Billion Dollar Burger: Inside Big Tech’s Race for the Future of Food | Review

Chase Purdy
2020 | 272pp | £14.99
ISBN 9780349420332

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Take a stroll down the vegetarian aisle of the supermarket and you’re likely to find an ample selection of products awaiting you on the shelves, from plant-based burgers and sausages to ‘chicken’ nuggets made of soy protein and even vegan kebab meat.

But a new contender is making its way onto the scene. Billion Dollar Burger by journalist Chase Purdy documents the rise of the most intriguing item yet to grace our dinner plates: lab-grown meat. It has a significant edge over its plant-based counterparts because it is actually meat ‒ it just doesn’t involve rearing or killing any animals.

Cell-cultured meat, also known as clean meat or lab-grown meat, originates from a Petri dish or bioreactor rather than any farm or slaughterhouse. Once nothing more than a futuristic vision, cell-cultured meat has rapidly evolved

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In the Wake of COVID-19, Majority of Banks Say Payment Technology is an Arms Race They’re Unprepared For

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Marqeta, the global modern card issuing platform, today released the second part of its European Banking report, based on a survey of 200 European banking executives, about the challenges they are facing when trying to respond to the greater need for payments innovation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the findings, 94% of bank executives say that payments have become a “technology arms race,” enabling them to gain a competitive advantage over rivals by offering greater choice and flexibility to customers. However, 84% of respondents said that legacy infrastructure is restricting them, making it almost impossible for them to innovate, at a time of increased scrutiny and great need.

“The likes of Uber, Amazon, and Deliveroo, have set the bar when it comes to expectations around payments; having a slick and convenient way to pay has become a fundamental part of the customer

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Study forecasts advantages and disadvantages for Black patients of removing race from kidney function calculators — ScienceDaily

Race is not biology. As a social construct, race is an unreliable predictor of physiologic variation and a notoriously unreliable marker for biologic differences across populations.

To reflect this growing realization, hospital systems and professional medical organizations have started reconsidering the use of race in clinical calculators that estimate how well a person’s kidneys work. Indeed, some hospital systems have already removed race from these commonly used clinical tools.

But what this move might mean for patients remains unclear.

Now a new study from Harvard Medical School forecasts the effects of this change if implemented nationwide. The results, published Dec. 2 in JAMA, suggest that removing race from kidney function tests might have both advantages and disadvantages for Black people with kidney disease.

The analysis represents the most comprehensive study to date to assess the impact of eliminating race from kidney function formulas. It is intended to help clinicians,

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As Joe Biden faces a China emboldened in its race to tech supremacy, what policies will he pursue?

illustration: Lau Ka-kuen

illustration: Lau Ka-kuen

In January, the incoming US president Joe Biden and his administration will inherit a list of White House policies that they will have to untangle – perhaps even toss out – to develop a cohesive plan to meet the challenges of a more assertive China.

Chief among them is an emboldened China that has its sights set on attaining supremacy in future technologies. Four years of the Trump administration has taught Beijing the importance of self-reliance, as Huawei Technologies was cut off from its American supplier, and Chinese telecommunications companies were barred from the US market.

Joe Biden wearing a suit and tie: When US president-elect Joe Biden takes office, one analyst says that where China is concerned,

© Provided by South China Morning Post
When US president-elect Joe Biden takes office, one analyst says that where China is concerned,

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Under President Donald Trump, the Treasury Department has restricted Chinese investments

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Elite runners brave Delhi race despite COVID-19 surge, pollution concerns

Muktar Edris et al. playing football in a parking lot: Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in New Delhi, India

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in New Delhi, India

By Anushree Fadnavis and Manoj Kumar

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Some of the world’s leading long-distance runners participated in a half-marathon in New Delhi on Sunday, even as India’s capital grapples with a surge in COVID-19 cases and air pollution that has recently been among the world’s worst.

a group of people riding on the back of a motorcycle: Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in New Delhi, India

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in New Delhi, India

More than 60 professional runners participated in the race, while several hundred enthusiasts ran in other cities on routes of their choice, using a mobile app to post race timings, said the event organisers.

Although air quality was poor on Sunday, the runners got a bit of a reprieve, as pollution levels in the capital were dramatically better than those of recent weeks.

New Delhi’s Air Quality Index was at 252 on a scale of 500, registering at “poor” levels,

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New Space Race Shoots for Moon and Mars on a Budget

1. Who are the new players?

Since the space shuttle program ended in 2011, NASA, as the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration is better known, had relied on Russia to ferry U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station, which has orbited Earth for two decades. That changed in 2020 when billionaire Elon Musk’s company, Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX, flew its first crewed missions, powered by reusable boosters that dramatically cut launch costs. Boeing Co.’s Starliner, a new capsule for astronauts designed to fly on the existing Atlas rocket, is undergoing orbital tests and may also fly to the ISS in 2021. SpaceX launched the first private resupply run in 2012. What’s changed is that SpaceX and other companies, including Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. and Blue Origin, owned by Inc. founder Jeff Bezos, are driving down the cost of reaching space. SpaceX also has a

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Smartsheet sets sail in round-the-world race with female skipper, and its first sports sponsorship

British sailor Pip Hare and her yacht which is partially sponsored by Bellevue-based Smartsheet. (Instagram Photos via @piphareoceanracing)

In taking on its first sports sponsorship, Bellevue, Wash.-based collaborative work management company Smartsheet chose an athlete, sport and event which all key on buzzwords well suited to inspiring its own workforce and customers.

Determination. Problem-solving. Resilience.  

Pip Hare will need all of that and more as she sails around the world by herself in the non-stop Vendée Globe yacht race. She’s doing it in a boat that is partially sponsored by Smartsheet, whose name is emblazoned on the craft’s foresail.

The 24,296-mile race — billed as the greatest in the world and the “Everest of the seas” — started Nov. 8 in Les Sables d’Olonne, France. It has featured female skippers just seven times since 1989. Hare is among six women competing this year against 27 men.

“This is Smartsheet’s first

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Upcoming Virtual Event – Race and Racism

Roxbury is celebrated for many things, but not necessarily for its diversity. Locals explore how Roxbury has shaped them, and some good notes for our future.

Panelists will offer a respectful dialogue about personal histories, challenges, and identities in our very white community.

This event is presented as part of the Common Grounds series, co-hosted by Unity in the Community, Roxbury Coalition for Social Change and the Roxbury Public Library.

Meet the Panelists

Ollie Starnes, Moderator, was born in 1988 at Morristown Memorial Hospital. His family moved repeatedly across the county from Morristown, to Randolph, and Budd Lake before settling on Woods Edge Drive in Succasunna. Ollie attended Jefferson Elementary, Lincoln-Roosevelt, then Eisenhower Middle School before his family moved to Ledgewood, where Ollie’s primary education culminated as a member of the 2006 Roxbury High School graduating class. Ollie chose to pursue higher education at Trinity College

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Oliveira dominates home race for Tech 3 KTM

Miguel Oliveira made a fairy tale end to his 2020 MotoGP season with a dominant Portuguese Grand Prix victory as world champion Joan Mir retires after disastrous race.

a person riding a motorcycle on a track: Miguel Oliveira, Red Bull KTM Tech 3

© Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images
Miguel Oliveira, Red Bull KTM Tech 3

Tech3 rider Oliveira never led a lap in MotoGP until dominating all 25 at the Algarve Circuit on Sunday to sign off his career with the French outfit with his second victory ahead of his factory KTM debut in 2021.

A podium for Pramac’s Jack Miller secured Ducati its first constructors’ championship since 2007, capitalising on a miserable day for Suzuki.

Oliveira grabbed the holeshot from pole position ahead of Franco Morbidelli and Jack Miller, while world champion Mir was involved in a collision with Francesco Bagnaia.

The contact seemingly dislocated the Pramac rider’s shoulder, while Mir would have yet more contact on lap two when he clipped

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Pokemon Masters EX’s latest event, Race to Victory, is underway now whilst Nate & Braviary have been added to the Sync Pair roster | Articles

Following the arrival of the Tapu Bulu event in Pokemon Masters EX yesterday another has got underway today which will take place until November 30th. It will also coincide with the arrival of a new Sync Pair, Nate & Braviary.

The latest event will be a new, time trial style endeavour called Race to Victory. Players will aim to complete these battles as quickly as possible and the items they receive will depend on the grade they achieve, which will range from C to S. The prizes on offer include Power-Up Ticket, 5-Star Scout Ticket, Strike Move Candy Coin and Tech Move Candy Coin among others. 

Players will only be able to attempt this event three times a day with the number resetting at 6 am each morning. They can, however, take part in a practice match which doesn’t consume stamina or any kind of restriction on the number of

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