Certain CBD oils no better than pure CBD at inhibiting certain cancer cell lines — ScienceDaily

Cannabidiol (CBD) oils are equally or less effective at inhibiting the growth of certain cancer cells compared to pure CBD, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers. The results of their recent study indicate that future research into the clinical applications of cannabinoids should include an analysis of whether the pure cannabinoid compound or intact plant material is more effective at achieving the therapeutic effect.

The researchers evaluated whether CBD oils were better than pure CBD at inhibiting the growth of different cancer cell lines. They studied brain, skin and colorectal cancers — using two cell lines for each cancer type — and found that pure CBD was able to reduce cell viability in three of the six cell lines tested and that the effect was cell line specific and not specific to select cancers. None of the CBD oils tested were able to reduce viability to a greater

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Alpha Motor Corporation Unveils New Line Of Pure Electric Vehicles – Advanced Mobility Technology For A Sustainable Future | News

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Alpha Motor Corporation, a rising key player in the automotive landscape today announced the company’s official launch from its Irvine, California headquarters. The launch illustrated the company’s vision to transform the automotive industry with its innovative offering of electric mobility. Alpha offers a range of pure electric vehicles that address various mobility needs in three categories:

Commute – driving for daily personal needs.
Business – driving for business and commercial travel.
Recreation – driving for pleasure.

Alpha’s launch was spearheaded by an exciting presentation of the company’s pure electric vehicles built on a proprietary modular platform to company stakeholders. The presentation centered around Alpha’s full family of vehicles, led by the company’s sleek EUV (Electric Utility Vehicle) center stage.

“Alpha is a unique legacy in the making,” said Alpha Motor Corporation Chief Executive Officer Michael Smith. “Our purpose-driven mission is straightforward:

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