AliExpress Joins TikTok, PUBG Mobile

a hand holding a cell phone: List of All Chinese Apps Banned in India So Far: AliExpress Joins TikTok, PUBG Mobile

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List of All Chinese Apps Banned in India So Far: AliExpress Joins TikTok, PUBG Mobile

The government of India has announced a crackdown on 43 new Chinese apps in India, which include popular e-commerce platform AliExpress, operated by Chinese internet services giant, Alibaba. The November 24 crackdown is the fourth of its kind, after the first ban on June 29 suspended social media app TikTok, and a subsequent July 27 ban also removed the likes of CamScanner from the Indian internet app markets. The biggest ban till date came on September 2, which suspended a total of 118 mobile apps – the most notable of which was PUBG Mobile. Now, the government has announced a ban on 43 more apps, bringing the total number up to 267. Hence, the full list of all Chinese apps banned in India now is quite extensive, and are as follows:

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PUBG is coming back to India as PUBG Mobile India

Redmi 7 showing PUBG


  • PUBG is coming back to India with a version tailored for the market.
  • PUBG Mobile India will offer a variety of changes compared to the vanilla game.


Mega-popular battle royale title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was one of over 100 mobile apps banned in India earlier this year due to cybersecurity concerns and tensions with China.

Now, parent company PUBG Corporation has announced (h/t: TechCrunch and India Today) has announced that PUBG will be returning to the market as a new version dubbed PUBG Mobile India. It’s believed that the new version is designed specifically for Indian users and will offer “secure and healthy” gameplay for the market. So what does this mean for the actual gaming experience, then?

“Various aspects of the game will be customized for Indian gamers, such as the game now being set in a virtual simulation training ground, (and) new characters automatically starting clothed, and

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Walking On Eggshells, PUBG Mobile’s Parent Company Is Taking Scrupulous Steps To Return To India

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PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND, popularly known as PUBG, seems to have played its cards strategically till now for its mobile version, i.e., PUBG Mobile’s return to India—it’s biggest market. The game which became an instant hit among the younger generation recorded 175 million downloads in India till date.

Packed with high action, realistic graphic and multiplayer options pushed the game to break all-time records in the gaming industry and comfortably sat on the top in both Google’s PlayStore and Apple’s App store. However, the game was banned by the government of India citing security reasons in September along with other Chinese apps.

Since then, the parent company has been walking on eggshells and plotting the return to India warily, without riling up the government of India. Let us look at how the game has been laying

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Is PUBG Laying the Groundwork To Return To India?

PUBG’s parent firm Krafton collaborates with Microsoft’s Azure to strengthen privacy and security of its game

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In what could be the early steps for the famous PUBG game to return to India, South Korea’s Krafton INC—the parent company of popular game PUBG—on Saturday announced its collaboration with Microsoft’s cloud computing service Microsoft Azure. The company said the cooperation with Azure will strengthen privacy and security of its game.

Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing service that helps game makers develop, run and grow games on a global scale.

Krafton and its subsidiaries will apply Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure service to games they service directly. This includes PUBG PC and console, and PUBG MOBILE.

Krafton in a press statement said the

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