Amazon, the biggest mover, is up almost 70 per cent versus the index’s 1.5 per cent gain. In assessing this round of earnings, investors will be eyeing any sign that suggests a permanent shift rather than a short-term pandemic boost. In particular, they will be looking at the

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