Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield’s life and career rise, in photos

  • Stewart Butterfield founded Slack in 2013 after selling his first startup, Flickr, to Yahoo for more than $20 million.
  • Slack became one of the fastest-growing companies ever, achieving a $1 billion valuation less than a year after it officially launched.
  • Butterfield, whose birth name was Dharma before he changed it at age 12, was born in British Columbia and majored in philosophy in college. 
  • He’s currently engaged to a fellow tech founder: Jennifer Rubio, the cofounder of luggage startup Away.
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Stewart Butterfield is on a roll.

In the early 2000s, Butterfield created Flickr, which sold to Yahoo for over $20 million. Now, his latest venture, Slack, one of the fastest-growing business apps ever, has been acquired by Salesforce for $27.7 billion.

The workplace messaging app, born out of a now-defunct gaming startup Tiny Speck, will help Salesforce compete with its chief rival, Microsoft,

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The Looking Glass Portrait is a cheaper holographic window to your smartphone photos and more

a desktop computer sitting on top of a desk

© Image: Looking Glass Factory

Looking Glass Factory, a company that designs personal holographic displays, just launched a Kickstarter for its new Looking Glass Portrait, a smaller, more affordable take on its previous light field display. The new Looking Glass can operate as a standalone device, and in a clever move, supports portrait mode photos from smartphones like the iPhone for creating simple holograms.


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The Looking Glass Portrait displays holographic photos, videos and 3D models in a 58 degree viewing cone, which basically amounts to the experience of a 3D video or hologram, but viewable by multiple people without the need for special glasses. Holographic light field tech isn’t new, particularly in smaller sizes like a cellphone screen. Where Looking Glass Portrait differs from other displays, like Sony’s $3,000 Spatial Reality Display, is with a much lower price point of $349 (without promotional Kickstarter pricing).

Looking Glass Factory

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Private spies reportedly infiltrated an Amazon strike, secretly taking photos of workers, trade unionists, and journalists. Now a union is taking legal action.

a person wearing sunglasses and standing in a parking lot: November 2018: An Amazon worker with a mask of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos posing during a strike on Black Friday in the main logistic center protesting demanding better working conditions. Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket via Getty Images

© Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket via Getty Images
November 2018: An Amazon worker with a mask of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos posing during a strike on Black Friday in the main logistic center protesting demanding better working conditions. Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket via Getty Images

  • Private spies sub-contracted by the infamous Pinkerton Agency, a firm Amazon employs, infiltrated and photographed a worker strike at a warehouse on Black Friday 2019, according to a Spanish media report.
  • The spies compiled a 51-page document, which included photos of trade unionists, workers, and journalists who attended the strike, Spanish news site El Diario reported.
  • Amazon has used Pinkerton spies to track warehouse workers and labor movements at the company in the past, according to a November report.
  • Spanish labor union CCOO has asked a judge to seize documentation relating to the report ahead of potential legal action against Amazon. An Amazon spokesperson told El Diario
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Beautiful Yet Unnerving Photos of the Arctic Getting Greener

Normally, the shrubs and grasses of the tundra trap snow in the winter, and keep it from blowing around the landscape. But as temperatures rise, taller shrub species are becoming more abundant, trapping thicker layers of snow. That might seem great—all that snow keeps the permafrost from warming up—but in fact it prevents the chill of winter from penetrating the soil enough to keep it frozen. And that’s a problem, because if the permafrost doesn’t get cold enough to stay frozen—well, permanently—it will start to release that trapped carbon dioxide and methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas.

Researchers Isla Myers-Smith and Gergana Daskalova do good-old boots-on-the-ground science, surveying a plot of plants.

Photograph: Jeff Kerby/National Geographic Society

“In other instances, shrubs are darker than grasses, so that changes the albedo,” says Kerby, referring to the way that the landscape reflects light back into space. The white snow reflects light, while

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How to back up your smartphone photos, Reviews News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – If there’s anything more precious than your smartphone, it must be the pictures in it.

You can buy a new phone but not the photos and the memories. So, it is imperative to perform regular backups. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Cloud storage

– Google Photos

Android phone users can try the Google Photos app, native to the Android platform, to automatically back up photos whenever you are connected to the Internet.

You just need to enable the back up and sync function in the app to enable this. Just click on the Google account icon on the top right corner of the app.

You have two options – original and high quality. The latter is currently free but Google will “optimise” or compress the uploaded photos.

From June 1 next year, any new high-quality photos uploaded will count towards the 15GB free storage

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Photos of abandoned, stripped cruise ships show how deeply the cruise industry is sinking

  • Photos of unused cruise ships getting stripped for parts show how the cruise industry is struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Maintaining cruise ships that aren’t in use is very expensive, so many cruise companies are selling part of their fleet for scrap.
  • Since the pandemic hit, the number of cruise ships being dismantled for scrap has increased. 
  • Because many shipyards had to close due to lockdowns, there’s a waiting list for cruise ships to get dismantled around the world.
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The travel industry is hurting as the coronavirus pandemic ravages on, but the US cruise industry, in particular, has been hard hit.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a no-sail order in March, which it changed to a “conditional sailing” one on November 1. This means that cruises could accept passengers, but only after making significant changes to their health and safety

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Drone Photos and video from Township Commons waterfront park opens at Brooklyn Basin in Oakland

Perfect for these socially-distanced times, Oakland’s new outdoor waterfront living room opened at Brooklyn Basin on Wednesday.

Created from the remains of the 9th Avenue shipping terminal built in 1930, Township Commons park was designed by Oakland-based Einwiller Kuehl Landscape Architecture. Liz Einwiller, Sarah Kuehl and their team managed to transform a once-blighted industrial waterfront into a public outdoor space while keeping key pre-existing features such as the eastern-facing historic terminal front, gigantic metal structural trusses and the skeleton of the triangle-shaped terminus on the western end.

Some retail has opened in what’s left of the 20,0000-square-foot terminal building, including Rocky’s Market, The Kitchen at Rocky’s Market with outdoor dining, and California Canoe & Kayak.

An acre of wooden decking on the pier with bright yellow oversized wooden chaise lounge chairs and benches scattered throughout gives the feel of a boardwalk, and developers plan to install public art in the

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Photos of SpaceX’s astronaut flight to the space station

  • SpaceX launched its first full astronaut crew for NASA on Sunday.
  • NASA astronauts Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker, as well as Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi rocketed to the International Space Station.
  • Their Crew Dragon spaceship docked to the station the next day, kicking off what’s expected to be NASA’s longest human spaceflight ever.
  • Photos and gifs reveal the anticipation and joy of the Crew-1 mission so far.
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SpaceX has successfully launched four astronauts into Earth’s orbit and carried them to the International Space Station in its most ambitious mission yet for NASA.

On Monday night, the company’s Crew Dragon spaceship maneuvered into position in front of the ISS, slowly inched forward, then gently bumped into an ISS port and locked itself in. After hours of locking procedures, leak checks, and hatch openings, astronauts Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Shannon Walker of NASA,

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iPhone 12’s superb camera took all of these photos, and we’re impressed

The iPhone 12 has already earned a glowing review from CNET due to its new design, great performance and handy MagSafe charging pad compatibility. But we also loved its great camera, so I was particularly keen to take my model out for a test run and see what the camera is capable of. 

a remote control sitting on top of a table: Angela Lang/CNET

© Provided by CNET
Angela Lang/CNET

All images throughout this piece have been taken with the standard camera mode, in Apple’s HEIC format, which have been converted to JPEG via Adobe Lightroom as our image uploader doesn’t support HEIC format. No adjustments to the look of the image or the resolution have been made. Enjoy!

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PITCH DECK: Giraffe360 raises $4.5m to disrupt real estate photos

  • Giraffe360 wants to disrupt real estate photography.
  • The UK startup has created an easy-to-use camera agents can use to produce high-quality photos, a floor plan, and a virtual tour of a property.
  • CEO Mikus Opelts says the startup has seen an uptick in interesting during the pandemic, since its service also makes remote viewing easier.
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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way we buy and sell houses, with lockdowns and social distancing altering how and where potential buyers look at homes.

British startup Giraffe360 is tapping into that trend by making it easier for estate agents to digitize property listings. It offers a proprietary camera, which it pitches as an easy-to-use device that allows estate agents to produce high-quality photos, floor plans, and virtual tours without the need for an external photographer.

Photos are then automatically sent via 4G or WiFi to Giraffe360’s

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