Talking Tech, meet the Mean Tweets. 

We suggested over the weekend that Apple, Samsung and Google have done such a masterful job at convincing us that we really need to upgrade our phones now, that I’ve surrendered. For roughly $500 to $600 a year, if you take good care of your existing phone, you can swap it out for a new phone every year, for a little over $1 a day.

I want the new iPhone 12 now, and I can’t wait for the 13. 

Many of you disagreed, and wrote in vehemently.

“How much did Apple pay you to write this?” one un-named Twitter user said, in a direct message.

Said another, again on Twitter, of the article. “There is no way anyone would actually believe this. I’ve tweeted like 5 times in my life, but this was too insane to ignore.”

OK, so your basic