Google Camera 8.1 brings Pixel 5 redesign to past Pixels

Coinciding with the launch of the Pixel 5, the Google Camera app got an update to version 8.0, bringing a clean redesign to the app. Today, Google Camera 8.1 has begun rolling out, bringing that same design to older Pixel phones.

For the past month, owners of the Pixel 5 have had essentially exclusive access to the latest redesign of the Google Camera app, as version 8.0 of the app only rolled out to Pixel 5. The redesign reorganizes Google Camera’s many features from along the bottom bar and adds features like Audio Zoom and quick, one-tap zoom adjustments.

Unlike any version before it, it was not possible for most to sideload the Google Camera 8.0 update onto older Pixels to get the latest features. A reliable method to sideload was ultimately discovered but required you to factory reset your phone, an inconvenient step many were not willing to do.

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Apple event to bring three Macs with new chips, rumours suggest, with radical redesign to follow

Apple is preparing three new Macs as part of the transition to its own chips that will be announced at its major event next week, according to a new report.

Tim Cook in a suit and tie

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The company will update its 13-inch MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro so that they use “Apple Silicon” chips.

Those chips – designed by Apple, rather than using the Intel chips that have powered Macs for years – will enable increased performance and battery life, Apple said when it announced the change over summer.

But the majority of changes are expected to be on the inside.

The outside of the new computers will be little changed from their current design, according to the new report from Bloomberg.

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More radical redesigns are then expected to follow next

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The Google Pixel series needs a major camera hardware redesign

Google Pixel 5 camera macro with bokeh

Google’s Pixels punch well above their weight in the photography ring. In our long-term Pixel 4 XL review, we called the camera “astounding,” applauding its ability to extract vivid details from its aging 12.2MP Sony sensor. But this sensor — which has been used since the Pixel 3 — is no longer the pinnacle of camera hardware.

The Pixel 5 employs that same sensor and it shows. While the snapper still captures decent shots, it’s no longer the best Android camera phone available. We believe the only way Google can improve the Pixel’s photography prowess is to invest in new hardware.

Well ahead of the inevitable Pixel 6 launch, we asked readers what they’d want from the future Pixel camera. Here’s what you told us.

What do you want from a next-gen Pixel camera package?



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